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You mentioned that you have an attraction towards straight guys and that you are listening to Khan, and I’m trying to read between any lines, and I’m wondering if you are a gay or bi man. If so, from what I understand, this type of attraction or inclination towards straight guys is somewhat common among gay or bi men.

I think there are many possibilities in whatever reality is.

Have you looked at the general category of manifesting and results enhancement at the Q store?

Also, I would encourage you to take a look at Atman, Unlimiter, Limits Destroyer, Power Awareness, Potentiator, Dominion, Tyrant, and Divine Will. There are also sexiness enhancers at the Q store such as Sexiness Unbound, Facial Morphing, Earthshaker Sexuality, Apollon, and Physical Shifter Sexiness. There is also Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver. Maybe some others.

I realize a majority of the forum is likely men who are heterosexual. If you are gay or bi, as far as I’m concerned, you are welcome here.

Update: when I was in college, I was talking with a friend of mine who seemed to know all the gossip on campus. He told me it was fairly common for self-identified lesbians to occasionally have sex with a man. I asked him why this was the first time I heard this and he said no one wanted to talk about it.

Rather than thinking about some outcomes being “harder” to manifest than other outcomes, I’d encourage you to think about what kind of life you want.


This is great info. Now it’s up to Libertine v3 and beyond to ensure that all these conditionals collapse into using one title—the latest and greatest version of Libertine.


yeah then let see what happen after new tech, more update, wonder what stuff they left out from v2 hmmm


Hey @RVconsultant - thanks for the reply.

Yeah it’s definitely common for us. I consider myself gay however I’d like to think I’m on a spectrum and anything can change.

Yeah, I need to start directing the subs that I use more. Setting an intention and having set towards it being easy to find what I’m looking for. I do agree I need to think about the life I want. Maybe I need to write it down somewhere.

Side note: Talking about what I’m looking for, I had a break through today. The guy I’ve been speaking to finally did it and has committed to doing it weekly. He said no literally last week.

I haven’t looked into those manifestations for a sub like that, just for my wealth custom, but not something to manifest things in this area. Maybe it’s something to use? Initially I wanted to make a Khan/Stark/EoG custom but that changed. What do you think would make good majors in that?

Also I appreciate your acceptance, means a lot.



You are welcome. We have a diverse group here. Men. Women. People from all countries. Different ethnic or racial backgrounds.

I was looking at your quote:
“I haven’t looked into those manifestations for a sub like that, just for my wealth custom, but not something to manifest things in this area. Maybe it’s something to use? Initially I wanted to make a Khan/Stark/EoG custom but that changed. What do you think would make good majors in that?”

When you ask what I think would be good majors, I’m guessing you are referring to wealth.

Personally I’ve done Khan, all 4 stages. Then I switched to StarkQ. I also did all 4 stages of EoG.

I would encourage you to set aside a hour or two and do some browsing at the Q store and regular store … but first … I would also encourage you to write down what you want. Whatever it is. Health. Money. Sex. Spiritual topics. I did that to help me focus more on what modules and majors to put in my custom subliminals.

The manifesting subliminals might also be in the Results Enhancement section. Some of the ones I listed above in my other post to you might have some that might help with results or manifesting. I think that The Architect and Energetic Development XI could potentially help in those areas as well.

I think you also implied that as part of your intention, to set the intention that it’s easy to find what you want. Personally, I think that is a great intention to set. Intend what you want, and intend it to be easy!

In terms of the break through, I’m guessing you found someone who might be promising.

Have you thought about starting a journal here? I’m wondering if you do, if other people who are gay or lesbian might post. I’m sure they are reading the forum, but I’m thinking they are quiet.


Hey @Brandon,

I was curious about your thinking about Libertine, so I read the description of Libertine and in one of its sentences says " We recommend stacking Libertine with Sex & Seduction, Sex Mastery X, Primal Seduction (and PS: Iron Throne), Khan", all of those titles according to the descriptions (except Sex Mastery X) are specific to attract women. Maybe you could use Sex Mastery and Libertine or just Libertine and try to see what happens. Or Ascension/Emperor with Libertine to have a better foundation. Just my two cents!!


