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lol, people are not imagining the question correctly :joy:


"guys i don’t know if shes into me, give me some help, I was literally naked with her and I may or may not have been making love with her. What’s weird is I noticed she liked to raise her feet and they were literally inches from my head.

Is this a que that she’s into me? Hard to tell!"


you nailed it :wink:

when I was younger and still freshly recovering from my pua bs I would be sleeping with woman and still concerned if they were attracted :joy:


I was so disturbed that “the one who got away”

literally i texted her the after a date by 2 days saying some funny opener and she replied “hahaha” and nothing else and in my eyes she wasnt replying telling me im the funniest gangster in history to i spent the next 5 days crying and detaching emotionally.

good times.


Glad those times are behind us

now I actually make that joke in bed with woman-
I say I can tell you like me because your feet are by my head.


spend a weekend at her place making love and chilling and talking.

2 days later before you leave you slip a paper under the bathroom door while shes on the toilet with three things on it

  1. dont like me box

  2. like me box

  3. like me like me box

please tick xo


I was confused at first. Thinking the toilet had 3 things on it :wink:


how dare you bring up the fact that my writing is incomprehensible due to my utter lack of commas and other things.

this post by you is going to be my inspiration for ultimate writer x


hah. totally just fuckin around there. It gave me my laugh for the day though.


Ok chaps i might have been a bit vague and people may have interpreted what I said as “BA says her eyes were blinking and he thinks that equates to attraction when it might equate to her not administrating her eye drops”. :wink:

Put that eye blinking cue aside she was getting aroused its just i never had time to explain ever single body language cue that she was exibiting and i do not want to. I just know what I feel. There was sexual tension there anyway enough said.


Issue is a lot of women seem to be showing eyes of attraction and body language since I started using khan and If you asked me a year ago if it’s good I woulda traded anything to get those signs but now I see that women show that stuff a lot and getting those signs is basically 20% of the battle. There’s still getting her number setting up the meeting doing the banter and then going back to her place and yours


Not taking anything away from you mark my word. What I’m trying to say is there’s too many skeptics acting like you getting attention from a girl is basically you claiming you’re literally Thor. They’ll do it to any man who seems attractive


I said this time and time again Libertine is not VALUE REPLACEMENT ITS VALUE ADDED. You still have to have be have adequate rapport with the girl and she has to trust you before she opens her legs. This is why having good social skills, dressing well, being in good shape also matters.

Keep in mind your not going to get every girl that is attracted to you. If you do not fit her archetype she may not sleep with you. Some girls like tall guys, others like short guys some like black guys others chinese the list is endless.


where! point me to them :slight_smile:


@Azriel :rofl: seriously when i was out in Montenegro i never seen so many tall women dating short guys.


I’m definitely long overdue for a trip there then.

I actually don’t have much trouble with taller woman, but it would be nice to have the cultural advantage on my side.

I’ll run Libertine V2 or V3 possibly by then, when I go.

See @DarkPhilosopher -this is a relevant conversation :slight_smile:


It’s not irrelevant, but 30 posts about body language interpretation…

By now I just want to leave this thread behind and never look in it again. It’s exhausting keeping this absurd thing on track when it’s been derailed so many times it’s in the Guiness Book of Records.


@DarkPhilosopher sorry matey but i couldn’t help but respond to a couple of the replies to my post now lets get back on topic.


Any other results of v2 @blackadder ?


@blackadder. How’s it going?