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I’ve not used this sub yet, so this would all be speculation on my part.

If v1 has more of an in your face lust angle to it, and v2 has a little less lust but more attraction or more comfort/familiarity. Maybe v3 could be a combination of the two versions? Or keep v1 as is, so people could use it more as a night time type of sub for quick encounters or people with established relationships or some type of established comfort/familiarity so the other person is okay with that high level of lust upfront. V2 could be more of a day time type of sub for day to day encounters, or first time encounters with people you are interested in. This might allow the user to flirt/tease and build attraction comfortably upon introduction easier. Maybe use v2 as an everyday sub for maintenance of attraction, then transition to v1 which would have a more lust angle for as needed situations.


is everyone’s experience that v2 has less lust in it?
I don’t see that as the case.


I think I’ve noticed that also. I haven’t given it a really fair chance though. Only listened to 5 loops at once while asleep. Where when I did that with V1… well just search “Little Bill” in the forum lol


I’ve only used version 2 but I haven’t noticed anything since I’ve been using it. I’m quite oblivious to be honest so might just be me but I haven’t really had any effects that I’ve been aware of.

I’d love to see more thoughts from V1 to V2.


I’ve been using Libertine before going to office for work. As I work mostly remotely that means for the past 2 months i’ve used it 1-2 times per week regularly. I usually do 2 loops of it in the morning (from let’s say 6.30am to 8.30am --> work starts at 9am).

I’ve been using Libertine V1 for about a month and when the V2 came out I switched it.

To be honest, Libertine V1 feels better for me. Might be also because I started using it first and had some “newbie gains” so to speak.

When I used it before work I felt this surge of energy, playfulness and overall confidence (imbued with sexual tension). Flirting was easier, holding deep eye contact was easier, being playful with words was on whole another level (I’m naturally good with verbal game, but Libertine made it effortless). I even had female co-workers say stupid filrty stuff often realizing “wtf just happened” after they said it.

Example: The hottest girl in the office came to my office (head office of the building and there were like 3 other people there ) to make me sign a birthday card for a client. Looked her deep in the eyes and said “Sure” and signed the card. Then she blurted out “Wow, what a signature. Maybe I should get a tattoo of it”… then she just giggled and and the same time realized “wtf I just said”. Powerful.

After switching to Libertine V2 I thought the feel-good feeling wasn’t that pronounced anymore. I still had people reacting positively towards me but I just wasn’t feeling it AS MUCH. Especially on the nights I haven’t been sleeping well (as signaled by my Whoop strap that measures sleep).

But yesterday I switched back for 2 loops of V1 before office - and despite having a bad night sleep (about 6 hours instead of regular 7.5) I felt amazing. The vibe was there, the energy was there… and an obscene amount of horniness (I’ve kinda had focus problems at times when women wore great dresses yesterday around me).

Maybe V2 makes people more reactive, but I feel like V1 gives me more of a feel-good vibe that makes everything else easier and consequently the reactions are favorable as well.

It may be a thing of preference too :smile:


That’s an amazing testimonial for V1 right there. Also the “maybe I should get a tattoo of it” had my laughing my ass off :smiley:


It was so “out there” even I just looked her in disbelief as in “wtf you just said?”

So yeah - Libertine is the real deal :slight_smile:


I wanted to add a comment that might help this “Libertine isn’t doing anything” concern that some people are having.

When I first started testing the Ultima format, I did notice some fairly profound physical sensations. At one point, I almost felt intoxicated, as in I was having difficulties thinking and typing.

However, after a week or so of listening to the Ultima format, any profound physical effects seemed to fade.

I’ve never really felt much of anything running LU. So if you are running Ultima programs expecting to have some sort of experience, I would encourage you to chuck those expectations in the bin. “Feeling something” may or may not indicate anything other than you are feeling “something”, and that something may or may not be a result of the subliminal program.

I’d encourage taking persistent consistent action in the direction of what you want, and notice the results begin to accumulate week after week.


