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Hey guys, can we please not convince them not to release the new version or similar products.


Just did a 7 day washout of libU, noticed that my body language (mostly smiling/devious eyes) disappeared and overall demeanor is overall blank or neutral.

Ran Iron throne in combination with LibU showed me that I am only superficially comfortable with the aura, with me actively resisting iron throne, despite it putting me in a good mood, the energy got blocked in some way.


That it disappeared is not surprising as LibU is intended to be temporary.


I’m not gonna share my throughts on the previous topics until I sift through everything and gather my thoughts. I agree with at least some of the perspectives of every post, but still disagree with certain ones. End of the day and long story short: Objective reality is objective reality, and you can’t change that despite whatever you’re conditioned to believe. I hate PUA personally and the Redpill in general abhors it. Redpill and MGTOW in it’s infancy had it all right. In fact, many of everyone’s opinions and posts on here are here are absolutely compatible and supported by the core tenets of the true “Red pill”. However, as it got more mainstream, brigaded, etc. etc. MGTOW and Red Pill became nasty and polluted. Both are flooded by either incels or BP trolls nowadays who are either stuck in the anger phase or too focused on the pursuit of external validation via the opposite sex. If I could summarize RP in a sentence, it would be: “Do whatever the fuck you want to do and don’t explain your actions to anyone”. That’s essentially it. MGTOW would be “Put your mission and purpose first. Girls are cool and fun but they will come after you get YOUR life together. Get your priorites right”. That’s the real message. But both of these communities nowadays are completely ruined, IMO. Checking out both of these subreddits these days is plain ol SAD for many reasons. Still some great nuggets shared over yonder, but I will have to agree with many who have just seen these communities recently. Very trash for many reasons. (Either women-haters stuck in the anger phase, or dudes so obsessed with sex that it is literally their life mission). Since then over the past few years, I have distanced myself from these communities. (Okay, I lied, I kinda shared my thoughts on this topic) Redpill has literally changed my life for the better in every way. But it is bad now to the point where I can’t associate myself with them. Well, RP is not nearly as bad as MGTOW is nowadays. Still, the core tenets are true. They are not advocating anyone live their lives in any way. It is simply a toolbox for anyone to pick and choose and use. Women can use the RP. The LGBT+ community can use RP. Etc. I admit, nowadays it has been evolved and polluted into something else imo. Anyways, let’s get back to the actual topic:

Ran LU for the first in 2 weeks. Running it currently actually. Within literally 10 minutes, 2 former FWBs of mine who I haven’t hooked up with in awhile (for you PUA heads, “these plates broke.”) have randomly hit me up, out of nowhere about random shit, for the first time in many, many months. Seriously, what kind of voodoo magic shit did you guys put in these subs? :no_mouth:


Additionally, a random girl I just matched with on Tinder earlier today just invited me to hang out with her and all her friends. For various reasons, tonight isn’t happening. But we have set up something (drinks + teaching her the guitar) for tomorrow


Maybe then the secret to calming this thread down then (if anyone needs calming down… I’ve been enjoying the lively and scintillating repartee) is to stop labeling the advice provided as red pill or MGTOW or PUA etc etc. The importance of having your own life sorted out is just common sense and part of what comes with the territory of being an “alpha male” (again, another label). And it is something that is pointed out by people in the pickup and seduction community as well. Yet apparently PUA and MGTOW are diametrically opposed, if you take the Wikipedia perspective on what the latter is.

All of the techniques and advice given make sense in their own context and don’t need to have a label affixed to them. Techniques of hypnotic language used by pickup artists for example are also used in sales and marketing, and can be used for good, bad or neutral purposes, but ultimately its just a tool that doesn’t belong to any one group. It’s something which can be used to lead someone to feel good in the moment, to lead someone from one emotional state to another, a technique which is worthy of study.

