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Well, if it is called self-help, then one shouldn’t be looking for something/someone outside himself to provide the magic bullet.


Quite, but people still do.

The stupid and lazy will always exist.


Very true about action!
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I will get Libertine Ultima as a Christmas present on Christmas Day. I can get it now if I so choose, however, I will reward myself for taking daily action on Christmas Day.


Yeah, I never really went deep into PUA stuff… I’m not a recipe guy or anything, I prefer having the “global view” on something and experiment from there. Guessed for me it clicked when I just started to not care and be more confident.

That’s what I told the guy at the end of our conversation, he was saying that girl only liked bad boys… Which I responded to him : just be confident, learn more about yourself, what you want, who you are… everything will fall in place by itself!

Bad boys get part of the equation for me, I don’t even know if I want to use the term bad boy anymore, what does it mean? I don’t care at this point and won’t look it up.


I’m biding my time here licking my lips ready to reply, watching all the boys and men on the forum posturing and giving their little opinions about what works and what doesn’t. Bad boy this, PUA that. Reality this, toxic that. It’s funny as shit.

@remarkable, you asked why would you want to hear the woman’s perspective? Well even the mass of assumptions and opinion and what’s said and not said, what was danced around in the post above was very instructive. I have another female friend who despises negging specifically, and PUA in general and their rhetoric is just as useful to analyze. So is that of some guys on this forum to be honest. It tells you what you’re dealing with out in the field.

If you’re into PUA stuff, then you should realize that its important to pay attention. Listen to what the women are saying, whether it is straight to the point or neurotic ramblings, because this is pure gold. You didn’t even have to leave your home and interact with someone to get this reaction, all you had to do was monitor a forum where a bunch of guys are shooting the shit with one another conveniently forgetting that the ladies are watching on. Consider all the turns of phrase that were used in her response, the emotion conveyed, and how you would respond to someone in person if they were shooting these opinions at you. What energy would you meet it with if you wanted to continue the conversation?

You ask whether you can trust women to tell the truth and not lie. Well, the same half truths are told by guys on this forum saying its all about confidence, or that PUA is toxic. Remember Ross Jeffries work on “magic” - our language is an expression of our reality tunnel and the way we want to be perceived, so everyone “lies”. Yes, including women and men. Especially to themselves. And everybody is begging to be let out of their reality tunnel into a wider reality, like a genie out of a bottle, rather than being shown another bottle and saying “its nicer in here”.

Lets take a look at the “PUA is toxic” statement for a moment. What is it really trying to convey by this half-truth or perspective? Well, the name itself has its own toxicity in how limiting it is to describe the goal. You could more appropriately call it “self marketing”, or “how to generate passion and enthusiasm in someone”. This is sometimes called seduction, but even the etymology of this term, “to lead away” is misleading. Lead away from what? Hopefully from the self limiting beliefs that stop us from having joy and fun in the moment. The idea of “pickup” in the sense of how you pick up a meal is toxic in the sense that its not a helpful perspective to take to the problem trying to be solved.

VK in the pickup community has pointed out that everything is situational, and gave the example of negging to demonstrate what he meant. To take down the false confidence of someone who believes they are too good for you, or who is coming from a place of superiority, negging, done in a playful and fun manner is absolutely fine and appropriate to the situation. However, take a woman who has been in toxic relationships before and had their self confidence attacked by ugly motherf***ers who should have known to be a better person. Someone who may be experiencing a form of post-traumatic syndrome. In this case, negging is a bad course of action because its inappropriate for the situation, in these situations you want to build up the person’s confidence and nurture them somewhat, allow them to feel that they can open to having a good time without experiencing the same trauma over again.

@WhiteTiger pointed out a good example of why some people see pickup as immature, in that there is often a heavy reliance on “recipes” in some circles to get an outcome. The recipes are there to teach guys the principles, however some people use recipes and never go beyond that, or use them in the wrong situations. And to use a recipe it has to be both appropriate to the situation and congruent with your own personality, otherwise it comes across as insincere.

