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Haha,it was mentioned awhile back but nobody confirmed if the module really worked that way.


God I have PTSD from the words sniper and aura :joy:


Some have PTSD just from this alone


Important Question: What color does LU make your aura??


Indeed you are correct Focused Arousal makes women get aroused around you. You just have to focus your intent on the girl and she will get aroused by you.


I think it makes it red.


gotcha. I just finished reading this book on auras and it said that red can be bad but I’m not 100% sure about that. I did find out that a white aura is the highest vibration of them all.


I don’t think its really an established “science”. You’ll find if you read enough stuff on auras that people who can see them often see them differently. What does it even mean to have a specific color dominating your aura? It would be different if we could point to something where we could say “this is the aura”, like Fritz Albert Popps biophotons, internal coherent light particles etc.

White is not a color in itself, but the presence of all colors/frequencies. If you look at what red is, its a low energy wave which has greater penetration than the higher frequency waves because of its wavelength. Right next to red on the EM scale is infra-red or heat energy. Humans (and other objects) put out enough of this energy that we have special goggles for seeing it in the dark in the absence of the other colors. Since this heat seems to be key to life, people tend to associate those lower frequency colors with vitality and the higher frequency, shorter wavelengths which operate on a quicker timescale with the operation of the mind or other things that are perceived to be “fast”, like nerve signalling.

As far as good and bad goes with colors, it should be clear there is no such thing, they’re just a type of energy. Consequences can arise though if the energy is unbalanced towards one particular color, rather than a full expression of being, which is why people tend to speak in terms of good and bad. Some people see anger as red for example… but anger in itself is not a “bad” thing either but just an emotion which can be channeled into positive purposes. Perhaps the reason people get others to visualize white light (or rainbow light in some Tibetan traditions) is about an attempt to restore a natural balance.

As an aside, I’m intensely curious about v3, and whether the insights gained from work on Primarch/Paragon will be fed into a future version. It seems like the two areas (aura generation and physical shifting) are not entirely separate from one another.


I didn’t know that this was necessarily a good thing? red has a lower wavelength than violet. wouldn’t you want to resonate at a high vibration?
also I didn’t know that heat and auras have anything to do with each other. Is this a thing?

you said “if you read enough stuff on auras…” what books have you read?

White auras show that the person has a balance of all the colors in our freq spectrum (including the red).

look into kirlian photography (regarding “the don’t think its really an established “science””)

I don’t know how the Tibetan rainbow light body compares with the white aura of someone like Jesus.

"As far as good and bad goes with colors, it should be clear there is no such thing, they’re just a type of energy. "
…um except of grey, dark, or no color auras.

it’s just about having a balanced body. which is why white auras are ideal?

the more balanced, the less suffering. I think we can agreed that suffering is bad. or at least unnecessary suffering is bad.

“Since this heat seems to be key to life, people tend to associate those lower frequency colors with vitality and the higher frequency, shorter wavelengths which operate on a quicker timescale with the operation of the mind or other things that are perceived to be “fast”, like nerve signalling.”

yeah if something is living it usually has heat in it. I don’t think people associate those lower COLORS (not auras) with life/vitality? I think people associate higher colors (like gold and white) with life/vitality. right? I don’t see the color red as health (and I don’t really care what you do) just usually health is associated with colors of green or white or golden you get the idea…
like if I saw two foods, one was glowing white and one was glowing red, I would pick the glowing white one to eat. am I the only one thinking this haha


This is what I am wondering as well.

In fact, the physical shifting research could be applied to improve almost any subliminal that SubClub currently has. Some obvious (Emperor Fitness), some not so much—imagine Mind’s Eye decalcifying and activating the pineal gland extremely quickly, or PoMaQ making a 90-day healing process 9 days long.


Some of this is probably OT to Libertine, but since we are talking about auras it does still kinda relate.

