Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


@SaintSovereign Any Update on Executive?


It really seems that this experimental is going to have more to it than just a power boost…


Probably later on in the month lol. They are devoting everything to this experimental libertine most likely


This is weird.

I didn’t initially think it had anything to do with the subliminal but when I think about it more it may have something to do with the subliminal.

My mom was telling me there was some family that had a marriage proposal for me.

I’m not inherently against it but I’m not into that. I prefer making my own decisions and think arranged marriages are not for me. But it was out of the blue and happened after listening to libertine ultima for a couple days.

Ofc maybe I can just meet her and see what she’s like. It wouldn’t be some commitment to marriage though but just start off as a normal relationship if I like her.


Calm down kids the new toys like Libertine V2 and Executive will be released on Christmas day. Yes Santa Claus will personally deliver both products for you on that day. Don’t forget to leave a giant sock on your bed post.

I can imagine all of you screaming with delight and getting all excited when Saint dressed as Santa drops of the products in your giant Christmas sock.


Now we can call him Santa Sovereign.


:rofl: sure that would turn them all on

I imagine JCAST will be screaming with delight when he gets libertine. :slight_smile: He will listen to two loops of the new powerful libertine then jog down to the shopping mall and stand their motionless as the shoppers walk past him giving him weird looks. Waiting for the aura to do its magic. Two hours later he will jog back to his house logon to the forum and start writing a rambling post about how the aura still does not work and he wants his money back.



I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not. Your superpowers (of creative writing and conjuring compelling Sub Club scenarios) have returned, but now you’re using them for zapping people instead of creating excitement for the next Sub Club release.

I feel like we’re in the 2nd instalment of your movie trilogy: Blackadder 2: Dark Adder Rising
(Yes, children. Things get darker in this one!)

(but also, you seem to be overlooking some important key details about jcast’s biography. He doesn’t need to go to the mall to test his aura.)


The Dad-Force compelled me to :heart: this joke/post. :rofl:


Gents enough piss taking lets get back on track please. Sure everyone is looking foreward to the new Libertine version. SC as you can see are doing their best to deliver us the latest and greatest bleeding edge products. Lets be patient and give SC some space to do what they have to do in order to deliver the goods.


@blackadder I get weird looks most of the time as it is. I don’t need Libertine Ultima for that.


@JCast remember the song from the movie the Lost Boys ?

People are strange is when you’re a stranger
Faces look ugly when you’re alone
Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted
Streets are uneven when you’re down


@blackadder Sounds familiar.


Love that song!

Thanks for sharing


When I ran Khan ST3 and ST4 I had constantly clashes with local “alphas” at work over petty things, sometimes it was like verbal MMA fight. It was actually fun brush them off. Was it vibe I gave off ?
With Stark I get from same people respect and they ussualy dont even try to challenge me. Like Im out of their reach. Yes and women check me much,much often. Many times women initiate eyelock when Im passing by in my car. Im only driving crappy meriva for god sake. Im no going to risk an buy some nice cabrio . they would probably jump straight in . :joy: only joking
yes sometimes it is weird, so what? .

You dont like get weird looks ? well, at one of very low point in my marriage maybe five six years ago I start notice I turned invisible. 99 people percent(including my wife) dont even acknowledged my existence. not any good morning,no eye contacts, not waving hands from fifty metres away. Iv got my instructions for day in two sentences and that was all for 8hours . This lasted for two moths. Yes that was creepy , weird a frustrating. Having all day thoughts like, “if you die nobody notice until you start rotting” its not pleasant experience.

People act weird and awkward all time, enjoy that show. It crack their masks and expose what they hiding.


For my own database lol-You get overtly more interest from woman on Stark than on Khan?


pretty sure this is a non-reactive, enhanced intelligence and executive function @JCast objectively making fun of, not himself, but of the character he is being portrayed as… a transcendent response to a forum '‘social dynamic’ which could have, in previous times, been inflammatory and/or confrontational.


damn…that was well-said.


Azriel really is a High Alchemist isn’t he? :wink:


Maybe I’ll take a break from libertine. That marriage proposal freaked me out lol