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@JCast you get looks because you have very unique things and idiosyncrasies about you that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, always a good thing my friend :wink:


@Azriel what makes you a high alchemist ?


@Dragonborn funny enough i appeared to be completey invisible to alot of people when I was running khan stage 1 years ago. Never thought about it much until you brought it up.


I use my philosopher stone to grind


It’s really funny how the subconscious makes us act like this. People would think (or wish) that it is a matter of doing actions A,B,C to get noticed or perceived a certain way, but the how is important. It is still quite out there that having an aura of some kind triggers a response. It’s not perfectly logical, yet mechanistic at the same time…


To actually the answer the question: I have no idea, I asked to be upgraded to Alchemist when I hit the numbers,and that’s the title they gave me…I did not even realize its different until now :joy:

Also Glad to hear it sounds like your back in the swing of things, action style.

What are you running these days?


This is why I love this guy :slight_smile:

“And heres an insight I’ve had for many years… I think some of the guys in the community… 15-20%… have Aspergers syndrome. Do you know what Aspergers is? It’s high functioning autism, and they literally cannot read other peoples emotional expressions. If you see them, they look creepy because they’re always staring at the person’s face. It’s because they’re trying to read - I call it emotional lip reading. You know how deaf people have to read lips? They’re trying to read the persons social uhm facial expressions so they can pick up on what that person is feeling, because they don’t have that normal skill. Maybe their mirror neurons aren’t working… I don’t know, I don’t know enough about the neurobiology of how it works. So I think about 15, as high as 20%, just don’t have those brain circuits. They can be taught, but I think they’re high functioning Asperger.”

Moments later, he explains in correcting the interviewer that this is not a mental illness but a brain condition. The guy knows his shit. And I totally agree with what he’s saying.


Khan St1 helped me a lot with my issues.But I liked Khan St3 much energy and fun. KhanSt4 was too serious too powerful and too tanky for my liking. I’m more comfortable with Stark. I feel more natural and confident with Stark and others probably see it as well.


At Khan ST1 you dealing with lot of miserable shit from past and people sense it.
There goes 48 law of power :wink:
I think @Hermit would call it shity aura :joy::joy::rofl:


@Dragonborn i think your spot on weldone my friend.


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Dec '19

Total breakdown causes your aura to change. By aura, we’re not just referring to your theoretical energetic aura – we’re talking about body language, word choice, pheromone production, etc. The changes can be subtle enough for you not to notice on a conscious level, but subconsciously, everyone around you knows that your internal sense of self is shifting toward higher value. And the sad fact of the matter is that people don’t like change. As you start to grow, those who knew the “old you” will attempt to force you back into that box. Those who aren’t used to being around those with a high value signature will also do the same thing.

It’s also possible that on Stage 1, you’re the one being aggressive and you don’t quite realize it. If you believe Khan is causing negative effects that places your life or the lives of those around you in danger, please stop using it immediately.


and also

I did not seen that thread before. I have been already on alchemist


I totally agree with it. And since Aspergers people tend to be pretty high in the IQ department as well, they do tend to do their research and end up in the seduction community (or subliminals) in an effort to learn the skills they need.

I’ve been diagnosed unofficially as one of 'm. Later I figured I’m just text-book INTJ, which is pretty much the same. Still, in trying to explain to others how my mind works, something’s different.

It’s something I’m hoping subs will change. I’ve noticed myself becoming much more intuitive since starting SubClub subs, but the emotional click still has to happen.


“Pretty much the same” - I have some doubt that one could define ASD individuals as purely INTJ. or vice versa. Something doesn’t sit right there. There are a lot of tendencies of INTJ that match my own personality, but not all of them.

The observation I’ve made myself is that people with this condition find it difficult to be grounded or remain grounded in their bodies, which means intuitive reading of body language and other things like that at a gut level doesn’t happen naturally, although by focusing directly on a read using the natural psychic capacities, I can read what someone is feeling, but it’s not a facility that is connected by default. A rich inner life exists but one which is not directly connected to the function ordinarily used to ready body language or at times emotional cues.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as far as a lot of people on this type of program are concerned. I suspect that a lot of us think that they don’t work simply because they aren’t picking up on the cues that show that it is working.
A feature that made you more aware of those would be a godsend.


Microbiome related connections are my best bet for solving this for good. But for now, the jury’s still out.


For me it’s two things.

First, there’s a longer-than-“normal” delay in my emotional response. So where other people see something that touches them (be it positive or negative) they get the chemical and body language reaction almost instantly. For me, there’s a delay that allows me to control the response. Meaning I can actually stop my fight or flight from triggering in certain situations. For pretty much all the women in my life I’m described as the rock that they hold on to when their ocean of emotions is out of control.

