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Can’t wait for when any of this stuff is going to be relevant to me. It’ll be at V? at power level ? and name-embedded by then. :joy:


Keep us posted.

There’s a woman I posted about in this thread, the one I brought home but couldn’t fuck her. Well I ran v1 that day, she reached out to me after she got home and I had deleted her numbers. Then I started running v2 she came hard on me, she’s the one who wants kids with me, she has a boyfriend, serious relationship… which is rather strange considering we both were naked and my dick was flaccid the whole entire time.


Lol it will be eventually but by then might have even more things that won’t be relevant to you lol


Edit: ecen = even


Perhaps there’s a TRANSCENDENTAL CONNECTION forming between you too? :wink:


Hahaha, I doubt



How many loops are you doing for both v1 and v2? and did you notice if there’s a delay on it’s effects like an hour before going out, or once you play it, you’re “on” for the day?

Thanks for sharing your observations mate.


Try with another girl. Your wife is used to your aura!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@realbillperry @Salchichon’s post is post 1111 in this thread so you know he’s onto something :wink: :joy:


Hahaha… for science, bill? :rofl:


You welcome. I do 1 loop a day. Results usually start 23min into the sub, and the profound ones start after an hour.


I want to disclose that even having Covid, my horniness did not subsided. Also, having this chest thightness since two days ago, it radically improved after 2 loops of Aegis Covid subliminal!
Cheers to @SaintSovereign and @Fire!


Thanks dear @SaintSovereign,

What about increasing testosterone, reducing cortisol, balancing dopamine. Which subliminal(s) would be good?


@sex EF or QL.

This is one of those times where I can say I’ve got all the right things in my custom: EF ST4, QL ST4 and PoMaQ :slight_smile:

@SaintSovereign consider having one of hero’s outcomes be something that makes recovery from bad habits EXTREMELY fast and eliminating withdrawals altogether…I just realized that since that research focuses on physical stuff (among other things) and since almost everything about us can (at a low-level) relate to physical phenomena (though we may not interact with things at such a level all the time) that project is likely much more significant than I or others have realized… :slight_smile:



I was thinking EF ST3, PoMaQ, which is that bro?


@sex PoMaQ is stop porn and masturbation.


Is it really working if they’re not??


But not really.


The reaction you get on V2 is because they sense you are higher value on v2 when compared to V1. Hence women shittest you and they want you all to themselves in a relationship and bear children (which is a mark of high status).

If you are firm that you are only looking for some fun, they will go along with it. Or you also have the option for a serious relationship.

So in the end, V2 actually gives you more than V1.


In my experience with women, they never mess with me for fun, sure they’ll agree until the point where they’ll be like, “where’s this going?” Followed by something like “if you want to me to come visit you tomorrow we have to be in a relationship?” And that’s after spending the first night with me.

But there’s one where I just found myself in a relationship, I wasn’t asked, I didn’t ask, none of that shit… and she’s my recent ex whose put me in a situation of living together or we break up.

So to be honest, it’s irritating.

I think v2 highlights what you say I’m displaying to extreme high levels.


I admit it is. But you get used to it. I expect it so it isn’t very irritating these days. They even say the same lines. I have the same response and they either accept it or not.