Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


Deadly pair: fear + neediness. Get rid of them and you will not need any subs for that (not to insult SC guys).

I had almost one hundred seductions from 1999-2020 (vaginal sex and etc.) before I found subs. Getting rid of Fear + neediness is a enough to have more sex in your life.

Sometimes, I see that guys are using subs as another excuse not deal with main issues directly. IMHO, no offence, guys.

Subs can help a lot but they are only supporters, not main lead. Main lead is intention and action.

Clearing, healings subs are real treasure, so waiting for Elixir Ultima impatiently.


I guess adding Ares and attachment destroyer to my custom is a win then :wink:


Wow, this thread has almost nothing more to do with Libertine…

That moment when you’ve been running the new Libertine Experimental overnight and stub your toe against your own aura the next morning.


Hahaha, my god, lucky you!

Had a date yesterday, if you check my latest post, I ran libertine before I saw her and it was funny because she is really directive, like we went to my bed, she was starting to moan, and suddently when I tryed to undress her, she stopped me and wanted to get back to my livingroom :joy:. She really wanted to take her time and on and off she was just climbing me and starting to kiss me like crazy as we spoke. Finally she just said : let’s go to your bedroom, and I was like : “ok”.


Since shit went south in terms of the discussion, I thought I might share my thoughts and experience so far with LU…

Always take action.

I listen to 1 loop 3-4x a week…

By action, if you’re in a relationship, dare your partner to do things she ain’t never done before, you’ll be surprised at what happens.

If you ain’t monogamous, talk to strangers - compliment a little and see how things progress from there.

I don’t wanna set certain expectations…

Just expect the unexpected but expect nothing.

Now that’s a mind fuck.

I’m very happy with my relationship and I noticed my woman is always in the mood for me.

In terms of being freaky, at this point nothing surprises me, she’s very comfortable with me and open… almost anything goes with us.

She’s now insisting on having my kids…

Will explore the topic once she removes her implant sometime within a week or two.

Even thou I’m strictly monogamous, it doesn’t stop women from popping up here n there… mostly exes. But it’s very clear to em I ain’t about cheating so they respect my relationship.

I think this has something to do with Emperor.

Now I’m being off topic I think - she mentioned how I’m controlling(in a good way) at the same time I allow freedom, and that I’m very authoritative…

And some more.

Then said it’s very sexy…


I’m slowly finding a balance between being Christian Grey and Lil Wayne.

Weird example, I know.


@Dmitry at last someone is writing intelligent responses which add value to the community thanks Dmitry .


Thanks, mate :slight_smile:


I don’t have a journal, sometimes I wish I would have started one. My reply will be lengthy as I want to set the stage of baseline vs before libertine ultima vs with libertine ultima.
More to come…


Waiting for you to share your experience…


Will the upgraded version cost more,or is it like normal and will just show up in the download section? If so, those in the trial who didn’t have to purchase it before should probably buy it?


It’s only for the people who have libertine in their library, not the tester if I remember proprely!


Be a man of action remember action is everything subs are icing on the cake


That’s correct. It will just show up for people who already purchased Libertine.


Thank you for sharing.


Is the surprise released as yet?


Nope lol Saint is still working on it and probably working on his new house. Plus they are probably working on other scripts too.


My libertine ultima experience write up was pretty lengthy so I decided to create a journal. I’ve broken down on going experiences in one of my testing grounds. Part 1 is posted, more parts to come. Part 1 covers my baseline before starting Libertine.


Nope, won’t cost more. Yep, will just show up in the download section if you’ve purchased the original. We never charge for upgrades.


@SaintSovereign Just curious, is it an experimental version or an official upgrade? It seemed to have started as a fun lil project but now that @Fire is really getting into it, it looks like an official update for LU.


It’s still an experimental because it’s testing new tech.