I don’t believe we can quantify the aura of a man who lived 2000 years ago. From those accounts I’ve read, the halo often seems to be portrayed as gold… but this could be less to do with actual colour and more to do with the symbolism of trying to portray saints as having a connection with the Sun or that perfected metal gold which was always seen as the highest form a metal was able to be pushed to on this planet.

I tend not to believe everything I read. For all we know Jesus could have had a rainbow aura. Or given the high levels of compassion spoken of you might expect to find some pink, or green for the heart. Without standing in his presence, which is kinda difficult without a time machine, we’re really just speculating. We do know according to the accounts left that he displayed the full range of human emotions, including anger and sadness (eg the moneychangers, Gethsemane etc).

Even the discrimination between spirit and body is largely an arbitrary one. My own experience has led me to believe, as many others do, that consciousness is a universal thing present everywhere, and our own human consciousness is only one type of consciousness usually based on our embodied experience.

Making value judgments such as “X is bad” and “Y is good” is not really an objective way of looking at things. It is subjective, that meaning a perception of reality from a particular perspective. That doesn’t mean that subjective is “bad” either, but we should acknowledge that its one perspective and may not be a universal observation.

An example might be the recent assault on the US Capitol. From one perspective, we might see one side as bad and the other as good. From an objective perspective, what we are looking at is polarization, something which is a universal pattern, the separation of polarities which then subsequently recombine (or don’t) and present a much clearer view of our current situation than if there was no appearance of “angels and demons”. Is polarization in itself a good or bad thing? No, its just a feature of how our reality works, and indeed necessary for the alchemical process. Without separation the two poles are unable to be purified or recombined as a new whole. We’re seeing the face off of two very different points of view. In that clash of polarities, there is suffering. We see the same thing in reconciliation when the outer and inner worlds clash. From the interaction of these two different things, a new third state emerges.

@Malkuth was talking about the use of the I Ching early, and this is a really good example of this principle in action. The I Ching was a method of trying to graphically capture that process of change through the interaction of polarities in a system which could be used to predict outcomes. In some sense you could say there is no change without this meeting of opposites, which is my the male-female dynamic is often such a powerful one for invoking evolution.

I’m aware of Kirlian photography. They are interesting for sure, but hardly an objective depiction of an aura. Look into how the images are created (through coronal discharge of high voltage electricity), its akin to the image you get around the moon or sun during an eclipse. Photographing the human aura would be incredibly difficult for the same reasons quantum physics has difficulty determining spin and location at the same time - interacting with the very sensitive, small systems in order to measure them changes them. We can only really see the shadow of interacting with it.

Getting back to why red, if you’re trying to attract a mate for sex, a very physical, visceral interaction that can lead to the birth of a child, wouldn’t you think someone would react positively to someone whose aura showed that they were deeply connected with the world, rather than withdrawn from it? Those higher frequencies of mind have no way of affecting the physical without travelling via an intermediary.

If you read up on the chakras, opening the third eye or the crown is often associated with withdrawing from the world, becoming less worldly. It can have some “negative” effects if you’re not firmly grounded in reality. You want input from both channels, and all those in between, and to have a strong will to integrate them all. But the lower frequencies are more useful for those looking for worldly things such as sex or fulfillment of desires.


Also, when considering the word aura, we generally tend to associate this with a radiance, something we put out. If the majority of what you’re putting out is mental, the effect will be different to if you are more embodied and projecting your power through embodied presence. If someone is very in their head, the presence they project is less than if they are showing their intention through their whole body. Actors and musicians tend to project the presence or charisma they do because their profession moves them to be more in conscious control of their bodies, so the spirit can shine through.

Why do people find sports stars, actors and musicians to be so desirable? It’s that embodied presence, which is one component (a primary one) of what makes us feel good around a person. Pickup mostly focuses on the other component, which is changing a persons state through focusing their mind on positive feelings and experiences and linking them to you. The aura or what you are projecting generates attraction in a way that is different and complementary to the other techniques. If the two become congruent, you have a very powerful force at your disposal for attraction.


