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This is most likely tension. It means you’re still experiencing reconciliation from the scripting.


feels like my ears close off, sinus pressure, tension in jaw and neck,
I can feel and hear electric sounds like waves in my head. Or like there is a permanent buzz or hum-going on in my head that doesn’t feel quite natural. When I was running BLU a lot this lessened or maybe became more natural. But after not running it for a while and starting again, it comes back strong.

The ear and sinus and jaw are likely reconciliation from the scripting, I was worried the later effects were tinnitus but I don’t get it with any other Ultima.

I’m amending this upon further recall: if I’ve run BLU within 2 or 3 days of running another Ultima a minor version of this comes on other Ultimas, if I leave BLU out for more than 3 days it does not happen on other Utlimas.


I am taking action however I feel i really need to go heavy on rebirth to get the scripts to really execute to their full potential. My listening involves me running two loops of rebirth before i got to bed and listen to my custom overnight. My terminus custom i listen to it at 3 loops overnight then i listen to 2 loops of libertine in the morning.


@unusualfellow thanks for highlighting this is this already in Sex and Seduction core ?


I’ve been wanting to get Libertine for a long while. Never did because the money could go toward this bill, that bill, this card, that card.

Well, no more. I want to see how this changes how the wife and I show up for each other. I’m selling shares of stock soon so I can get Libertine and also get my first custom, which will be called BILLionaire.

I think 2020 will end up being my year, even if it took 10-11 months for me to see the light.


Not specifically. SS and SMQ have Romance Manifestation and Sex Manifestation. SMQ also has Sexual Aura Generator. SS has Generate an Irresistible Aura of Attraction.

All great to use with Libertine!


Yup, SS really gives me an aura. Haven’t really noticed way more looks when running libertine because I usually have my SS aura around me and already have looks :wink:

But libertine makes sex more intense, it’s like she desires me even more!


How much difference on libertine ?


I’d say much more dirty talk and expressivity from her part :wink::wink: I don’t feel like I’m saying or doing anything different.


Okay now how much difference in women approaching or eyeing you? You said it wasn’t much but was it very little or non existent?


A little bit, I’d say a smile (even with the mask) there was one girl who smiled at me after running libertine vs not. That’s for the time I went out. That’s concrete and mesurable.

I don’t run libertine really, it’s not my focus right now so I have focused more on executive and Elixir.


If I run 2 loops of Primal S before running Libertine i no longer get the pressure in my head. Perhaps there is a healing element in PS that prevents the pressure in the head.


At first, I thought it was a coincidence…

I tried by all means to justify it but it’s exactly what it is.

When we have sex, we build a connection that’s spiritual with that person.

And what I’ve noticed, whenever my aura is strong, she’s more submissive.

What I’m getting at here is that, whenever me and my girl are apart…

Within an hour of running LU v1 she always reaches out, now with v2 it’s dialed up.

I’m surprised I’ve been missed considering how I fucked up yesterday and today morning, well, I wasn’t using logic… coughs coughs reconciliation coughs:upside_down_face:


I had this happen to me last time I ran LU v1 a while ago. Within 15 minutes, two old FWBs who I was pretty close with in the past and who I haven’t spoke with in literally months, hit me up out of nowhere. Not even to meet up. One of them moved across the country to a place where I mentioned years ago about possibly moving to, and she asked me if I was still planning on moving there. And it wasn’t like she just moved there either.


I ran one more loop Libertine a couple days later-
I’m going out with that girl I mentioned I bumped into, next week,
I said I was busy this week but lets grab a drink or something next week
and she sent a heart emoji -with ‘I’d really enjoy hanging out.’

I also matched with a girl who ghosted me a few weeks ago on tinder lol


they all wanting the D bro :open_mouth:


I have been running Libertine V2 for a week everyday.
This new version actually makes women to go step further and makes them give more hints , rather I would say , women taking action or showing their desire to take it further .
My girl has been lot into PDA since I habe started listening to this version and also she has been complementing me like anything,

One of common fren actually asked me if any day I am Free and we can explore possibilities.

I also noticed that when on this version , I am actually not able to hold myself for long , as in I would come in 30-40 mins , since on SM and PE in my custom , I have been performing for an hour or so .
Also I feel on this version I have been observing other women closely as in my mind reading their body language.


Seen similar results


Can these subliminals attract gays? Because I’m gay and want to have a relationship with someone who is gay too.


They attract everyone, but work more strongly with your sexual preferences