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I think he means, able to use it once before a date, then not have to run it everyday. Yes, it DOES work like that. You can run it for a loop (or two, or three – the more the better) and then go out and get results. There needs to be a processing period, though.


Just a quick question but I understand there’ s a V2 now of Libertine Ultima, if you purchase that, will you still be getting V1 as well?


yes. You get all versions going back to the original. I just got it a week or 2 ago


Great point. Based on the comments, this was my thinking too.


I think maca powder does help enhance the libertine aura will continue testing and report back in a few days.


From a colleague regarding their use of Libertine v2 versus v1:



lol wow. This is a damn good testimonial. I don’t fully understand the “manifestation” side of Libertine. It’s astoundingly stupefying.

I can chalk up the wife hitting me up for sex upon waking as maybe being in the vicinity of my aura…and the aura changing while we sleep as I’m listening.

But this REMOTE stuff is what astounds me. I love it.


Thank you for posting this.


Hmm. I wonder what would happen if I ran Libertine now, given the scope of my manifestation ability has changed a lot since starting my custom. I haven’t used this title since before my custom. Quaint.

Also liking the nonchalance in this guy. “Pretty well I guess.” Is this guy running total nonchalance? :smiley:


Take a moment and imagine Libertine V3. With my own experience, V2 works better when the girls already know you or there’s a certain connection. I maybe wrong but there’s certainly some connection scripting in V2.

V1 was purely lustful and wild subliminal. From my own experience, it’s more focused on generating the aura of lust, or say, exclusively focused on that.

V3 must be a more powerful version of V1 as I’m not afraid of making a move on that lust which is already set in place by the sub. It’s like libertine does 80% of the work even before I approach. With the clearing of K-1, that won’t be much difficult to handle.


What is this v3 you speak of? Is it really available or are you a lucky tester giving the rest of us hope for what’s to come


V3 is still just an idea and not an actual thing.


Oh okay, I was confused. You spoke as though you were already running it :stuck_out_tongue:

A man can dream…


Or simply put, libertine v3 and the future versions get rid of the concern of “use this version for this use case”


@Hurrikane interesting i was not aware of connection scripting in V2.


Hahahaha, nah – he’s just a very chill individual.


Ran a loop not so long ago, exes started popping up like new toast.

First one called nonestop, I lost count of the calls I was getting from her, kept rejecting em.

Second one, she’s recent, we dating at the same time we ain’t dating so I just put myself as single… hit me up, we talked briefly, she was about to sleep, then said she’ll call me after finishing her movie. What surprised me was that she started opening up like nothings wrong with us.

Third one, her and I share a bond similar to second one, but it’s a lite version from my side… to her, I’m the best she’s ever had, mind you we broke up 3 years ago and we haven’t done shit till then. We talking rn and she wants my attention, n the dick ofcourse.

I should run this on a daily, I love the results.


Are you running v2?


It’s crazy how we all have similar experiences right after running a loop. Gonna run a loop right now actually :wink:


That was v1, tomorrow I’m running v2