I’m going to add this here cause I’ve been playing v2 for a long time, it keeps manifesting women that are here to stay so I switched to v1 a few days go. It’s my off day today, I’ll tell you something crazy that happened a few moments ago. All this time I’ve been using only 1 loop, never bothered increasing, only yesterday I started getting the desire to do so but I’ll start on Monday, I wonder what the results will be.

So back to what I was saying, I have a best friend I used to date back in 2018, ended that year cause she put out a very compelling reason, based on logic, I accepted, I didn’t even try to fight her. So on Dec, same year, when I came back here, she was cold, her feelings were of hate, she didn’t wanna stick around me. I didn’t bother myself and did me. So from 2018-2019 she hated me and that wasn’t even on my mind. In 2020, we slowly started talking again but she would occasionally shut down when I mention any female interest etc.

Anywho back to late last year when I started being consistent with LU, she came back to my life full time now, we’ve been texting and she was giving hints that she still loves me. Now that I’m back, she openly admitted, and I told I feel the same(true about how I feel, was a shocker for me) so kept us at best friends who love each other but aren’t with a title.

Not only that, on her birthday 23rd Dec, she wanted to have sex with me at the beach but since my brother and her sister were around, she opted my for my place and was about to but her brother messed up the plans.(LU day)

Afterwards, she became reserved in terms of sex and wanted us to have a foundation of a relationship in order for it to happen.(LU day) also admitted to wanting so badly to sleep with me but she just wants it to be done right and based on my options, I’m not one to peruse everyday, it’s either it’s gonna happen now, later or never, I’m not one for the chase.

About to get to the krazy part…

I’ve been mentioning what I’ve I’m up to in terms of females, she tried doing the same in terms of guys but in all honesty, she admits it’s to make me jealous when she sees that I’m completely unbothered, in fact I encourage her to go out with other people since I’m already doing it.

So yesterday, I met up with most of my girls, and I started talking bout them, not realizing what it’s doing. Mind you, LU yesterday was at an all time high, my whole aura radiating with heat. She ended being cold towards me, this carried on till today. I came over to her house, she told me to please leave her house, she’s still mad at me… my response was “okay”.

So while having sex, she was knocking on my door, I asked who it was and she responded. I dressed up quickly, and walked her out, then she was asking questions about who’s in my room etc.

If it was any other female, I swear I’d take days to write about this…

So when we’re outside the gate of my house, she mentioned how she just got back from the date trying to get over me, and how she kept calling the dude she went out with by my name and that she was so angry about how I talked of other girls yesterday… she cried when I left, as she said that she started crying… I came close to her and started hugging her, I apologized for it and kissed her immediately after, we talked again and she started crying again, I hugged her then she mentioned how I smell like sweat, woman and sex, I made a joke about it then went on to kissing her. Told her tomorrow we’ll sort out our shit cause I don’t like seeing her like that.

Then I came back.


Great stuff, honestly seems as if V1 > V2 for a lot of people here. That’s a little surprising. Initially I expected V2 to be a step up from V1 but instead they seem to be different horizontally than vertically (if that makes sense).


V2’s aura was designed not to be “more powerful,” but to make the object of your affection more vocal in stating their attraction. We did this because when we first dropped v1, we had an influx of people running it and then refusing to interact with anyone. Thus, v2 was made to get others to talk to you.


@SaintSovereign so in that case would there be some sort of workable strategy using both V2 AND V1?


I would say use V2 to get them then V1 to smash them thereafter lol


If it’s people you’re around a lot, you could run v1 to hook them, then v2 to get them to pursue. It’s much easier to just run v1 or v2 (whichever you connect with the most) and then flirt with them.


Would it ever be possible to do an Ultiima Custom that includes both V1 and V2? Or could they possible try to “outdo” each other in the build? Or is that just overkill to begin with?


I suppose you could, but it might be a bit overkill, cause some unintended effects.