Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


I wanted to share an update on my journey with LU so far.
I feel I’ve struck the right balance with my current play list to gain interest from majority of females (if not all) that I put my mind to.

2 x khan stage 2, 2 x aura - overnight - 5 days on 2 days rest.
Right before I leave the house: 1 x True social, 1 x libertine ultima (5 days on 2 days rest)

Total game changer compared to when I started subclub, Libertine Ultima put me over the top. I’m curious about the LU update, could it really get better then this?

I am patiently waiting for Aura and True Social to come out in an Ultima version.


'tis possible. :wink:


I’m actuallly really curious to see what this experimental is all about, how is it different from the original :thinking:


It should be stronger and much more obvious, among some other things :slight_smile:


How will it be presented? Is it Libertine Ultima MK2 or a different title?


Awesome to hear, what results have you seen?


@SaintSovereign are you planning to do this only for libertine?


@mecharc I suspect that the learnings from this are going to make their way into the unreleased True Social Ultima.


@SubliminalUser :frowning:


What’s wrong?


It’s going to be insane, I can’t wait for true social Ultima!


I’m going to miss the music though. I really liked the intro music for the True Social meditation :-). If I could download just the music that would be nice.


Me too, always dancing in my living remove before I went to a social event, like I was already there. Going to miss that, but I’ll probably still use it from time to time.


What would be really nice is if we could run True Social Ultima side-by-side with just the guided meditation track by itself (which SubClub would have to release separately). This could be possible on the computer or through the app recently developed by a form member here. So we would meditate for the duration of the guided meditation and then TS Ultima would continue to play for the rest of its hour. That would be a great way to combine meditation and visualization.


There’s no harm in using the current True Social track, besides I don’t see them wasting anymore energy on old technology, there’s probably way too much on the road-map.


There actually is. Saint already mentioned that the old titles’ ultrasonic tracks could conflict with the ultima audios. This is of course, assuming both are run at the same time. If they aren’t then who knows.

Yes of course. I just assumed they had the old audio’s component files around to make that easy.


Two ultrasonic’s at the same tone height is most likely going to cause interference. Let’s hope they do, that might actually be very convenient.

I was intending to run the Ultima first where after I’ll use the old voice & audio embedded track.


Yes. Otherwise, I would imagine many of us would also enjoy hearing the lovely lady on the libertine supercharger concurrently with the ultima; but the ultrasonics would clearly clash in interference.


One epifany I had last week about libertine: it doesnt work if you don’t fully trust it will work. Why is that? I found myself a couple of times LOOKING for a reaction. Instead of being in the moment, I had moments where I was more interested to see if Libertine works. Needless to say that if you’re not there, have an agenda - things won’t go smoothly.


Women also apparently can “sense” agendas as well so if a guy comes across looking for something from women they will automatically try avoid him

It’s an ironic thing in the world, guy wants to go out and attract women for a relationship and gets no where and then guys who already have a relationship get interest and attention

So yeah being in the moment is so important but its to help you more