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And She’s not aroused by it


I have been around enough women to know arousal when i see it. Perhaps you need to get out there and speak to women. Rather then trying to find logical reasons why it cannot be working.


No my man, i am not trying to find reasons as to why it aint working,your wording seems a bit “illogical” and I’ve seen plenty guys catching the wrong cue from ladies and I didnt want myguy to get the wrong cue so I was just lightly pointing it out in a sarcastic way just that I don’t think you understand sarcasm since you got all salty about it. Dont worry my man, we are all alphas here :sunglasses:


Ur probably right here, its been 6 months in quarantine perhaps I am not as used to misreading women as you might be and I totally get it. Never forget myman, we’re all alphas here :sunglasses:


Yeah, you can’t keep saying that while behaving like an ass.

There were two people in that interaction, blackadder and his yoga instructor. So unless you are a (presumably hot) female yoga instructor, there is no sure way for you to know if there was attraction there or not from what little description blackadder gave.

In that case, the alpha way would have been to keep your interpretation to yourself and either say nothing or virtually pat blackadder on the back, rather than try to poke holes in his self-esteem.

The alphas will be more than happy to welcome you when the time comes, since they actually want you to succeed.


I think you got the wrong idea mr.moderator, you have to understand the whole alpha thing is a big joke. It’s not something you write silly paragraphs too to “moderate” the thread. Anyways,I apologize to mr.Adder for what I said, I was joking and I didn’t assume he would take it seriously. obviously I can’t know shit about the interaction, I wasn’t there(a great point by mr.moderator again, who would’ve thought :open_mouth:) thats why I thought no one would take it seriously but okay its allgood.

And, am I sensing a bit of a contradiction here? last I checked mr. Adder was trying to poke holes in my self esteem. Mr. Moderator seems to have completely skipped over that. Oh well nevermind.


I wasn’t speaking as a moderator but as somebody who’s been in the same situation where I really needed some encouragement to bolster my confidence but instead got people that kept telling me that I was imagining things and got no interest from women.

But the fact that you think I was speaking as an authority figure means I was a bit harsher than I should have been. For that I apologize.

Let us once again all do our best to move on in this strange thread.


Same here man, feel like a PUA forum sometimes where they all get upset when you tell them the true. A lot of PUA catch the wrong cue that true, arousal and attraction is much more than blinking or shit like that, it is about the feeling and connection you have when you speak with a girl.

But when you cannot even feel that somebody is trying to point out the true to help you on a forum to help you, it will be very hard to feel this attraction and connection in real life.

It is not because someone has a different opinion and trying to point it, that he try to poke holes in self esteem.

If one day I am saying that a girl was looking at me while blinking more than 37 times per minutes while spinning on herself is a sign of attraction, I would love that somebody tell me the true ! ( That is BS)

Anyway I just want to talk about this libertine V2.

I am not in quarantine, I am living in Europe right now so I can tell the effect.

I listened to it for 2 days now, 1h each day. And I am feeling a switch in mindset much more fast than libertine V1.

After listening to it for more than 20 minutes, I just tell myself “I am the shit”, “I am attractive” automatically. Then I just start to feel it after around 40 minutes that I am very attractive.

Today I was talking to this girl at my friend’s place.

She just told me that I looked like a player. And I was like “'Yes I am”’, with a mindset like : Yeah It is normal, I assume it.

Before I would just try to hide it a little bit, but I was so direct today and obvious. She just looked at me with an expression of “I like it”. When I wanted to leave the party, I looked at her and told her “What I am doing I am leaving” It was so obvious what I wanted but she didn’t hesitate one second and pretended to be tired too to leave the party with me.

On the way back we flirted and kissed on a bench for 30 minutes, then I had to go to see my date, but she was so turned on that she succeeded to wet my pants, while she herself was wearing panties + pants.

I still don’t understand how she did to be so much wet ! First time in my life.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway this kind of crazy attraction never happened to me so I assume that the V2 is working much better for me than V1, giving me much more confidence in my attractiveness, and I was just more direct.