Often when people criticize pickup as toxic, what they’re criticizing is not the techniques and community at large, but people misusing this information who are stuck in toxic reality tunnels. Reality tunnels which degrade the very women they are trying to “pick up”. Some guys actually expect to have success with women by coming from an entitled angle, or by seeing them as lesser beings, as an instrument to be played. That’s the toxic part. The successful ones take a completely different perspective. Your reality tunnel determines your approach which determines your success or lack of it. An example of an unhelpful reality tunnel in the above post is

That’s an example of a limiting reality tunnel. You should always be asking what can you learn from every interaction with a woman. If you want to improve your “game”, if you want to improve yourself, learning how to respond to different types of human perspective will make you fluid and capable of reacting more appropriately in the moment.

That’s why subliminals can be helpful, they are a tool for engineering new reality tunnels. The right ones for a particular job. Being distrustful of women (expecting them to lie) is another example of a limiting reality tunnel. Being aware that people have the capacity to deceive and for self deception but not expecting it to be their default mode of being, thats a little more helpful.

Wrapping this up, what kind of belief systems would help to support a sub like Libertine? Well, when you’re dealing with generating an aura of infinite lust, its a good idea to have some concept of what this means to you, of what lust and passion does. Is it infectious? Is it generating desire in the people around you, or just in you? What are your own limiting beliefs around how good you are at generating auras? How connected are you to your own body or bodies, and your own consciousness, which are the source of the aura? How aware are you of what you are putting out?


It’s much easier to dance around a subject than stab a stiletto directly into the point, neurotic or not, when one is in the minority.


Bringing this back to topic I ran two loops last night and today I have been pretty good in maintaining my energy levels - no fatigue

Anyone else starting to show good energy levels now after some exposure?, I know for me at first I was drained running ultima haha


I’m gonna say this, and then like I said, this thread needs to move away from the “red pill lite” stuff. These “MGTOW” and “PUA” and “red pill” philosophies are overkill. Seriously. There has never been a period in my life where I wasn’t pursued by romantic interests or where I had a really hard time dating / engaging in casual sex, and I feel like the problem with a lot of people boils down to a lack of self-respect, an inability to set boundaries and a fear of taking risks – things I’ve never had a problem with. I also lead a very interesting life, which attracts women, since many men are just flat out boring af.

In regards to self-respect / setting boundaries: I “next” friends, romantic interests, colleagues, etc. if they are toxic to my life, and I do it with the quickness. I have little tolerance for people’s self-entitled BS, and while that means I don’t have a wide circle of “casual colleagues,” (I say casual because my professional network is pretty vast), I also don’t have to deal with people constantly trying to get over on me.

I’m a pretty chill person, that is, until you start acting entitled, or you threaten me, my family, my business or my property. Then, I’m shoving you back across over that line drawn in the sand and you can play it smart and go find another target, or be stupid and come across that line again.

Whenever I pick up on a romantic interest’s attempts to manipulate me, instant next. Why? Because I have enough confidence to know that I can always find someone else. That confidence stems from the fact that I have a great life.

Taking risks: At the core of all things, your ability to take on risk is what actually determines your level of “alphaness.” So many people – regardless of gender – want to play it safe while reaping huge rewards. There’s no such thing as a low risk / high reward endeavor. You want to make lots of money, you want lots of sexual partners, you need to put in the effort to better yourself. Buying this office / house was a risk. It required me to go remote full time from my day job, which I don’t need because SubClub is very profitable, but it allows me to sustain my lifestyle without touching SubClub funds. That’s how we’re able to keep pushing forward and upgrading. Going remote is often career suicide, since you lose that face-to-face social interaction that drives career progression. So, why do it? A number of reasons which generally involve building SubClub, my upcoming creative businesses and our ancillary businesses. Calculated risk. Am I scared? Of course. But when it pays off, I’ll be in a much better position in life.