But since people subconsciously expect to see a reaction within moments, they get the feeling that something is “off” about me because I take too long. Or I’m described as emotionally “flat.”

The second thing is that much like people on the autistic spectrum (which Aspergers is), emotions tend to be more of a skill to be learned rather than an intuitive response. In order for me to recognize and express an emotion, I need to first classify it in practical terms. Does it make me feel warm and fuzzy, light and open and prone to do things that are illogical? Must be love. Does it feel like a pressure on the chest, like the world is darker than usual and like it’s harder to breathe? Must be fear.

Every emotion has effects on the body and thoughts. Rather than instinctively know the emotion, I bring it back to its components, then rationally determine which emotion it is. The positive is that once I possess a clear enough picture, I can trigger any emotion I want. The downside is that it takes quite a bit of repetition for me to get to that point, so there’s still a lot of emotions I’m not familiar with. And things like anger or frustration are very similar, so may be classified incorrectly (I don’t recall ever being angry, only frustrated). Not to mention it takes a lot of doing to increase the speed by which they trigger.

As you can understand, it makes relationships exceptionally hard. Anything can be trained, but it takes a LOT of training.

So, I suppose the theory that I’m the resident SubClub A.I. is now stronger than ever. Bring on the Turing test. Unless you are a fan of the Chinese room.


I been doing a lot of reflection on myself and being really blunt and honest with myself on where I am and who I am as a man. I think I know why libertine Ultima doesn’t work for myself. As a red piller I have this bitterness towards women sometimes full rage, and anger on how they can cheat on you like nothing. This bitterness/ hatred for them is probably repelling them away from me. Btw I’ll Always love women, I have since I can remember my first crush in kindergarten, but female nature has me really bitter at times and it makes me sick to my stomach. To be honest I’m jealous of some of the users on here who have success with women, I’m jealous of others in real life who have success with women. It comes and goes.
I been practicing on my approach’s for the pass 2 weeks and noticed how socially awkward I am.
But back to libertine, besides the bitterness towards female nature, I realized with my lack of success with women in my life, and pass 2 weeks being socially inept to talk to women, I’m basically a incel. My smv is low and feel I have nothing of worth to give to women. I have no car, I don’t have my own place. I’m a loser. I accept it and own it. I fucked up in life.
Instead of focusing on purpose and career I instead chase women, I was doing that again for the pass 2 or 3 weeks or so.
for all these reasons, anger towards women particular female nature and being a loser I understand why libertine doesn’t work for me. If libertine is going to project What’s already inside of you then I have nothing inside worthy to project. I take back what i said last month or the other month about libertine not working, it’s not working because whatever is inside of me is broken or not worthy enough to hook women to me or get them attracted to me


I totally understand you. 12 years ago I was frustrated, jealous, and hating women because they were liking only “handsome”, “rich” or “cool” men. As an Asian guy I never had any success with women for a long time, and never had anything of value.

After that the PUA stuff fucked my mind and I spend years chasing after girls on the street, opener after opener like a stupid robot just hoping that one girl will be interested in me.

Hundreds of opener a month. It was just crazy. Then I was talking with other PUA robots that knew nothing about women to reassure myself that I needed to do more opener… It was just stupid AF. I was socially awkward, and couldn’t talk normally.

After 1 or 2 years doing it with very little success I stopped and changed my life. I focused on me, my confidence, my job, gym, and social circle. The good things then started to happen when my life got better and that I didn’t focus only on women, I started to get girls.

Next I hired a coach, which totally changed my perception of life, it took me months to remove this limiting belief that women want rich men, handsome guy, big dick or whatever.

When I started to feel good, they were more and more attracted to me.

Women want a man that all. I did everything to be a man, not for women but for me. Today I don’t need to chase women, they chase after me after I open the one who stare at me everywhere I go.

Today I understand now that getting women has nothing to do with women, but only with me. The less I focus on them but on me, the more I have them.

The good things man, is that I am sure you are starting from a much better situation mentally than me years ago, so if you just improve a little bit every area of your life you will see results fast with women.



The first is Eve , named after the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. It deals with the emergence of a man’s object of desire. The anima is completely tied up with woman as provider of nourishment, security and love.

The man at this anima level cannot function well without a woman, and is more likely to be controlled by her. He is often impotent or has no sexual desire.[ citation needed ]

Red pill, Positive masculinity to replace failed atheism/secularism.

Self love starts with detachment of self esteem from whimsical externals, red pill a "positive’ echo chamber perpetuates self hatred since it is a sweet tasting trap with an underlying theology of resignation… projection of a mans internal suffering (Toxic Aphrodite) caused by society, onto women.

Good post, summary and advice.