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Has anyone thought of the effects of having the extremely sexual aura on the astral plane?


Not clear why you would want to have a sexual aura anywhere but the physical plane ?. Perhaps i am missing something.


exactly my point. You don’t want to go about the astral plane with an “extremely sexual aura”. It could attract unwanted entities. Since the sub makes the aura "a permanent part of who you are ", I would say anytime one enters the astral plane, they have that risk if they aren’t protected.


What entities are you referring to ? sorry i have to admit i am clueless to stuff related to astral planes.


Can the subliminals work on your astral body too?


you’d want to run it with the Immortal’s Blade Module, Survival Instinct, Alchemist, and I believe DR.
All have spiritual purification and protection from spiritual negativity, attack, and things in that domain.
This stuff freaks me out so I’m going to stop talking about it now lol :slight_smile:


incubus and succubus


Currently on Day 5 of running Libertine and to be quite honest its having an even more negative effect on women. Like the opposite of IOI’s :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel like these kinds of things only work if youre good looking. I would like to hear someones post of it working and not by someone being considered by a large part of society as good looking


I think this happened to me when I was running it too frequently. When I took about 4 days off and then ran it maybe 2 or 3 times a week for only 1 loop each time, it worked better.

You can also contact customer support for help.


Ive only been listening to it once a day so i know its not because of overexposure but i guess ill contact customer service. It sucks that i be getting unwelcoming reactions from women like the total opposite of “hey come talk to me”

Thanks for your reply @RVconsultant consultant btw im grateful for trying to help .


Every day or every other day?


I started last thursday and listened to it to it both thursday and friday then took the weekend off and resumed on monday. All days just one loop


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Could you please check out what @Introvert_Uli06 is talking about? I had something like this, but got it resolved by listening to fewer loops per week. I’m not sure what might going on in this situation.


Hey, I don’t know if I can help you with this since I don’t really have these type of problem, but maybe lower to once every two days for a week. If it does not work try maybe 2 loops per day. Trying different patterns.

Are you running anything else beside libertine? I’ve always seen libertine as a booster!


Thanks for getting the attention of the creators on this topic i really appreciate that man it makes me feel like you care!


Ill try that and see what happens. Im currently stacking it with my khan journey which im currently on st2 of. But maybe youre right and i gotta start with running it less in a given week even though its just one loop.


Are you running V1 or V2?

Also, keep in mind that Libertine was designed to be listened to prior to going out. They’ve since found that, in come cases, Ultimas CAN be used as a Major Sub.

Libertine, though, was designed as a temporary “Aura/State Changer” designed to be listened to about 1-2 hours prior to going out amongst women.

Example. You’re going out at 7pm, so you put Libertine on at 5:30PM-6PM at the latest. Gives you an hour for the listening, and the reports I saw in other journals is it’s about an hour for the aura effects to “Take hold” and will last a few hours.

I’m not saying you haven’t been following the “before going out” guidance already, just want to make sure you’ve got everything working in your favor with this.


I was already aware of everything you commented and followed it accordingly but still my aura somehow still repels women. and im listening to v2 by the way. Like i get the whole taking action part of it but damn it sucks when the women dont even slightly welcome you in


Trust your feeling on that!:grin:


What do you mean by “The opposite of IOIs”? Do you mean that you are noticed less, or that they are starting to notice you, but with anger or disgust or something?
If it’s the latter, that at least shows that it is doing something. Maybe you are projecting a sexual, attractive aura which gets their attention, but the way you are presenting yourself doesn’t match.
How is Khan working for you?