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Well honestly I was coming to that conclusion anyway as I was wondering why I wasn’t getting the massive results everyone else was getting (I got results, just not major things) and I was starting to wonder why everyone was trying to do NF, SR and all that.

I’m quite oblivious to things and this is an area I’m completely uneducated in so I’m glad it was suggested and made clear that it could be an issue releasing the sexual energy that way.


So this bedtime stack finally happened:

No horniness from wife like on V1. V2 seemed to make her far more cuddly/snuggly while we slept. I’ll try it out a few more times since this my second time overall with it and only the first time in this particular stack style.

Once I’ve seen what both V1 and V2 do, I’ll stack them together somehow to see if/how they synergize.


They could call it ‘Sexual Healing’


yeah! and it could heal the brain damage caused by porn, as well as kicking the habit for good.
(just an idea)
and maybe you could regain Full control over your sexual energy (as with porn, you’re basically giving it all away)


As well as healing your mindset towards relationships, women/men, the things leading to porn addiction, etc it’s


@blackadder were you running V1 or V2?

Also were you running your new Ultima custom alongside it?


11-23-20 @ 11:30 PM;
There’s a subliminal product that works quite well for porn addiction, there’s even a trial version of it that works for most, but unfortunately I can’t mention the product’s name here, as it’s made by a competing company.


No i was not i never run them alongside each other.


so the week you slept with all those new woman
were you running Libertine or custom Ultima?

if libertine V1 or V2?


@Azriel was running libertine but these were girls i met while back.


very cool, which do you prefer V1 or V2 ?


I’m actually wondering now if @blackadder was using OG Libertine lol…or the ultima.
I love V1…still diving in on V2…eager for V3…I’m HOOKED.


I think V2 is better


What about V2 did you find better so far?


The idea that auras cause burn out when used too much rings true to me. I had similar happen with a competitor’s sub (great results at first, followed by burn out). I made a custom that included Primal Seduction (with whatever auras that includes) plus aura of craving, aura of approachability etc. and found a similar thing - great results early on, but at a future energetic cost.

Overuse of auras has caused symptoms of exhaustion for me, things such as decreased gym performance, increased susceptibility to illness, erectile dysfunction, increased need for sleep, increased caloric intake.

I guess it comes down to how much energy you have. If you’re in a calorie deficit, or depressed, or ejaculating frequently, or fighting off an infection - basically anything that uses up energy - the aura will suffer. What really sucks is from my experience (hopefully your results vary), I have this annoying catch 22 where if I use up loads of energy on a really sexual aura, by the time I have put myself in a position for sex, there isn’t enough energy left to get a strong erection and so from your aura she’s expecting an extremely virile sex beast and what she gets does not live up to expectations. It sucks because you would hope that putting loads of energy into a sexual aura would also result in a really high sex drive and strong erection, but in my experience, the two seem to be entirely separate energetic systems and if you give heavily to one, you remove energy from the other.

This is why I think your customization options are really great. Now having learned this, I feel it is better to exclude auras from the subs that are used every day and use the ultimas to create whatever aura you feel you will need when you need it. My new custom only has whatever auric stuff is in Primal and Daredevil, plus an aura of approachability, so hopefully it will be less taxing on the system and more sustainable on a day to day basis.

For Libertine v3, perhaps you could link into some scripting that would limit the energetic requirements of the aura so that it never used up more energy than you would need to then perform sexually. As what’s the point of seducing someone with your aura if you can’t perform when you get them in the bedroom.


So could I assume that when I use Libertine it decreases the libido because it uses it to generate the aura?
I could use that on nofap when I get too horny and no girl to ****. Maybe the urge to watch porn and jerk off goes away and at the same time I’m training the aura.


I think you are better off going down to the gym or perhaps go jogging and burn yourself out physically.


Yeah that sounds way more fun. Why didn’t I think of that


OK so the moral of this thread is i believe in order to get libertine to work more efficiently you are going to have to conserve your sexual energy. That means abstaining from porn, less sex and perhaps eating right with lots of carbs.

I wonder how does iron throne khan generate sexual energy ? from sunlight ? food intake ?


i have abstained from any form of ejaculatiln for 4 days. I ran libertine at 2 loops today the reactions from women were subtle. Not as strong as before but it was subtle.