Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima


Would be glad to see your comparison. So far from what I’ve read, v1 and v2 is equally intriguing.


I haven’t run v2 a lot. But it does get women very comfortable around me, starting from tomorrow I’ll be committing to it.

With v1, ran a loop days ago… a woman was going to flake on me, so I resorted to it. She pulled thru, gave her a massage, got her naked then I joined her but i couldn’t get it up…

Which was rather strange for me cause this is the first time it’s happening, I guess all these months listening to Emperor and strictly being monogamous made me want super quality women and she wasn’t it, just someone I needed to scratch an inch.

And also with v1 women tend to come at me, showing interest… I’m usually never there but now I am.

With my past relationship, things got freaky really fast, I wrote a couple times about it in this thread.

There have been times while running v1 I get invites on LinkedIn from my ideal prospects, and guess which gender they are…:upside_down_face:

It’s not just that, also invites accepted while listening and it’s a frequent things so you connect the dots.

I wonder what the results of v2 will be now that I’m going out a lot.


I’d also love to read more v1 vs v2 results since I’ve been running v2 and whilst I did get some results I’ve been reading more into that people have been getting insane results on v1.

I’m going to give v1 a try and see if it’s better for me.


Would also appreciate to hear your thoughts and comparison. Best of luck


How long does Libertine last? Cause I have no memory whatsoever of promising to show my dick


She just wants to see your vegetables man, can’t a girl see some eggplant for once in her life?!



:joy:not over the phone lols that’s risky, imagine if it leaked… I got over 2k friends and a few happen to be my new clients


Listened for the first time to version 2. Felt sick after the loop, like having fever and super tired. Did not have that with version 1 which made me very energetic if you see what I mean :slight_smile:


Are you suggesting Libertine causes memory loss :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Damn you took the whole thing south. I’m just saying in general, nothing more or less.


I was just kidding :joy:


Sooo has it been officially confirmed that long-range seduction module is included in Libertine?

I already had a couple experiences with the whole getting contacted by exes. But recently I’ve been sporadic with my subs the last few weeks, mostly running Emperor and occasionally Stark Ultima. I hadn’t run Libertine in weeks until today.

Today I ran 1 loop of LibertineV2 after a loop of StarkQ, and about an hour later my childhood friend who lives in another country (we’ve been talking on-and-off last few years) just straight up asks if I’m down to marry her. Like we’ve lightly flirted before, but she was dead-serious.


Hmm…I ran Libertine v2 today before getting lunch with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. That person paid for my lunch. That person was quite chatty with me. Rapid fire questions about all sorts of stuff. Including as we walked back to where I parked regarding me getting a girlfriend and stuff of that nature. Tells me that through the years, I’m really becoming a man. That’s great.

Though when I saw her again, I thought, “Oh…that’s her.” I could feel that there was some kind of sadness in her eyes that was partially conveyed through the way she talked about some of her life situation. I felt that something was wrong about her. Glad that I see Libertine has worked in this situation, and for this person I’m happy it went only as far as it did.


Seems to be working well for alot of people however for me personally it seems to work for a few days then stops working. Take a few days off it still doesn’t work. I give it a week off then i use it again it works for a few days then stops.

Perhaps SC can take a closer look at why this is the case ?. I originally thought it might be because i take GABA or sometimes phenibut to help me sleep at night once every week or two weeks. However I removed those two from my life and it does not seem to have changed.

I even tried give all my subliminals a break and tried Libertine in isolation. Increased by carb update, increased doses of vitamin D3. I do not feel its my mood that is effecting it as I have been a pretty relaxed mood the last week or so.

Anyway food for thought for SC when they embark on developing version 3 :slight_smile:


Maybe the unaccounted for variable is your unconscious, just like recon with any other sub, there is a roller coaster of ups and downs before it stabilizes? I don’t know, just a guess.


I’ve been using Libertine v1 and taking some action - talking to the person I want to talk to whilst setting up a Tinder and matching some people. Nothing major in terms of getting sex or anything I’m interested in but I’ve been getting more matches and people I’m interested in too. I’ve noticed I’m getting more attention and all that kinds of stuff.

I need to go back to v2 at some point and experiment and see what the changes are in comparison to v1 as I used v2 for a little bit of time and didn’t see much but I was also lacking a lot of action - admittedly.


I haven’t tried mine yet, but I was wondering, is this experience only for V2, or for V1 as well? and what results did you see in this first few days?


First few days girls staring at me giggling, wanting to go on dates with me, invading my space. I suspect the unconscious mind develops a tolerance to Libertine and thereby needs to a rest period to recuperate.


In my experience it lasts 3 to 4 hours then fades.


This seems to be true with any aura based sub, including those from other producers. I suspect it’s some kind of natural biological / energetic cycle that we haven’t able to identify yet. It may be that you need to run it every other day to avoid “burning out” whatever energetic pathways Libertine uses.