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I recommend Mind’s Eye for training this capacity.


My head spinning reading about the porn thing. The main reason for getting subs is to get better in life and especially with women… and Libertine helps greatly with women, so why not get one? Instead of pmo, sr etc etc…


Subliminals are great, but they are just one tool in the box. On this particular subliminal’s thread with talk of aura and energy, deducing whether or not pornography, masturbation and other such things could possibly negatively affect results is a good idea in my opinion.

The way I see it, subliminals have the ability to truly revolutionize our lives. But if we’re not doing the work on some level ourselves with letting go of habits like PMO for example, I think we’re stunting our own potential.

Just my take.


True. But if you can handle shit tests, you can handle when there is none. Be prepared for the difficult stuff so that easy is easier. To add to this, she will like you more when she sees that you have the experience to handle women. And incase you are with her for a while, she will eventually shit test you. All women will test you. Eventually. Better to be prepared.


What’s the simplest way for me to transmute it?


You’re right… We’re stunting our potential.

That woman you see smiling at you, a simple hello followed by a small talk may get you an experience you’ll never forget about.

Subs are a great tool, aiming to be looked at isn’t enough. Talking to women and being sexual is.

What I picked up on since the beginning of the thread is that, a loop or however many loops most play is that they expect women to drop on their laps.

In some cases, it works. Just like right now, an ex I haven’t spoken to in a long time popped up.

But one needs to put themselves out there…

In order to get the best of both worlds, whether you’re hitting the streets or it’s an off day.


I myself don’t have Libertine yet, so unfortunately I can’t add to the discussion but if it’s anything like I’ve read, it’s fantastic if you add action!

For the most part, I see guys just enjoying the attention. Which if that’s all they want from it, then dope. But I also get the feeling a lot of the guys want to be approached instead of opening themselves.


There’s different techniques and avenues, I recommend googling ‘sexual transmutation’.

Transmutation doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Working out when you’re horny is one form, I think.


In “Think and Grow Rich,” the chapter on sexual transmutation is the most difficult to understand (in MY opinion). What I got from reading and pondering it multiple times is that one avenue of transmutation is to channel your “desire” and “sexual energy” into building your success…and doing it to impress someone.

I seem to remember that chapter talking about building something for a woman (or whatever lol…but consider when the book was written).

Like a wild animal bringing back a fresh kill to show off to its mate.

I’m hardly the expert on this stuff, but that’s my take on it.


Whoa I didn’t know that was even in Think and Grow Rich (I have it but never finished it), interesting!

Also for erotic hypnosis, do you do in person client meetings right now? Cases are on the rise in my area, I’m doing some hypnosis/trauma work over zoom but not sure if erotic hypnosis would transfer well (I was taught methods that involve a significant amount of touch for EH)


@Neurokinetic @realbillperry

The original 1937 version of “Think and Grow Rich” has material that may have been removed from later versions.


11-26-20 @ 12:25 PM;
100% agree with that statement, especially true with the high-quality women. It’s not that they do it on purpose, it’s ingrained in them, just as the fact that women love drama because it’s just part of what/who they are. There was a great (and long) article that explained this in great detail…that went much deeper into the female psyche, explaining the how and why women say they “like” 1 type of guy, but respond to and fall head over heels and hook up with quite the opposite type.


Yeah women love drama but it depends on how healthy they are in the mind as well

Some women are ok with a drip feed of drama every now and again to spice things up while others are just constant drama queens and cause all kind of problems for people

There’s women out there that just get with a guy just because he’s got a partner already and it’s a thrill to wreck someone else’s relationship for fun

Not all women are like this of course but there are some powder kegs in some female brains out there


Yes. All women do it. Infact, if I was a woman, I would do it too. It is the same as saying, women menstruate. It is a biological thing inorder to find high value mates. Of course there are other ways too like status (if many women want to sleep with a particular man, she wants to sleep with him too). Nothing right or wrong about it. It’s just biological evolution.

This is to hide their mating strategy inorder to make sure they sleep with a man who is “authentically” alpha. Am putting “authentically” in quotes since all men can do to learn this is to practice until one gets it right. And that involves a lot of mistakes which sure as hell makes one look like a beta time and again.


Thanks for the info.


One day I use Libertine Ultima and was touching a woman a lot. She was biting her lips a lot. Too bad we were with her brother. But I have not used Libertine in the last week, 'cause I prefer to run Q programs!


If she was with her brother and doing that, she’s pretty messed up …


Unless she is having a romantic relationship with her brother (which would be even more messed up), not really dude.


Guess I’m from different culture and have more of a traditional values.


that exchange made me laugh :joy:

you’ve never had the hots for someone with a sibling around.