@RVconsultant - I think the equivalent for me as a heterosexual man is my attraction towards lesbians, bisexual women and women who are “taken”. I wonder if it is the feeling of being so highly attractive that you are chosen by those who are not “supposed” to choose you but it happens and hence a boost in my ego.

PS: I have had “admirers” from married women and one bisexual woman so far. This was before I ever came across SubClub though and the experience hasn’t stopped after SubClub.


Did a 1.5 week washout and after reading this thread I decided to run v2 for the hell of it. Will have plenty of opportunity to test this weekend and report back.

Could someone tell me how long the immediate goal-scripted effects of Ultimas usually last? 1-2 days? I want to game plan my listening and get the full effects for today and tomorrow. I can def get in 1-2 loops in the next couple hours, but not sure if I’ll be able get any listening in with my setup tomorrow. Might try to sneak 3 loops in today if the effects will carry over till tomorrow evening.


It’s said to start with 1 loop and eventually scale it to maximum of 3. I’d take that advice. Although it’s your choice as always.



Honestly nothing feels better than being accepted, I don’t think people understand how much something as small as your gestures/words can change a whole persons self worth. Thank you again.

In regarding a to the custom and majors - I already have a wealth custom made.

My Wealh Custom actually has EoG Stage 1 + 4 and E:HoM - I’ve dropped it for now to focus on Khan which has truly opened me up so far and worked on a lot of things I was struggling with. I’ve also used Stark in the past which was one of my favourite majors to use. - I also have a journal for both my custom and my Stark useage.

In regards to other people who are gay posting, I’ve seen a couple but they aren’t all over the board. I think I’m probably the main guy who posts that’s gay but I could be unsure? I’ve seen a couple ask questions in the past. I do hope they feel more comfortable if they see this post.

I may end up making a custom out of Stage 4 Khan (after I get to it), Stark and EoG in the future to fill out all my needs along with some of the manifestation modules you mentioned. What do you think? I feel like all three fill out my goals for what I want in life but me trying to stack them doesn’t work at the moment. I want to use Khan first however and go to my wealth custom most possibly before I end up making another custom though.

For my breakthrough, I did yeah. I actually credit Khan/Libertine for helping me with it and allowing me to open up and make an attractive aura. - I don’t want to detail the thread by the way (in general) - I really credit these two for helping me get this. I really was oblivious with Libertine but I think the little actions of looking better (thanks to Khan) and taking more action in doing certain things allowed both subs to open up more and manifest things happening.



Eventually I will try Sex Mastery however for now I think I want to stick with Khan. Someone asked me this in my journal too and I actually asked the question when I first started using Emperor which was my first sub.

I believe the way it works is that the sub works to the way you want it to (which means that Khan could be used for business or it could be used for women - in my case men) which is why two people could have entirely different results.

When I asked Saint (for Emperor) I believe he stated something along the lines of it being perfectly fine to use because it wouldn’t change my sexuality or make me like women or anything but would do the same thing that it has for you guys just for me with men - if that’s what is was interested in working towards because the sub focuses on making you attractive overall.

I’m assuming, I could be wrong, that it’s the same for Khan and other titles like that.



Those are intriguing points about being choosen when one isn’t supposed to, or perhaps something that might be unattainable… and I guess metaphorically that being the irresistible force that attracts the immobile object.

For me, I try to focus on telling my subconscious to do what I CONSCIOUSLY want rather than just tell myself to do what I want. I want to at least think there is some logic and rationality in there. :grin:


@RVconsultant - haha! Yes of course. The conscious mind gives direction to the subconcious. Coincidently, am listening to the audible version of Dr Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind right now.



You are welcome! Feeling accepted always feels great!

My reading style on this forum has no pattern, so it’s news to me other gay people are posting. I’m glad they are because that probably means they feel comfortable doing so.

