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It was v1 Libertine Ultima
Today I test the V2


Jup I had the same expirience. The hottest women react instantly and the ones who don’t see themself as hot have no reaction at all


just for the record, this/that is/was not a demonstration of the 48 laws of power.

I find my best results with libertine come the day after, or even two days after running it.


How long before you notice that the effects begin to die down? And when they die down then I’m guessing you have to get the train rolling again to get that “exponential effect” right?


My experience with Libertine is I never get particularly good results same day, I feel the state, see an increase in attention and interest, but if I run at night and then run a sub with a sex based component, sex mastery/primal seduction etc. the next day the results are very good. By very good, I mean I meet new woman who want to meet up with me in a man-woman dynamic, or someone I am hooking up with reaches out to me to have some fun, or I sleep with someone who I have not been with in a while who comes out of the woodwork etc.


More like how to respond if you have no response :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is this an on off thing that happens? To simplify my question how do I make it so that it’s always on full force? Listen once every two days ?


I respect both of you as contributors here and have no other comment.

I’m just stating for those who may read this thread and are looking over subs to use, that what has transpired is not an accurate depiction of the 48 laws of power.

@emperor_obewan-- no need to respond to say you know what the 48 laws of power really is if that is your intention-I get you are joking.

Sending an appropriately censored nude of a new hot woman your sleeping with to demonstrate your knowledge of understanding attraction-after using Libertine would be more in line with the 48 laws of power :slight_smile: lol

Law 9-win through action never argument


I ask a lot because I listened to version one four days ago and took a small sub break for the first time in four months, then listened again today. Need the wisdom


People who asked earlier about sniper abilities and such- there is a Q store module Focused Arousal that appears to cover you.


I can’t answer with any great accuracy, I’ve been pretty haphazard with my libertine use, mostly 1x or 2x a week at most some weeks. But to find what works for you, I would run it every other day for a week, and the next week run it every day.


Cuz I suspect the state of it not working well the first time you use it happens only that first time and basically when you take a long break (more than 60 hours) and if you don’t take that break it’s always peaking and increasing

That’s my hope atleast


have you tried Libertine V2?


Check out post #175 in this thread, that was Saint’s first confirmation of the heating effect. You also mentioned it post #349 and others confirmed they had the same experience in response. I had also noticed the same effect back then, after reading Saint’s response it made more sense

The blockage idea was my own theory. It’s not precise, but its based off two observations. The first is that the heat distribution which is uneven even without Libertine seems to become more pronounced when the projecting is occurring. The second is that given the source of that heat is generated in the body, and there has to be a reason for that heat, and the hotter skin will be where heat has not dissipated or been able to circulate to other areas, even though we don’t know why it hasn’t dissipated into the surrounding body or other areas, we can use this as a baseline observation to bring awareness to the area. That a blockage is the most likely cause of the heat not dissipating (again, it’s a general observation and not a rule, there could be other reasons) was based on the idea that in an area where the heat isn’t able to circulate properly you will get heat refusing to move on or areas that are very cold Normally heat will be absorbed by the surrounding body or circulated. It’s a radiation so its default modality is to spread.

The main take-home is not equatingheat and blockage, but to pay attention to what areas of your body are warm or cold both with and without Libertine to use as a potential jump-off point for exploration - is there excess muscular tension? Unacknowledged pain or inflammation? Etc.


Today was my first day.


People. Stay on track. @DarkPhilosopher has been very lenient about allowing the conversation to flow to other topics, but we need this thread to be helpful for those wanting more information about Libertine v1 and v2. If you want to talk about body language and attraction in-depth and outside the context of Libertine, you are welcome to do so, but please create a thread in “The Emperor’s Lounge” and link to it.

From this point on, I’m expecting to see reviews, testimonials, and Libertine related questions. Anything else, please make another thread. Remember, we have A LOT of lurkers here. For example, we’ve had close to 1000 downloads of The Executive since launch. There’s not even 1000 active members, so there’s tons of traffic that don’t want to post, and going off topic like this isn’t helping. For our sake, and for the sake of the board, please stay on topic. We don’t like to delete posts because we like being transparent, but the next time I get a complaint, I will.

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I dont know why but i got angry and frustrated after my second loop of libertine. I had ran 2 loops of rebirth with my custom during the night.

I took 1000mg of phenibut this morning and it removed the anger and frustration so i could be my chilled usual self.

Just to add to this i might take phenibut once a week when i feel really down in the dumps.


Libertine is way too strong bro, one loop and I went to the gym and I was overheating like I had taken 4 scoops of pre workout .

I’m sticking to a loop every couple days for a few weeks and then doing for a loop a day


Thats interesting i have never experienced the overheating that others are experiencing or the heat. @DarkPhilosopher any thoughts on this ?


I was so hoping to leave this thread behind me and never look back…

Assuming it’s the body core temperature that’s being referred to, all I can think of is an energy block preventing it from externally expressing itself and so building up inside. The only physical reasons for heat that I can think of are sickness, imbalance or toxicity and digestion.

So I am inclined to look in the energetic level. Could even be that due to the workout the energy that would normally go towards the aura is now being redirected. But that would likely result in better performance.

Makes me curious what’s in that pre-workout though. Since they usually don’t activate the digestion enough to heat up significantly, so in order to do that it could contain something that causes a chemical reaction in the body resulting in a possibly not entirely healthy workout boost.