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I don’t take pre workout bro

I just literally felt like a furnace during the warmup of the workout within one minute of touching the bicycle machine I had to get off cuz I only go on it to get a warmup not to do cardio

The intense heat stayed forever, I listened till now two times once to version one and once to version two, four days after. I felt the heat within the first five minutes on version one and within the last ten minutes of version two yesterday, before the workout


The heat also felt like a pre workout I was literally swagging up and down the gym like never before literally did a mini Conor mcgregor walk at one point and I was doing this drop set on the bench press I stood up to strip some weight off the bench to continue pumping, I removed one side then jumped over the entire bench to the other side like a flamboyant gorilla.

One thing I noticed is it’s very polarizing meaning there were two girls who were giving minimal attention to me for a few weeks and both easily could have been regarded as “looking at me for a few seconds” aka “using their eyes” yesterday one couldn’t get her eyes off of me and our energies seemed to be fucking hardcore. The other one didn’t even look at me once despite me trying .

Keep in mind girls ain’t the gender that is stoic and hides what they feel just to create a point. The tall girl was laughing and relaxed with her crew and didn’t give me a wink of attention. The other girl literally stared at me like she was about to go back home and write the opening story of how she met her knight in shining armor. Both last week were like “I don’t know how they feel” and now I know that if she didn’t notice me when I was a walking fire furnace of pure sex energy then I’m not her type and that’s amazing to know since my biggest issue in picking up girls is knowing who wants me and who doesn’t.


ok I wasn’t going to do this, but I do have to share.
I have run libertine, I have run some very powerful customs with attraction elements,
I ran 5 minutes, 5 minutes!, of Libertine V2

10 second, like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 eye contact with every attractive woman on my way there and back, they wouldn’t look a way. Bumped into a girl I was crushing on, I don’t know her that well, and we had a very touchy seamless flirty exchange. We were wearing masks but I kind of pushed it and during one joke put my face really near her’s like an inch away to emphasize something and we just stayed there talking with our faces like an inch apart. It sounds weird but it just worked. if felt like if we didn’t have masks I would have kissed her. Anyway I’ll hit her up this week and we’ll see what happens.

So another instance of bumping into someone I am interested in on Libertine randomly

Also it feels like the Alpha programming from BLU is in this, I feel much more comfortable and confident on this one. Sometimes on Libertine 1, I was almost uncomfortable with the attention, it felt more receptive, V2 felt just as playful but way more Alpha/huntery. Less I’m the male version of a super hot girl everyone wants to bang-although that’s fun too lol.

I don’t understand how this worked in 5 minutes, I did not expect much, I literally just needed to get something before a store closed I forgot to go before I started playing it, so paused when I remembered and went out. But what was there was undeniable.


I felt that too

On libertine version 1 I was overwhelmed by the attention and I felt like a mouse. On version two I felt relaxed with it if anything empowered by it


This is amazing. I want Libertine D: it would go so well with Khannn.


What was the joke that got you into her face bro?


it was a Freudian slip she made in regards to eating food that I was making fun off.


I listening to LU mostly for awhile now. I just had this weird experience last night. hopefully there is someone who can help…
I woke up and my left ring finger what really hurting. it was definitely noticeable and was specifically from the tip to the knuckle. I look at this image and found it was interesting I guess


Does anyone feel a pressure in their head when running libertine ? it concerns me.


Me, who else?


yeah sometimes


Haven’t used v2, but I did experience this on v1. For me it is not sexual, it is about cognitive effort towards new information. Anticipation / exploration, changing your viewpoint on old information, wanting to apply and test, etc…


Feels like I’m using a dense whole new sub and it’s going to take time till I’m used to it


This is really cool

I’v heard, holistically speaking, the left side represents the feminine principle; our inner-world, intuition, wisdom, creativity, nurturing etc and the left ring finger specifically represents unions and grief.


I get various physical effects with BLU that at time’s concern me, it may be a form of reconciliation akin to that subject. Keep in mind the more well adjusted one is in an area the deeper/harder the reconciliation can be since it is going to be addressing much deeper layers of growth.


What do you mean exactly? The part about adjusted making you go through more reconciliation in regards to LU


Honestly even though I THINK I UNDERSTAND what you’re saying, better safe than sorry right?

But in case I do understand what you’re saying I have a bit of a story to tell regarding this ultima and my stack which is Khan stage 3 currently (over 30 days at this point) IF YOUR POINT IS that it’s causing reconciliation based on something I’m currently growing in (makes sense since stage 3 of khan is pretty much nothing but ACTION AND HORNY)

Basically I think I’m the only guy on this website that has said he preferred stage 2 to stage 3.


I was getting girls left and right, stage 2 made me surpass prime me which I thought I actually lost 10 years ago, a fun loving guy that knew how to make girls feel good and how to feel good with girls and to go for kinky shit, summed up tbh.
Upon entering stage 3, I realized that the girls I was getting were from social circles I was meeting on the inside. I wasn’t happy, I have a standard of women I want that I know I can only get from approaching girls in my gym and in the outside world that don’t enter the circles I’m exposed to, I needed to approach.

I stopped fucking around with the girls in my social circle and started to hate how much I don’t approach girls I don’t know, I literally just DO NOT do it, ever.

I have resting “serious guy face”. The amount of times people have daddily said “WHY YOU ANGRY” thinking they’re being unique or funny to me is absurd, but I know it’s because of my face and it’s basically like being called Elsa, you’re going to have to hear “LET IT GOOOOO” like 4 times a day from dudes thinking they’re super cute.

Because of this face I am EXTREMELY different to onlookers than to the people who get to know me. Therefore I thrived in social circle game and pretty much got more girls than I’d ever imagined to get in stage 2 of Khan

However, I hated that I never approach or talk to girls, I just keep on this serious face and its so ingrained into my natural aura that it made stage 3 hell for me since I constantly have to question how the hell I’m going to actually leave my nest.

ON LU, something absurd happened. Keep in mind I’ve listened 3 times at this point.

I realized something, yesterday two girls talked to me in the gym, and each of those times I had become the sweetest person ever, which is something I DO NOT DO usually, I usually have this serious tone always. I feel like LU is the final push I needed, oddly being more approachable rather than intensifying my own “fuck me aura”.

I was so kind and gentle too, unsure what that means in the grand scheme of things but one of the two girls who I was kind with I’m almost 1000% certain that we exchanged smiles during the tiny exchange where she asked if I needed a certain bench to actually tell her “hi” next time without being too shy.

Is this what you’re talking about? Am I going through insane levels of reconciliation because LU is working on the thing I’m currently being taught to do, which is take action?


How’s your Khan journey going, are you willing to update your journal?


not just update but within a few weeks of going onto stage 4 I’m willing to START a journal, hitting my 5 month progress with the addition of LU and how far I went from last time.

As for my journey it’s very good, I still can’t believe how I feel since my confidence and security in myself as a man makes me anxious (will it go away in any second??? shit) it’s really insane cuz I’m still in the phase where I’m celebrating but I’m also nervous about what’s going to happen when I get pushed off my ass and have to be tested.

as a tl;dr and a sneak peek: I’ve reached a phase I’m literally learning to love women hard, all the girls I’ve gotten kinky with, the girls that don’t seem to like me, the girls who seem cold…All of them, I am just training myself to forever shed the old emotional me that just blocked them when I felt I couldn’t get laid with them. I basically feel like every girl’s best friend, except they wanna fuck my brains out eventually. That’s where I am


Could you elaborate?