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Shittest, also known as flirting hahaha. Haven’t heard that word in a long time. For the “hardcore” shit test like she ignore you or stuff like that it’s usually because she is insecure and need time for herself or try to make you more attracted to her… But you can choose a girlfriend who is reliable and only do regular flirting :wink:


Yup. And when you do fall for it, suddenly they aren’t interested in you anymore. Ah the ways of women. It’s what keeps things exciting.


Yeah, it’s fun to flirt also. Maybe it’s only because of my ENTP type, but I love the banter and fun so… :wink: I think people should stop framing this as shit test (at least when I say it from RSD back in the days it was framed wierd).

Now it’s just fun.


11-25-20 @ 3:45 PM;
And that’s just another form of them (sh!t) testing you and see where you stand as a man.


If she likes you, she will make it easy for you sexually. No such thing as “shit test” if she wants you inside her.


Maybe someone can clear this up for me because I’m a little unsure. A few posters said they were anti-porn but against SR. If not in a relationship where you can have sex on a frequent/semi-frequent basis what is the alternative to SR w/o porn?


Its simple…Sperm is your life force. The more you release it the less life force you have. Sperm has so much of nutrients and losing it requires double action by the body to recreate it thus causing fatigue. DONT WASTE IT


This doesn’t really answer my question. I do not with to participate in SR, I have an extremely high libido. Even if I jerk it two-three times in a day I can still fuck a girl 5 more times that day. But I DO agree that porn addiction does have its own inherent problems. Is the solution simply to masturbate w/o porn or is there another solution I’m not seeing?


Fucking 5 girsl is def way better than masturbating. You may have high libido now but as i said when you release alot you will face burnouts.
Trasmute that sexual energy…


I believe the point of contention lies in SR when one is active with a partner. Typically such activity is going to lead to release. However if one masters NEOs then it is possible to do SR while being active with a partner. That’s not a typical thing to do, though, and the reasons for doing that are a little different. So it’s not something to be concerned with as far as “getting the energy to take actions to have a successful relationship.”

If one is not doing any of PMO when outside of a relationship then that’s practically SR.


Again, not really what I’m asking here. :confused: I guess my journey is my own on this one. Thanks all the same


The alternative based off of how you structured your question is porn use…

Otherwise, you can practice sexual transmutation, and direct the energy in other directions.


But what if I’m anti-porn for other reasons such as problems with the industry itself, spending money on the habit, etc. I have no interest in SR but am not interested in porn. I swore I saw other users talking about this (forgive me I just caught up on 150+ unread posts in this thread) about others who weren’t practising SR and weren’t watching porn. I guess it’s possible that all those people are in relationships of one sort or another - in which case I’m asking for alternatives until I can get myself into a sexual relationship


Hmmm, if I remember correctly, most of the people in that discussion either have girlfriends or sexual partners, and aren’t really practicing semen retention. I think it was Saint that said he doesn’t watch porn or look at sexual things and only has natural sex and stimulation.

When it comes down to it, there’s really only three spectrums I see when it comes to answering your question.

Either one practices SR and releases only rarely, which isn’t for everyone, one does what some guys have mentioned and release once every week or two…

Or they fap when they feel like it.

I take it your question lies more along the lines of what are other things people do instead of retention when not in a relationship, right?


Yes I suppose to rephrase it, my question is:

What would be recommended for someone who doesn’t want to abstain from orgasms, isn’t in a stable/sure relationship, but wants to move away from porn? Two areas that are of most interest are: frequency of orgasm (presumably via masturbation) and stimulus (imagination being the only other one I can think of)


The alternative is to masturbate without porn

Use your imagination to get yourself turned on


You can practice erotic hypnosis, you use your imagination :slight_smile:


Definitely second this, though usually it’s me with female clients :joy:


hahaha ! But there are also a lot of audios for guys . Just becareful, some audios could have some bad subliminals …


Frequency, if you want to maintain optimal testosterone levels while also getting some of the benefits people enjoy from SR, I would say you could wank it once a week. If you’re concerned with efficiency that is.

Stimulus, to keep away from hyper erotic sources, the only recourse I know is to either do strictly imagination (and not imagining porn, of course), or teach yourself to finish based solely off of the sensation alone.

Which is highly satisfying, I can attest.