About your subliminals… after I ran all 4 stages of EoG, I chucked stage 4 into a custom subliminal along with Sultan and StarkQ. Actually, that you put in stage 1 and 4 of EoG I would think that would be comprehensive because you have covered the healing with all the other stages as well. So from what I know, Stark plus EoG stage 1 and 4 should cover many wealth related objectives.

In terms of Khan, I did do all 4 stages, but I prefer StarkQ. If you are wanting a more masculine presence and dominance in your personality, from what I know about Khan, that should help with that.

In terms of LU, the action I take is fairly minimal. I find “hi” works fairly well.

Here’s a bit about v1:

Also if you thought Khan stage 1 was helpful, have you considered other healing type programs such as FEBRUUS or Regeneration?


Joseph Murphy is big on conscious affirmations which you have to impress onto your subconscious mind by constantly maintaining your mental diet.


Oh for sure they’re definitely there, even if they’ve made one post or a couple. Like I said I think I’m the main guy posting though.

How did your custom go with Stark and EoG? What kinds of results did you get?

Why do you prefer Stark to Khan? I also did buy Khan to feel more alpha and have more masculinity. I didn’t feel that Stark had that masculine edge. Khan fills my sexual side along with LU, Stark gives me my creativity and fame along with BLU and my custom gives me wealth.

Yeah a minimal action such as that should definitely help for sure. I’ve just never been one to notice people fancying me because I’ve never, before subliminals, been open to it. I’ve always hoped but I’m not the kind of guy people tell - not yet anyway. I just don’t want to say it to the wrong person aha.

I actually found out a couple years ago a guy I liked in secondary school actually liked me but I never knew he was gay until he told me.


@King - Yes. Repeating affirmations consciously so that your subconcious is programmed with those instructions.


I honestly do think that questioning techniques work far better. Affirmations can be discounted or outright denied as false by the SubC mind.

“I am a mack daddy with women” is an obvious example.

Whereas asking “When in my life did i first notice that I attract with women with ease?” presupposed/assumes the truth of the statement…it MUST so the question can be answered.

A good follow up question to the above one would be “What can I do today to recapture that in my life even more fully?”


@realbillperry - I have heard about this technique. It does make sense but for some reason I don’t prefer asking myself questions. Maybe I feel like am in school or something lol.



“How did your custom go with Stark and EoG? What kinds of results did you get?”

Here are some of the results I’ve got:
I feel no nervousness about touching money.
I feel more comfortable handling financial matters.
I wrote a plan for the next 10 years, and I feel calm about reading it, whereas 6 months ago I would have told myself I was being unrealistic and grandiose.

“Why do you prefer Stark to Khan?”

Khan was giving me a push in a certain direction, and then no more than that push. When I started to reflect on why I wasn’t being this badass, polarizing, ultra-macho stereotype I thought might have been implied by the description page, I realized I only wanted a small percentage of that badass-ness. So when @SaintSovereign and @Fire say that the subliminals are NOT going to make you do anything, I consider this example as proof. I didn’t turn into an incarnation of a modernized Genghis Khan. I got the amount of the effect I consciously or unconsciously wanted, and then it stagnated. I honestly didn’t get much in terms of sexual results, but I didn’t really mind so I guess I wasn’t that motivated to get that aspect of Khan.

As for Stark, I noticed something similar to what you said… my popularity, likability, and creativity have increased.

In terms of changing your self image to being someone who would be fancied by those you want to be fancied by, again, I would encourage you to look at the manifestation, results enhancement, and healing modules. Also perhaps Ascension might be something to read about. In terms of saying things to the wrong people, I’d encourage you to read about the Alchemist stage 1 at the regular store for a full description. I noticed that when I ran Alchemist stage 1 for about 2 weeks, a lot of “bad luck” just seem to disappear.

“I actually found out a couple years ago a guy I liked in secondary school actually liked me but I never knew he was gay until he told me.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reflected on experiences and memories from years gone by and realized “Oh my! She was hitting on me! She really liked me! How did I miss that?” Well, I think because I didn’t think anyone would be crushing on me.