Yes, the Ultima Core contains scripting that can cause a euphoric feeling, but it’ll wear off eventually as your subconscious becomes accustomed to it. You don’t have to physically feel anything for a subliminal to work, though I understand how “feeling something” makes people more inclined to trust the subliminal, and as a result, take action.


Maybe put in a tiny inner voice that says “Yes, the sub is working. Don’t WORRY!”
lol Kidding. That would get annoying since the voice would never shut up.






Feeling that immediate “something” could be rewarding. A reward immediately following a desired behavior can increase that desired behavior. So people wanting to feel good or “something” when listening to a subliminal is understandable.

A desire to end pain or suffering or something negative, can also be motivating. So when people are emailing with “where is my order”, I can understand. They want relief.

What I would encourage people to do, is think of a gym metaphor. Subliminals I think are like going to the gym. If after a month of going to the gym, I could look in the mirror and say “why am I going to the gym. I’m sore. It’s a lot of time I’m spending going there and lifting. Nothing is happening because I don’t look like Wolverine”.

Or I could keep track of my workouts. Have a plan. Document any changes. Reconsider my approach or course correct if I notice 8 weeks of no change. Consistently go to the gym. Find out which supplements have science to support their effectiveness. Monitor for any signs of overtraining, and take an extra day or so off if need be. And so forth.

I think an organized method and planning that is informed by those who are more knowledgeable than me will likely get me through any discouraging emotional reactions.

Same with subliminals. I keep a journal. I notice changes. If I think there is any problem, I contact customer support simply stating what I think is happening and inquire what I might need to do to get the desired results.


I walked to the Doctor’s office today for my appointment. Only about a 15 min walk there. Listened to KhanQ ST1 on the way there and back home. I had done Libertine U in bed a few loops prior.

At the doc’s office, the normal assistant is training up another one. The new one is cute. Nice ass. I noticed I was talking to them way more than I normally would. Usually I’m just reactive, answering their appointment- related questions.

I was joking lot more than usual. I def credit Libertine with that. Makes me wonder what I’d gotten if I’d listened to LU again on the way and back instead of KhanQ ST1. It’s all good though. I like how Khan seems to making me feel more comfy with being aggressive.

LU V1 rawks. I do need to be fair to V2 and give it more testing time of course. I may even cycle them both together to see what the synergy ends up being.


sounds like a plan maybe a week of v1 and then a week of v2 since they do bring result fast

like hearing the results


Are the previous versions available upon purchasing it?


Yes. Supercharger, V1 and V2 upon purchase.


@unusualfellow Thank you brother!


All the best, Dom. It’s a great value!


Take this back.

After reading replies I noticed I wasn’t really doing a lot to make Libertine work, so therefore the sub wasn’t ready to activate properly.

My reasonings behind why I bought Libertine are slightly different to everyone else as I’m in an open relationship but I’m also finding it ‘harder’ (a limiting beliefs) to get what I want done as my attraction is mainly towards straight guys (y’all are safe I promise :joy:) and what I like getting done isn’t necessarily the typical thing - so having Libertine react and activate for that in my opinion has been more difficult.

However, recently (probably Khan) I’ve noticed that I’ve been dressing better and really trying to put an effort into my look and Libertine has opened the doors for stares from people. I’ve not really noticed this before but I was differently happy about it. Going to be harder for me to find a guy, or even a girl who trips up over their sentences when talking to me finding me attractive but this is a start.

In my opinion, V2 takes a bit more time to show up, if you’re not taking action.


I wanted to make a few comments about v1 and v2.


If I was in an established sexual relationship such as a spouse, significant other, FWB, and so forth, I’d play v1 before meeting up with them.

If I had a friend and I wanted to get out of the friend zone, I’d play v1. If that didn’t seem to work, I’d do v2.

If I was going to a party or wanted to meet new sexual partners, I’d play v2. If I was going out to do errands, I’d play v2 because I’d probably meet new women.

Rather than wonder which is best with LU, I’m wondering if it depends on the context.