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Who are you talking about sir? i didn’t see anyone getting triggered by mr.adder’s statement and no one even tried proving he’s wrong/delusional. What are you on about? The only thing I can see here is you foolishly 'leaping into battle" spending your energy and emotions in trying to prove something which wasn’t doubted by anyone in the first place to people who you’ll never meet in your life which is laughably hypocritical IMO.

If you think no one in this world can misread women ever , then I think you should check out charlie Houpert from CharismaOnCommand withhis 600 dollar courses and how he’s the master at missing the point and how his majority 4 million audience completely buys into his BS and gets great at misreading themselves.

Not everyone is as good at reading women as you might be the same way not everyone is as bad at misreading and misinterpreting this thread as you are.
no intent of starting anything with you, just want you to read people’s post carefully and even read your responses before responding.


I’m not terrible at reading intent, literally everyone who read your posts from start to finish thought you’re an asshole, and the “sirs” and “mr moderator” only show how sociopathic you are

As for a response and defense to the rest of your post, nobody cares bro, you choose to live in a reality where we’re all delusional and sex between men and women never happen, not me. Live that reality that’s not my burden, leave the thread you absolute vampire




I’ve heard personal arguments are better handled in private message. Let’s not turn this thread into a walking advertisement for what not to do. The thread’s about Libertine, not a demonstration of the 48 laws of power :wink:


There was no arguement. @Yazooneh created it all in his head and believed it to be true and now hes sending out personal attacks since he doesn’t know what to say and he realises it was all in his head(not sure if he realises yet tho). Anyway, I get it. No more replying nomatter the provocation.


There is a difference between responding to someone constructively or destructively. People disagree all the time, the question that should be asked is how can you add value to the thread rather than detracting from it by focusing on interpersonal issues.

How is arguing very publicly about personal disagreements going to benefit other brothers (or sisters) reading the thread? All it’s doing is showing a lack of personal character by bringing people down when what we need to be doing is learning how to build one another up.


What is up with this thread?! :joy:



Dear everyone in the new unofficial libU thread.

Test the strength of your posts by arguing with yourself. Also taking the high ground is boring, ever try running around without any shoes on?

Seek the fictitious place, not renown.

Currently looking for LibU, anyone got any?

(btw … pass me that new tech)


What, nobody else found it weird the dude is on a sex and seduction aura discussion page calling out someone for being delusional then giving us blackpill university lecture ?

Either way, I looked pretty bad there I lost it back to topic!

The first time I used libertine ultima was the day before it became 2.0, I won’t say I had sex instantly but I’d be lying if I said the experience wasn’t very good, lots of things out of the ordinary and it was pretty overwhelming for me, even though I only had to be out for 25 minutes. I only came within contact physically and verbally with one person and I had the most intense eye contact and subliminal connection that I’ve had since February (yes I remember that time!)

I’m listening to v2 now and I’ll report back on It, this time I have an outting and I’ll come back and see what I experienced


I’ve had the ultima since end July just before I got my custom, and switched the v2 to test it just after it was released on Sunday. I’m still trying to qualify the differences I feel with the new version, and my experience of using it so far has been hampered by the fact that we’re still in total lock-down here in our local city, so there’s literally no way of taking action with it and PS other than online so far, which really does not do either subliminal justice.

With version one I was able to confirm the aura was projecting by the sense of heat projected through the hands and feet when the projection begins to occur. Heat is infra-red, its bottom chakra energy and one of the most basic forms of energy we emit, and I suspect mastery of that aspect is the beginning of true personal magnetism.

Version two I’ve noticed more psychological aspects to the response to sub - confidence, almost a playful cockiness or a cocky playfulness to the energy evoked. I can’t tell yet if more heat is being generated or how the aura is different, I did run it overnight last night though and some hours later I am noticing an increased heat in different body parts, closer to the core though.


Yeah idk, it’s not a PUA book. It’s a book by an exFbi guy to speed read people in general. To assume it has no value is silly especially if you’ve never read it. There’s tremendous value in learning how to decode body language. Personally it has helped me a lot with my interactions with ALL people.


One thing I will add which I suspect may aid in removing blockages to the aura manifesting… look at what areas of your body overheat or are way more heated than the others. For example, the area above my groin but below the solar plexus gets incredibly hot, other areas which are near potential blockages also seem to get hot as the heat is not able to circulate properly around blockages. This could give clues to where trauma or tension energy is locked in the body and preventing circulation of the aura.


I tired a loop last night and i felt similarities to how you put it

I felt slightly warmer than usual and hlfway in i felt really relaxed and content. a warm playfulness to be more exact

i also felt more self confident

unable to determine external effects yet but will try go out soon


Interesting, so the areas which heat up indicate there is a bloackage in that area? Does LU have a baseline of heating up your whole body, and those areas that got hotter than the rest are areas with blockage? Or does any increase in heat indicate blockages? I just woke up so hopefully that makes sense


Jesus that’s 10000 I.Q. brother

My head gets hot af, how do I use this to aid me?

As for my second experience with libertine it’s as strong as people say it is, very powerful it’s almost overwhelming for me as some girls will be caught with a jaw dropped, when you begin to keep an eye out for signs you’re going to notice many.

And no not every girl in the world is going to react like this, it’s extreme on libertine

Either they don’t react to you at all or they’re going to treat you like a walking furnace


I agree bro, I’m agreeing and emphasizing on this for people. It’s clear it works well and we should enter a phase where we theory craft how to work with what we got to make shit happen

Rather than attack each other

Thanks for sharing your experience


Imma read it bro. Can you seduce me by giving me a tiny bit of what’s in it? Like what social cue blew your mind in the book?

Also my personal favorite on this topic is the “charisma myth” book


I had the sexiest women on a salsa party jaw dropping me the moment they saw me
And for your understanding I look like a bulldog mixt with some patato
I saw them ( the 2 hottest women in the club) sitting and staring at me completely puzzled and they ask them self for sure:why this guy? I don’t get it? This can’t be true!!!
That was funny. This was with 2 loops of Libertine Ultima and today I test the new version


It’s been awhile since I read it but it was moreso the process and method of being able decode body language. They do give examples of cues of course but it was the science of how to intepret cues rather than the cues themselves that were of the most benefit to me.

That “Charisma Myth” book looks awesome though. I will have to check it out!

Awesome! Did this happen after running v1 or v2? Sorry I wasn’t able to discern which one from the post


Love reading things like this one.

Yo one thing I realized on libertine is that the hotter women who do like you will make it extremely clear and uninhibited that they like you, the average looking women will look at you once and when you catch them they’ll turn their gaze like they got caught stealing cookies