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Definitely the latter and with some its avoidance behavior i towards me. What do you mean exactly by presenting myself.?

As far as khan goes im noticing a shift in my inner self i feel more powerful and with some men they either show me more respect or they dislike it but for sure im noticing more inner strength but none of it seems to sit well with women its almost like they think im unworthy of desrving such an internal state which is begining to become depressing but nonetheless imma continue through it.


@Introvert_Uli06 I love the screen name. Introverted myself


Have you tried V1 yet? I’m asking because, over time, some users have reported V1 has a more lustful attraction-focused aura, where V2 seems to be different in that it’s causing women to “shit test” those they feel the attraction to. I know some aren’t a fan of that “Shit test” term, and I’m neutral about it.

Could the aggression from the women be them “testing” you?

If you haven’t yet, I’d give V1 a go in place of V2 and see if the results change for you.

Rock on, in any case. I’m glad you are out there taking the action!


Reminds of Stark. I got shit tested on that pretty quick.

I agree though, I think the shit test was from an increased attraction.


Let us see what V3 holds.


I never realized Stark would do that. Hmmm. It’s part of my 6-week stack rotation and wife has been “testing” me sorta lately, but I never put 2 and 2 together to realize it may be spousal shit testing haha.



You know what i think youre on to something i did read the posts for v1 and they seem to be more effective than v2 which is weird since v2is supposed to be stronger but ill make sure to give that a try and see what happens .

Thanks alot for taking the time to address my concern you were a great help Mr Perry


I’m not sure that it’s “stronger” per se. I just think it’s more “relationship”-y in the approach, based on those journals. I’m hoping V3 takes the best of both and makes the “relationship”-y approach one that can be an option if one chooses to exude that.

Pure sexual attraction is fascinating too however haha


Just curious,is libertine ultima core v1 or v2?


I assume you mean for the Q Custom store? I am not certain, and was wondering this myself a couple days ago and forgot to post to ask haha.


I’m happy to try this out when and if it drops. I tried V1 and 2 but can’t remember which helped me the most. I got better results when I consciously guided it and took inspired action.


How do you dress, act, speak, body language ect. Especially how you react subtly when you notice a woman has noticed you. If you subtly show fear or too much eagerness,

This is actually great though it may not seem it yet due to the lack of external results. There is kind of a grey area as you develop between seeing inner results and outer results. Especially when they depend on the reactions of others. Keep going.
Also, don’t worry about wether anyone but you thinks you deserve your internal state.


Yep,for customs.i ordered one with libertine today but was curious which version the core is



Now that you mention it i do definitely show such things to women (fear/eagerness) subtly which im sure women can sniff and i do hope this is something that Khan eliminates as i move through the stages. Have you ran Khan before.?

I want to thank you and everyone else who contributed to my post i definitely got some great feedback i can use moving forward.



If you’re getting the opposite of IOIs after running Libertine, you’re probably not ready for the program. Like someone said before, it IS a result, just the opposite of what you’re expecting. Libertine is a hard program to run – if you don’t see yourself as a sexual person, the aura may not project. I see some limiting beliefs in your original post, where you stated that “these things only work for good looking people.”

I’m not going to pretend like being good looking doesn’t give you an edge, but a person who isn’t handsome shouldn’t be seeing the inverse of what Libertine tries to do. I see you’re running it with Khan. I’d stick with that for a bit more. You’re running a really difficult stack – if you can withstand the reconciliation, you’ll be happy with what you get.

As for the avoidance behavior and the anger, I think you hit it on the nail. Both programs cause deep, deep change – QUICKLY. People can perceive that change on some subconscious / lower conscious level, including shifts in your aura. If it’s women that you’ve been around before, your new aura doesn’t match your old one, which can cause that kind of anger and disgust because you’re not quite congruent with the new scripting.

Think of it like this: No one wants to be with a “phony.” Just like a lot of men get frustrated when they find out the magic that makeup can cause, women get frustrated when they feel a man is faking who they really are. Can we blame them? Who wants to spend time with someone just to find out that they aren’t who they say they are? This will change over time, as the new scripting settles in and you start organically becoming a new person.

You’d probably get better results interacting with women you’ve never met before, as they don’t have those past, preconceived notions about you.


I haven’t. I went through my transition from guy no girl would touch with a ten foot pole to doing pretty well, but I did it the hard way long before this level of help was available.
What happened with me was (this is not flattering, but it did work) that I had been becoming more attractive for a while, but didn’t know it. I asked a female friend to set me up with someone. She set me up with a girl who had a lower sense of self value than I had, so she worshiped me. That made me realize that I could attract girls and the dam broke. They were all over me for several years after that.
My advice about that is for now don’t focus on how the 8-10 girls are reacting to you. They won’t react well until you are much further along and have had some success. The positive reaction will start with average and below girls.
I’m not saying that you should go for anyone you have no attraction for, but it’ll be a good hint that something is working.


12-24-20 @ 12:00 AM;

This is true not only for subliminals, but just as true for those that have (successfully) tried pheromones as well. Congruence is the key to success, by aligning with the subliminal’s script on a subconscious level, you’ll project/manifest that alignment on a physical level in your body language.


I think women get a kind of cognitive dissonance when they find themselves being instinctively attracted to a guy who their eyes and brain tell them they normally wouldn’t be. Especially if they knew him before and weren’t. That would explain the reactions some are getting on Libertine.


Well it’s a good thing I am secluding myself for a long period of time so that people are surprised before/after the pandemic due to all the healing I am doing. :stuck_out_tongue: