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A subliminal to completely tackle all areas of sexual performance and insecurities - Limiting Beliefs, Fears, PE, ED, Porn addicition, Excessive Masturbation, tantra - They are all connected. Basically mixing scripting from Emperor, Alchemist, Primal and Sex Mastery to completely get rid of everything that is hindering you living out your sexual power and expression, turning you into a sex god.


probably not abstain for sex, but abstain from ejaculation during sex.
I can’t imagine sex without ejaculation could compromise sexual energy/aura
I would think it would build it but who knows?

Also if I had to abstain from sex to make Libertine effective it would kind of defeat the point
:joy: Personally I’m in it for the xxx not the looks.


:rofl::rofl: too right bro i am experimenting for fun to see how i can tweak libertine.


Limitless or Quantum Limitless + Beyond Limitless

The ManSlut & ManSocial & ManStark- Q Customs

I can’t do semen retention, as my high libido girlfriend would be quite frustrated, but I don’t watch porn at all and I practice no fap – only natural, real intercourse for me. My social media profiles have been scrubbed of all sexual content, as I hate the idea of having my sexuality hijacked for someone else’s gain. Implementing these changes have had a profound effect on my life. Without all this artificial sexual stimulation, I find that my libido skyrocketed, I enjoy intercourse more, my relationship with my girlfriend is much more passionate and I seem to be expressing my masculinity in a much more positive (yet firm) manner.

When I say my libido skyrocketed, I mean it SKYROCKETED. Given that my girlfriend has become a health junkie, she likes to prance around in tight leggings and sexy crop tops. Just the sight of her bare skin causes my skin to flush and I get strong urges to initiate sexual contact. This is a drastic change from six or seven years ago, when PIED rendered it damn near impossible for me to even initiate sex with a woman who was attracted to me.

Everyone must live their lives the way they want, but again – no artificial sexual stimulation for me and no allowing social media to hijack my sex drive (and then shame me for it).


I don’t think I am as disciplined as you are regarding sexual image, but cutting porn and almost every sexual things from my life is what gave me the strongest sexual energy. No social media, no girls on instagram, no looking at girls in publicity or stuff like that (lowering exposure, as it is almost impossible to reduce it to zero). I was almost getting boner from being in the same room as a girl sometime hahaha

It really is the best way of action for a healthy brain. (also need to make sure everything is good regarding sleep and nutrition).


I’m on khan bro but I’m very sure lifestyle changes can compensate cuz I never saved my sexual energy on libertine and I got stares for weeks on a row and giggling from everyone. I fucked and I was edging like legit half the day. my gym performance decreaSed but I quickly tuned that up by hydrating a lot more, made me fine. I do penis exercises though


@WhiteTiger not that disciplined to be honest it can do this for a week then i have to ejaculate !!.


Once a week no porn is fine. I used to do it when my libido was high af on sunday as a ritual. Monday I was a lot more calmer, and it took 24-48h to recharge completely!

I masturbated yesterday to test out my erection strength, no porn just to see how my erection were. Like semi-firm right now hahaha, I still need some time to recover.


There’s something about Libertine and sacral chakra.

Every time I use it, my aura gets hot and then there’s this raw energy that spikes up on my sacral… afterwards the magick happens


Another thing I’ve noticed about v2 is that, women want something serious with me. They’re more than willing to fuck with a condition of a title, I wonder what’s that about.


Care to elaborate further? What condition and/or title do you mean here? Do you mean they want a serious relationship prior to doing the deed?


me too, I started again recently, and these are amazing
for restoring and amping up sexual energy. I would do them even if they created no ‘gains’
for this energetic function alone.


I remember reading L-Glutamine was a supplement that was supposed to help boost aura.


V1 they just want to fuck and now… v2 they want to fuck but before we do anything they want us in a relationship, going out on dates or having my kids, things that secure their position in my life… mind you, some are in serious relationships.


@Myster this proves that V2 has more connection-based scripting.

I wonder if it would be possible to allow us to utilize conscious intent to make V3 (or V??) to enable/disable certain parts? For example, one thing I already consciously intended from the get go is to make sure this doesn’t do anything to people who are related to me :stuck_out_tongue:


That description makes me wonder if stacking V1 and V2 together would cause some sort of “conflict” between the two. One pushing for “right now” fucking and the other trying to deter it.


I’m not certain about the connection type, I think this has to do with the dialed up aura, this is SubClub, not just any other company… I think they not used to the sexual aura we carry so they’d like to keep it, resulting to the experiences we getting.


I’ll test it out for you after tomorrow.


I will be too tonight I think. V1>Sleep MP3>V2