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I like it better that way, Because some women don’t want all that lovey dovey stuff and start acting weird. So LU1 is better for them.


How long were you running Khan stage 1 for ? if you geniunely feel that your beliefs are holding you back go back to stage 1.

Trust me breakdown will do a good job so long as you spend enough time on it.


In my experience, it works on all of them. They may not want lovey dovey shit, so they put up other conditions, such as having kids, living together etc etc


Ran LU v1 an hour ago and I got invited to come over to some chicks place🙃


Some may even avoid you…because that sexual aura is so strong.


That’s a good thing, having them filter themselves out cause 9/10 they won’t satisfy me.


When i was doing the L1 experimental…even grannies would want to jump my bones. Freaky shit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thats because you got a really good foundation


About 40 days but I’m no longer doing Khan anymore. It doesn’t fit my goals. I’m running Dragon Fire which is Stage 1 of Dragon Reborn so hopefully it’ll fix those fears and insecurities too. I don’t feel like I have them much anymore but yeah.


The fixing of internal beliefs doesn’t just happen in st1. Remember that st2 is about installing new beliefs. Breaking down the negative is good but building up the new structure is the other half of that coin


Agreed, that’s why I suggested doing more of Stage 2 and adding in Stage 1 or just sticking with the second stage since it’ll create those new beliefs to be installed.


When the negative is broken down the positive of what we had should remain…or is it that we dont have much positive? :smiley:


The positive remains but a void still exists. Nature abhors a void. If we don’t fill that spot with the new desired programming then anything could take the place, even old beliefs


So according to this one must reprogramme asap?

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Some good info in the past few post guys.


Before you install new beliefs you have to erase bad beliefs or you will experience a conflicts of beliefs in 2.


That’s what Stage One is for and why Simon suggests that Stage One is important compared to other programs that don’t have healing. So I agree.

(That’s what I think he meant anyway).


You should heal yourself before you do Stage 2, like you are currently.

Stage One will lay the foundation for the rest of the Stages on Khan. Whatever multi-stages have a healing stage for stage 1 are most likely super important to do that first.


Simon is correct in his thinking. Imagine a see saw bad beliefs on one side and good beliefs on the other. Too many bad beliefs will cause the see saw to rock in the bad beliefs favour. So its best o erase all bad beliefs during stage 1.


When we doing stage 1 its very hard to see results as @Neurokinetic mention that there is a gap of removed bad beliefs and new programming waiting to be installed. So many users say that they feel nothing or little on stage 1…keep going its doing its job.


That’s correct.

Similar in function to Khan’s ST1, Dragon Fire doesn’t have the limit of removing only that which is standing in overall execution of Khan.