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Oke thank you.


What tipe of sub you are referring with PE? Costum Q sub?


I’m also gay and currently using this. I’m in an open relationship so I’m hoping it’ll help with what I need it for. I don’t need a relationship however, just some fun.


There @keyzavan
Libertine does work to attract guy :joy::joy::joy:



On a serious note, I’ve only been using it two days - not anything I’ve noticed in terms of results yet but I’m sure there will be.


What did you do in terms of action…?


I’ve been talking to a guy I’m interested in about particular things and I’m constantly around new people as we always get new people in class. I’m starting to go out more (never been a drinker so I didn’t used to socialise much, but this changed this weekend) so I’m hoping all this will help. Trying to go out more, even without drinking, in general too.

If I notice someone I’m interested in I’ll definitely take the action to talk to them, and if I notice someone is interested in me that I’m also interested in I’ll be sure to talk to them.


They maybe interested in you but didnt tell you…
Give it more time…the IOI’s will become more pronounced.


Oh for sure, I didn’t mean it in a way of ‘IT’S NOT FKIN WORKING’, I just meant I haven’t used it long enough to notice anything yet. I’ll definitely work the more I’ve used it for sure. I’m excited to see the results.


:joy::joy: lmao thx.


PE : prevent premature ejaculation


I Thought Sex Mastery already had some kind of Premature ejaculation script


Libertine Ultima is very good, but I havent really tested v2, I been focused in my Regeneration/Elixir Ultima stack.
Maybe next week Im gonna use it on alternate days with Elixir.

I really loved the effects of v1


Looking for feedback on Libertine v2. Got some ideas for a v3, but we need to know how v2 is faring.


I ran 5 loops of V1 the other night (the day I bought it lol) in bed. Woke up to the wife reaching over and grabbing hold (literally). I did the same with V2 2 nights ago. No results yet…but she was in a mood that day, and was not feeling great in bed. I will be giving it another go soon.

I have no doubts i’ll get results from V2 since she’s at the gym today, and the gym is her relaxation.



I listened to LU v2 at least 5 times a week, one loop a day when I did listen. There was about 1 week where I was getting a noticeable amount of hostility from some women. I’ve never had that much negativity from women as far as I can remember. Some of it was fairly direct and confrontational. Some of it was more passive-aggressive or covertly hostile.

After that week of negativity, women started getting a lot kinder towards me. They also appeared to be more comfortable and engaged in their conversations with me. So I noticed the joy and excitement that was with v1 but now an increase comfort with v2. It’s as though there is more of a balance between comfort and arousal.

With v2, I’ve also noticed they seem to want to hang around in the conversation more. They’ll extend the conversation. They are also less socially awkward. Less stammering. They are capable of responding in full sentences. Some have even made comments that were humorous. They also seem to want me to decide when to end the conversation.

So with v2 I’ve noticed less arousal than v1. More comfort than v1. Less cognitive and emotional dysregulation than v1. That is, they can converse fluently without stammering. They can talk in complete sentences. Their arousal or lust is not over powering their ability to talk, think, or remain engaged in a conversation.

v1 seemed very focused on lust. Perhaps an overpowering lust. A lust that just overtakes them in their emotions and minds. Now that would be a great kind of lust if I was at her place, or we were one-on-one at a restaurant. As in, “never mind eating at the restaurant, let’s just get our orders to go back to your place” kind of lust.

v2 seems tempered regarding lust. The joy and arousal is still there.

As one example, I was at the gym and I couldn’t figure out how a squat machine worked. Then a woman came up to it and I asked her about what this lever did. She explained and then said, “Do you want to watch me use this?” She actually seemed happy as she said it, and that made me wonder if she wanted me to watch her exercise on this machine. There was her eye contact too. She seemed relaxed but was really looking into my eyes. Like she felt comfortable with her lust.

This makes me think that v2 has comfort and familiarity built in. I mean, she was inviting me to stare at her as she exercised! Staring at someone is considered awkward and impolite, especially if someone is trying to concentrate on something like exercise. I wondered if she was, in a sense, inviting me to desire her.

She also saw me the other day and waved at me from across the room. The vibe was like crushing on someone in your circle of friends. You know them. Familiar with them. Comfortable with them. Yet you want them, and hoping for more.

Yet all I wanted to do was know how to work a lever on a machine. Really, that’s all I wanted to know.

There are still some women who seem nervous and closed off around me. However, I wonder if they are generally nervous and closed off around others.

So v2 seems to have features great for meeting someone new. v1 seems to have elements great to get someone eager to have sex NOW, which I think could include people who are already in an established relationship.

See above for an example:


so I think tonight I’ll be looping 2x or 3x each of V1 and V2 while I sleep. Best of both worlds? :wink:



I think you may have just summed up my 5 report very elegantly:

“best of both worlds”


Is this adding to your ideas for v3? :wink:

I think the aspects of comfort, safety, respect, security, “feeling protected”, “feeling cared for”, bonded, familiarity, relatable, ease, “one of us”, “part of my social group”, and connection are important initially. After which when the lust ignites, acting on that lust feels normal and natural.

So with a spouse, those initial things are already likely there. When just walking up to someone and saying “hi”, I think the subconscious is trying to calculate “friend or foe… how does this person fit in to this context… what do they want… etc…” So without all the comfort and so forth, I wonder if the intense lust on its own might get lost in other things going on in the person’s head.


I think libertine should work ONLY on generating attraction and lust. Working on that lust/attraction is the lookout of the user. If that too is automated, the relationship will fall flat. Discouraging the user from further use and cursing subclub.

So I believe libertine v1 was the best. With v3, there should be more flirtatious and inviting vibes so that the people attracted to user can still talk straight. Also more physical attraction won’t hurt anyone.


I went for an Interview last week. I played one loop in the morning of interview just in case.
Due to COVID situation , there was a Glass pane between the Interviewers and me and we can talk only through mike.
The Interviewers were both Females (35-40). One was hot.

One had a low neck top. When interviewing , she bent over. I intentionally stared at them 2 times. But she didn’t adjust or anything like that.

The other one commented on the passport photo I submitted. The photo was an old one like 3 years old. But she specifically commented that my cheeks in the photo and present are different.