(And I understand nothing about the aura stuff. I just know this things is making me feel so great)


I know exactly what he’s talking about, he could sense that she was attracted to him


they talk to many men a day they have to maintain a level of social courtesy with AND OR professional courtesy and they talk to a couple a day they are GENUINELY attracted to on a spiritual and physical level and the amount of indicators are so wide it doesnt even matter what they are, if you end up saying all the times a girl felt attraction and the PHYSICAL INDICATORS you’d sound like a pyscho.

just take the man’s word for it when he says she was attracted cuz even though its subtle its very obvious when a woman is attracted to you, it’s also not a gigantic deal at all you still have a lot and a lot of work to do before even working out a date and building a small bond let alone fucking her.

the way what he said triggered so many people on this thread is so laughable it’s almost sad, why can’t a dude just say a person liked his presence “the meaning of attracted” at that moment without calling him a delusional person and ranting for hours about how you don’t believe in the phrase “alpha” and literally rant on and on about how hard your life lacks abundance, you LEAPED INTO BATTLE and spent a huge amount of emotion and energy trying to prove to a guy you never and will never meet and don’t know that he’s delusional before ranting about intense black pill culture

You cannot delude yourself as a mentally stable adult into believing a woman whos UNATTRACTED is ATTRACTED. You also cannot lie to yourself for too long into believing a woman who is clearly YET VERY SUBTELY attracted to you is UNATTRACTED, the differences on paper are subtle but the energy is literally night and day difference. Let the man say the changes in his life and either ask what he did to get these changes or SILENTLY say “lol what a delusional simp” in ur head, don’t throw that out there to us to cringe hard and move on with your day


Libertine users and skeptics: please read What Every Body Is Saying by Joe Navarro. Dude is an expert on decoding body language.

IMO, there is easily merit to what blackadder saw. Though you should view cues as a group and with context. Can’t necessarily use just an isolated cue. There is a science to decoding body language and this is not some PUA trickery. I personally believe the woman blackadder was speaking to was attracted. How many times do women, or really anyone, blink rapidly in conversation like that unless they have something in their eyes? If there was something in her eye, it would be obvious with the cues that would follow. Could be attraction being shown subconsciously because I can’t even consciously blink my eyes on rapid fire mode.

But yeah, pretty much what @Yazooneh said. In any case, that book above is gold and would be an amazing help to anyone running LU. Body language is subtle. And most men are 1000% f’ing oblivious. Like a girl could be giving you all the signs and most people would have no clue.


Sounds like it could be a reading also useful for PCC users (in addition to 48 laws of power, of course).


Oh 100000% yes. I read it probably like 3 or 4 years ago. May have to give it another go


Adding this to my reading list for when I run PCC.


I’ve suggested an instinctive body language reading module before. It’s something that some people can do Without thinking about it, so it’s probably just a matter of tweaking what you notice a bit.


I’d suspect something of this nature is in some social titles. Would be shocking if it weren’t in PCC (as manipulation is sometimes visible through body language)


I’m pretty sure that you’re right. I’d like to see a good general version that allows you to read all types of cues. I suggested calling it telepathy as it would give a similar effect if you got very well developed results.


The main problem with endorsing books like these is as follows, take it from a guy whos read over 10 (non exaggeration) of the same topic thing ranging from pua to charisma to social dynamics.

Problem: They present very basic things in a light where you’re a third person viewer with the goal that youre instantly going out to use all this new knowledge to action, when you don’t you become more anxious more scared and the complication of basic things like small interactions ends up hurting you.
This is why so many people hate PUA shit, the ones who start using it to get laid almost instantly begin a path and get better, the ones who enjoy the hope of the theories and modules and stories end up becoming more unnatural and their game gets hindered.

it also doesnt take intense social ques a girl likes you, girls have become so f-ing subtle in their ques due to the shift in the meta game of dating that some are stone walls and you can chalk everything up to “theyre polite” but the moment you realize theyre pretty much standing there talking to you with a full capacity thats higher and more connected than “im just a nice person who likes convos” and she hasnt made an excuse to leave (OF WHICH THERE ARE 100, VERY NICE AND VERY POLITE WAYS TO EXCUSE HERSELF TO LEAVE) you instantly know that this girl is interested, and some ques just slip from there like blinking really fast is in fact a que, and the hair playing thing is also a que they cant control because if theyre really into the talk and YOU theyll do it.

Generally though ive had enough women walk out very politely on my talk with them to know now that if shes THERE, and still conversing with you, you can begin to look for social ques of attraction and youre going to find a couple based off a book or two, almost 85% of the time, a girl with no attraction would be looking for a way out of the talk from the first 30 seconds, if 3 minutes is she’s still planted into the ground start looking for ques and i assure u that you’ll find a lot (this is in case youre still skeptical and need to scope for ques)


what is it mean if she puts her feet by your head?


she’s into some kinky stuff


Could also mean that she wants you to smell her feet :joy::grin::grinning: