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I want to thank you for taking time to address my concern

As for the aura projecting im sure it does project because around halfway through the sub i start feeling warm and tingly inside if thats even a sign for the aura projecting. As far as the limiting belief i started having it because most of the people on the forum getting success have stated they are good looking and were having somewhat success before the sub.

So youre recommendation would be to keep running khan alongside libertine until the script settles in and begins working.?

Thing is the women reacting to me like that at work i havent ever really spoken to them just pretty much seen them around but since running libertine the reactions have been negative and also any women that responded positively before libertine now respond poorly on libertine which is another thing that concerns me.

I want to know if there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps when iget to st3+libertine the results will be be betrer.?

Anywho sorry for bombarding you with such a lengthy post id appreciate if you could write back if not i understand you have a business to run😊


I just re-read @SaintSovereign and this is what I got from the reply before I read your recent post too. So I’d say yes, keep doing Khan, especially the healing stage of Khan, along with Libertine and journal any progress you notice.

If this is a limiting belief of yours, whether you noticed it or not, I can most likely relate - or used to anyway. This is something I believe Khan Stage 1, or DR (I don’t recommend changing program so don’t think about it) can or should be able to help you with.

This probably explains why I had issues considering I don’t see my self as a sexual person. I’ve complicated my belief of my fetish not being sexual even though it is.

@Introvert_Uli06 this may be something we can both relate too, and something Stage 1 will continue to break through for you.

Keep going and keep letting the script get it. I’m sure it will work for you, I have faith in SubClub products.


@Introvert_Uli06 if you want to check if you have limiting belief(s) regarding this stuff, you can use a pendulum. Being a hypnotist, I came across this method a while ago.

It isn’t some mystical thing, it’s what hypnotists and others in similar fields refer to as ideomotor response.

For the pendulum, take a wet tea bag (if you drink tea), or my personal favorite is a key attached to the end of a string.

Place elbow on the table/desk. Hold the string so the key has at least 5 inches of string length.

Once you are holding it, and the key is not moving, just say (out loud or inwardly, although I personally have found out loud to work quicker for me), “Swing a certain direction to show me your YES response”

Keep in mind you are acknowledging that you are addressing the subconscious for this, so if it helps, you can address it directly.

Such as: I want You, my subconscious mind, to swing the key a certain direction to show me your YES response

Notice how the key starts swinging. It may take a few seconds to build up momentum. If you get a slight movement, you can check further by stating “If this is your YES response, amplify the response and make it more prominent” or whatever wording is best for you.

Do the same to set up a “NO” response.

I don’t bother with calibrating beyond YES/NO since I’m not interested in vague answers. If you find that a response isn’t forthcoming once you’ve moved on to asking actual questions, that’s just a cue for me to ask better questions that the SubC can answer in yes/no responses.

Once you have yes/no responses set up and calibrated with the SubC, you’ll test it on some stuff you know to be either true or false.
My name is Zedediah.
I am a pink unicorn.
I am male.
Whatever stuff you KNOW to be true and false, to make sure the SubC responses track.

Once that’s done, then you can literally say out loud (or inwardly) the beliefs you are checking for, stated like a simple affirmation.

“I am easy-going around women” (or whatever else)

If your SubC is in alignment with that particular belief, you will get a yes response. If not, you’ll get a NO response.

The cool thing is if you find a belief you WANT, but currently don’t have, you can “brute force” the belief by stating it as an affirmation until the pendulum shifts from swinging “NO” to swinging “YES”.

It is a bit limited being it’s just “YES/NO” but again, I find that enough as it helps me make sure I’m asking questions or saying things that CAN be answered simply.

There are other, faster, ways to incorporate better beliefs of course.

Instead of just affirming “I am easy-going around women,” you can ask:

“When was the first time I felt easy-going around women?” as this will presuppose that as a fact, and force the subconscious to search your personal history for examples of that idea. On top of that, asking “When is the FIRST time…” it forces it to look for 2 or more to establish which time was the FIRST.



I love this man, I used to ask questions using a pendulum after reading a book about the subconscious mind, it was called The Genie Within by Harry W. Carpenter. It really helped with a bunch of stuff but I forgot about it since.

Great technique, thank you for reminding me off it. Something for me to bookmark.



Thing is im currently on st2 after running st1 for 60 days and im already 2 weeks in on this stage so youre saying for me to go back to st1.?


Are you running anything else besides Stage 2 and Libertine?

If not, make Stage 2 your dominant track - run it for 2-3 loops and run Stage 1 for 1 loop to help you keep healing those negative beliefs you might have.

Stage 2 will start to reprogram you regardless if you decide to run Stage 1 again alongside anyway so you actually don’t have to worry. It’ll make you feel more confident and more worthy of being a sexual being with women which will ultimately attract more of them using Libertine.


I actually used the pendulum thing to ask my SubC which subs it thinks I need to reach my goals. There is someone else on forum who does that too. I want to say it’s @Azriel but I can’t 100% recall for sure.


Don’t run Khan ST1 with any aura based ultimas. The breakdown already gives funky vibes. Mix this with Libertine and you will get a weird result. Fortunately this is not the first time I’ve heard about this situation.


Oh really? I was unaware of this. What happened?


When women want you attention sexually they can be blatant and wild. Just make sure that the negative front is not there to mask their sexual feelings for you…


What did you feel on stage 2?


Hello everyone!
@realbillperry I read you comment. It was me.

I will suggest to anyone who wants to use this technique, first to have a clear idea of what is his goal behind the goal. Discover asking yourself what really you wanted to feel beyond your goal. Then, go with the pendulum and pick your subliminal. At this point, it will be unlikely that your unconscious mind disagree with what you want consciously.


Nah, it’s dragon rider and one other person I can’t remember.


Limiting beliefs are going to nullify Libertine. No point in racing in F1 if you ain’t got the engine capacity in your vehicle. Are you watching or masturbating to porn ? if so it has been scientifically proven that those who watch porn have a poor sense of well being. Which can translate to poor relationships with people. Imagine if this is already showing in your aura ? Libertine would only make things worse. Or would create a mix of a bad sexual vibe that would repel women.

Fix your inner working before you use Libertine :slight_smile:



Well im noticing a battle internally, some moments i get covered in doubt and recon and in other moments i begin to feel more powerful and important and it sort of just goes back and forth as i run the stage. Also noticing that im making people aware of my presence whenever they feel like just brushing me off which goes back to the whole feeling more powerful thing. Im noticing the feeling powerful feeling comes and goes but im begining to see flashes of it and im hoping that after a while it becomes a more permanent feeling.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


How do you recommend i fix my inner workings.?


I suggest using one of the many healing subs that SC has to offer.


That’s why I suggested Khan Stage 1 considering he was struggling with limiting beliefs, but he’s already on Stage 2 of Khan. What do you recommend?


What worked for me is David Tian Invincible, way too many reviews on it, check it out.


Another review of LU…

Been using LU 2 for some time, lately I been consistent, as a result, I’m in 3 relationships, that was the result of trying to fuck, I don’t mind dating all 3 since they have traditional values, and they make sense.

Since I built up quite a reputation of tasting, in terms of getting laid, my second girl, even thou being told multiple times she’s wants to sleep with me, she just wants to make sure, I’m not gonna leave her. And the 3rd one, she knows exactly what I’m capable of, she was upfront about a lot of things, one being that she’s a virgin(shocker, I know) and that she wants someone that will love her, the way she held onto me, it’s as if the world is ending. Anywho back to the sex part with her, she told me when she comes to my house, I should forget about sex, even if she were to throw herself at me.

They all hint marriage, they want stability and to be honest, I actually don’t mind, choosing someone to settle down with is definitely a hard choice.

I got some chick coming over for a sleepover today, will play LU v1, I don’t want too many entanglements. And a lot of women I’m talking to seem to be wanting a relationship with me, even though they not the relationship type.

In my conclusion, based purely on my experience, LU 1 is suited for 1 night stands or having my girl get freaky and wanna fuck me right there and then. And V2 is very ideal on landing relationships, even thou my dick does a phenomenal job at it🙃