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How would you explain tour experience with khan?
Especially the wealth aspect or business?
What direction did it push you to?

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I’ve been using khan stage 1 a lot lately, and done a couple days test running Khan stage 2
and am blown away at how it almost instantly manifests sexual opportunities as well as has me feel like the most desired man in the world, the best option for any woman, and has woman engaging me.
This could be in combination with the sex mastery/emperor terminus I am running, but adding khan stage 1 and 2 at points enhanced this greatly and shifted my sense of abundance and available woman. As well as had me pursuing woman in my life very strongly from a non-needy place. I won’t be running khan in full likely for a while but cool to see these effects.

How was your experience with EOG?


@pacman and @realbillperry and @Azriel

Okay one more non-LU thing and then as @pacman rightly pointed out, back to the topic at hand.

“How would you explain tour experience with khan?”
It helped me feel better about being a man. I became more comfortable deciding what “a real man” is for myself, rather than all the negativity that is implied through mass media.

“Especially the wealth aspect or business?”
I think the best way to answer this is that I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of deciding my own destiny instead of feeling comfortable if someone else had done something similar to what I wanted. In other words rather than looking for a role model for guidance, or a role model as validation that my idea was worthwhile, I simply started to think of ideas based on what I wanted to do.

“What direction did it push you to?”
I got more provocative in a way that was so outrageous it was funny. Like I might get in line and start bantering with the woman cashier by starting the conversation like “I know what you’re thinking. And yes I did find everything just fine and I’m fine. And you look fine too. So now on to more important things. Let’s stop talking about me and now talk about what I want. I’m having a great day and I hope yours is great, too, and I bet it will be even better when you get done with work. I hope you have something to look forward to after work. I know I do. But I’m not telling you what it is because I don’t know you very well.” And I’d just go on and on like that. A woman in a good mood would likely just bust up laughing and get giddy. A woman in a bad mood might start laughing. And there were a few who just looked at me like I had warped in from another planet. If she looked at me as though I was from another planet, I’d say something like “I know you weren’t expecting to see me today. That’s okay. Neither was I until I looked in the mirror. So I know just how you feel. It’s just that I’m used to it now.”


I’m glad Khan is working out for you so well.

With EoG, the main thing I noticed was a major overhaul of my attitudes about money. Almost no nervousness about money. That’s the main effect it’s had on me.

Okay everyone… back to the thread of LU.


@RVconsultant - I’d love to continue our convo, I tried to inbox you. Do you mind is continuing and you inboxing me?

In regards to Libertine, I’m really trying sit my intentions and run with that whilst taking little actions that I feel necessary. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m trying to find other people too so we’ll see.



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Honestly, Libertine was meant to be incredibly simple and easy to run. You literally run it a few loops, let it settle in for about an hour or so, then talk to people you’re attracted to. Everyone’s so obsessed with making it work better or faster that they end up derailing their own results.


Seems like human nature right there lol, let’s make something really easy super complicated.


@SaintSovereign @Brandon

In term of making Libertine Ultima work better:

  1. Consistent daily use
  2. at least say “hi” to the people you think are attractive

I’ve been using LU since it came out, and this is the best I’ve come up with so far.


Both running it multiple times a day and waiting for an hour are new info…


Can’t lie, I tend to do this a lot. Thanks for simplifying it for me/us.

Correct, easiest thing for me to do.

I’m going to try this tomorrow for sure, I’m having a rest day from all subs today/tomorrow but technically haven’t used Libertine for a few days so. We’ll see.

Keep us updated.



At the risk of over emphasizing…

I’ve been using it 1 loop a day, everyday (for the most part). At least 5 days per week at 1 loop a day.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire

As a side note, I wonder if there is also a cumulative effect on those who are exposed to my aura. Some women who have been indifferent or even rude are starting to be at least more civil … and perhaps some are in a tizzy around me.


Normally I run BLU and Libertine x1 5 days a week. I know you said 5 days a week but is that minimum since you also said everyday with Libertine? Slight confused (sorry dumb and it’s late).



Thanks for asking a clarifying question!

In the ideal, I would do 1 loop a day everyday. Seven days a week.

However, I some times forget. So I just promise myself to do a minimum of 5 days a week at 1 loop per day. So a minimum of 5 times a week, only doing 1 loop a day when I run it.

Does that clarify?


Definitely makes sense. Will give it a try especially tomorrow as there’s people I’m interested in.

Let’s see the magic :kissing_heart:

Thanks for the constant replies.


@RVconsultant so libertine doesn’t work if it’s situationally used? That’s unfortunate.


It does. That’s basically the point of Libertine. Listen before going out (or staying in…for us married guys).


Yeah i listen before going to gym so all thd girls are open to be chatted up.


It’s not new info, I’ve said it before, but maybe not prominently enough. Gonna fix that with the new FAQs that I’m working on. With Ultimas, you run them, then let it settle a bit. For example, if you’re running BLU, you don’t want to listen while studying. You need to listen before you study and let it settle in. These were the instructions with the Ultima tests.



I don’t know what you mean by “situationally used”. Also if you please could comment on in what way you think LU doesn’t work. If you could clarify these things so I can reply, I’d be happy to.