And red vs blue pill is so dualistic. Maybe we could come up with “the purple pill”, which is what Neo does when he uses the maya of the Matrix to be a superhero. Be a master of the illusion rather than renounce it. Take a perspective if and when it’s necessary to achieve your purpose. I personally don’t think life mission and passion should be considered opposed, if they are its just you haven’t quite mastered one of them yet.


I’m not.

I am merely offering useful and truthful advice for people who are having problems in this area.


These redpilled fs like to think they have everything figured out. Do they not understand basic evolution. Women pick traits that they believe will help their offspring survive. Height and frame represents strength and good looks represent good health. But no they are just attracted to confidence. Fu*ng retards even have the nerve to look down on men that aren’t successful with woman


And they never consider the evidence that they’re wrong, just think they are right because it would hurt their fragile egos to admit sex isn’t earned with charisma or social skills.


Maybe some of these posts that are not directly connected with Libertine would be better managed on another thread rather than clogging up a thread that’s meant to be about the program itself?


I don’t see what’s wrong with understanding what women want exactly and it’s better than just hearing from men who think they know what women want.


This presupposes that women know want they want. And can articulate it.

But why stop at women.

What about men who are naturally good at this.

Are they able to teach it to men who aren’t?



That’s weird that I was going to post this message around the time that you posted it, but I held off on doing so.


My 2 cents on the redpill debate is that it is the truth just as the “48 laws of power” and “the prince” is true regarding power. We can call a person who uses power to his or her advantage as Machiavellian and call those who know the nature of dating as MGTOW, Incels, etc but that won’t take away from the truth regarding these laws just as our denying gravity won’t cease it to exist.

That being said, I will respect the rules of the house. @SaintSovereign and @Fire are the Kings here and I will not break their rules when they set them down because this is their place and the rest of us are fortunate to be here.

Even though I agree with @remarkable on his redpill knowledge, I think we could either take this discussion to the Emperor’s Lounge section or not discuss it altogether since Subliminal Results dot com might not be the place to do this.

I myself have a tug of war reconciling the ugly truth in redpill with LOA and manifestation. It’s a yin and yang balance of masculine and feminine.

If i had my way, there would be no redpill since it’s the most brutal truth I have come across and which is true without placebo.

But truth is truth. At the same time, there is such a thing as just talking and talking and not taking any action. I think we can leave the redpill coaching classes to another forum/place and focus on subliminals over here for the sake of peace.


I would choose for society to accept the truth and then design itself around the respect of these truths.

Anyways, yes this kind of discussion really should be moved elsewhere (One thread on Emperor’s Lounge at most). Put too many labels on these things and we got ourselves a kind of conflict that I don’t think is necessary for people to have success on Libertine Ultima—and you might be surprised to see me mention Libertine Ultima because the last few posts are just not that related to it.


A related question would be: When’s the experimental & The Executive coming out? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
:joy: :joy: :joy:


@SubliminalUser - haha! Maybe The Executive is just what we need to stop yapping and get some things done.

Regarding society though, they are the last to be able to handle any truth. But yes, we can do our bit and share what we know. Am not against it. Like you said, I too don’t think this is the place (especially under the Libertine Ultima thread) to discuss it.


i’m waiting a lot for the executive hahaha i think emperor is acting on me. I also took libertine and every now and then I’m curious to use it, especially if I know that during the day I will see some female, but at the moment even if I’m alone I don’t care. I am more interested in working and achieving my goals and I like this new mindset. so the chance to have a free subliminal that stimulates you to do more for me is worth a thousand times a sexy booster hahaha. However, the subliminals produced by saint and fire are absurd. never in my life I would have thought of saying success >>> pussy and I realize just now how wrong I was. Who knows if I listen to emperor until February what happens hahaha then I think I will switch to stark because I want something that makes me work for my success anyway, but more social.


Learned a new acronym. Welp.

I’m absolutely sure there are women interested in Libertine Ultima. I just don’t happen to be one at the moment.


Last time before I lock the thread until the experimental comes out – back on topic, let’s move away from the “Red Pill Lite” stuff.