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Healing subs are difficult if it comes to gauging the actual progress, therefore, it’s good to have a reasonable time frame or find a way of gauging it. Eventually, if you see you’re having problems executing the script during the following stages you can use Stage 1 again. I like @Simon’s outlook it’s not about going back to Stage 1 it’s about using one of the tools in your toolbox again since the job requires it.


Yes, you should remove the less than helpful beliefs first. That is ideal. Although I believe if you went straight to st2 you could, in theory, overwrite the old beliefs. The internal conflict and possible (almost definite) reconciliation would be tremendous though.

My point is that when focusing on beliefs and understandings that do not serve us, the healing does not come just from the removal but also the replacement. For @Introvert_Uli06 a lot of people are saying go back to st1 when the path could be to keep moving forward on st2


@Neurokinetic please explain how going to stage 2 will overwrite old beliefs ?. I used the see saw analogy in my previous reply. From what I understand unless I have missed something old beliefs cannot be removed by simply installing new beliefs.

Its like buying new furniture for your house but still leaving the old furniture intact.


If you’re taking action and listening to st2 then getting results will teach your subconscious that the new learnings are correct and more helpful.

To use your furniture analogy: the old furniture is still there but you use the new furniture all the time. Eventually you realise you’re tired of the old furniture. It’s ugly and taking up valuable space. So you decide you don’t need it anymore and you get rid of it.


It’s a slower and more painful process, but it’s not impossible. St1 is like hiring a junk remover to do the job for you first


@Neurokinetic cheers i can see how you came to that conclusion.


2 things.

First, I think healing is a great place to start.

Second, remember there are 2 experts here… and you know who they are.


I read the posts above and I was thinking about the first two stages. I guess ST1 and ST2 are both different types of healing

Dragon Fire is the healing that comes from destroying/burning our issues while Dragon Blood is the healing that comes from creating healthy emotions, thoughts, physical status etc


@pacman - heck, now I realize you were talking about Khan but I was thinking about DR


Similar concepts will apply


Hi @Introvert_Uli06,

just remembered you because after jumping on the Holiday special sale and purchasing PS Iron Throne Ultima at half-price, I just got around to reading the description of it. :joy::rofl::joy:

When I was reading it, I thought ‘this sounds more like what that guy @Introvert_Uli06 needs than Libertine’.

Here’s the description.

That being said, I have run zero titles of this category. (I’ve got other priorities right now. I consider these ‘fun’ titles for after I get more serious issues in order.) So, there may be other titles that would also work well for you.

From what I remember, you’re running Khan right now. Which is like the powerful mother lode of these kinds of programs. Layering in a more focused/lighter Ultima might ease the journey. Or you could spend 1 week with PSIT Ultima, and then 2 weeks with Khan, and stagger them that way. Until you find Khan really taking hold and taking off more.

Point is, there are options. And you have choices for how to run things in order to optimize your personal journey with this.

p.s. the Ultima version has the Healing portions of the script removed for more efficient processing. But the issues you’re working with do require healing and transformation. So, maybe the main Q title might be more appropriate.


Yes, this is a sign of the aura projecting. The number one sign, actually. You may also feel your heart chakra open, which feels like heat in your chest that expands to your extremities.

Yes, though it’s going to be a rough ride. Like I said, people who are familiar with you will be confused by the new aura and may reject it for quite some time.

They don’t have to speak to you. The majority of communication is non-verbal. The way you walk, how you carry yourself, how you move, where you look when people talk to you all indicates your internal state. If you’ve shown weak body language, you’re being perceived as weak / low status. If all of a sudden, you change these things (due to the subs), people will perceive you as being a fraud and will treat you as such. It’s up to you how you choose to proceed. You can continue with your stack, which MAY eventually help you manifest a reality where this doesn’t happen. Or, you can switch it up. Ascension may be a good choice to switch to, since it’s not as sexual as Khan (as the sexual auras are causing the biggest issues).


i noticed i’m more hungry than usual when i listen to my custom ultimas


You need energy for processing power.


no use practicing IF then hahaha


No i stopped long ago because i needed lots of energy and food.


So what are the most obvious differences you guys have observed between Libertine v1 and v2? I’ve not used them too much, each probably thrice or something. And what I’ve noticed is that Libertine v1 is more passive attraction, while Libertine v2 is more active attraction.

Going into more depth, what specifically has each one of you noticed between them? I’d personally have to experiment with both and note down the effects to give more of a detailed impression, but I distinctively remember that v2 really made women put in the effort.


Make me think what will be in V3, what come after all this maybe conscious aura projection lol whatever it is will be nice


Hmm, maybe we can add a “sniper” feature in there…don’t ask me where I got that idea :wink:


This sounds familiar lol am sure someone wrote about it sonewhere either would be real nice