Risk is scary, I get it. I lost everything around 5 years ago on a miscalculated risk, but I bounced back better than before. If you wanna be a badass, you wanna be an alpha, you want respect and wealth and yada yada – it starts with risk.

Risk means talking to an attractive person knowing you could be harshly rejected. It means applying for that position that seems out of reach knowing there could be repercussions. It means investing in an online business knowing it could fail. Many men here want beautiful, successful women without putting in any work – even with subliminals helping them.

This is going to be a harsh question, but those who can handle facing it will go far: Ask yourself, why would any successful, attractive woman choose you over the “bad boy” who also has a successful career, chiseled body and interesting life? If you’re a “nice guy” and the only thing you have to offer is your “niceness,” you aren’t going to get what you want in life. They’re going for the bad boy because he’s dope and he does dope shit.

This is getting long-winded, but I saw a negative review of SubClub somewhere, which I was able to easily trace back to the individual’s forum account. In one of his postings, he said that the sub wasn’t helping his eye contact with men, that he’s still looking away whenever a dominant man looks at him. Well, to that, I say – the sub isn’t going to MAKE you hold eye contact. What it will do, though, is the first time you make yourself hold eye contact, the new programming will kick in and help you hold it. But this person won’t even take such a SMALL RISK as holding eye contact a bit longer, then blaming us for it.

Got a bit ranty, but take what you will from it. :: Kanye Shrug ::


@pacman i am posting just not posting in this thread anymore :wink:


Yeah, during my first week, I was really tired bevause of ultima subs, but after that everything seems to go well :wink:


I know one of the reasons I worked with listening during sleep was that. Think of it this way… for men, the point at which the energy is lost is usually orgasm. If you can stimulate your own energy and convert enough of it into jing without releasing, well thats the first step in the Taoist alchemical process. For older men whose energy is depleted, the practice is to obtain that aroused energy state and then transform it into chi and shen to nourish health. I think that you can use an ultima like this for more than one purpose :wink:


!00% hitting the nail on the head. Risk and action are keys to life and sometimes rsik has to be scary, sometimes the reward isn’t as good as you think it is but it could also lead to other situations that are 10x more rewarding.

How is your labor day weekend going?


Easier? Maybe. But give me a stiletto any time over a pretty story. Minority or not, I’m pretty sure everyone here are adults and can handle truth without sugar coating. Then again, Kamadeva’s arrows are tipped with perfumed flowers, so maybe there is a lessen to be had here :wink:

Also, you made an assumption that “neurotic ramblings” was targeted at you. I had different examples in mind for that phrase, ones I’m not going to go into detail about because (a) they’re on a different social media platform and (b) I’m not here to sow discord by passing judgement publicly on someone else’s reality tunnel.

My point in referring to your post was to make it clear that everyone’s unique perspective is valuable information in learning how to approach others. And it’s by no means an atypical perspective. The fact that bad past experiences can lead people into a guarded, fatigued or even cynical state about finding happiness with another person is something to be aware of when interacting with others. Knowing how to lead a person who is in that state to a different one in which they can drop expectation, enjoy the moment, and reconnect with the source of pleasure is the goal of things like hypnotic language patterns, NLP, “demonstrations” and so on.

To use those things effectively requires actively listening and connecting with the person you are approaching. And it requires a degree of awareness of self and other which many people simply don’t have because its a skill that needs to be developed.

I think that’s why Primal Seduction focuses so much on bringing someone into the moment (Ego Adsum for example). You have to have your whole self present in learning social awareness and not be stuck up in your head thinking of what “recipe” to use.


Wow, learning new terms here. Never heard of MGTOW, some really ugly stuff out there.


Would be worth temporarily freezing this thread until the storm calms down (or another convenient point in time).


Or maybe just release the product at a later date close the thread and release other products till people calm the hell down