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Judging by what I read she’s confused and she’s also testing you. To put an end to this confusion you may want to consider what role you want this woman to play in your life, and just clearly establish that with her. She clearly wants you to be into her but is frustrated that you aren’t fully invested which you probably shouldn’t be since she left before, despite what her reasons were.

She left you so there shouldn’t be a reason for you apologizing for dealing with other women in the first place. It would be different if you told her one thing and did something different but according to this post, you already made it clear that you’re openly dating and encouraged her to do the same. I see boundaries that need establishing here.


Ok I’m gonna report my results. and feel free to recommend me tips or things, I’m open to learning but last night was kind of strange. I ran V2 before seeing her (which was yesterday) and the day before that.

So we meet through mutual friends and play tennis together. each time I would see her I would have run V2 before hand. Her body language was usually neutral but she said yes to my advances (like getting her phone # and going on a date). it was kinda a drive to get to her place but when I got there it was clear she made an effort to attract me (she looked nice, candles lit, showed me to her friend and had the whole house to our selfs).
But still very neutral body language.
we started talking and had and very good conversation (she is also vegetarian, into yoga, phycology, and also very cute!).But the weird thing every time I would try and kiss her she would back away. pretty soon she said lets just be friends (which I didn’t agree to).

kinda unexpected but hopefully someone could give some advice or at least this could be used to help make V3 better


Ya’ll go read this post: Exploring Love, Sex and Attraction?! - The Libertine Ultima experiance


What indicators do you feel she gave that she actually might’ve been into you. Btw giving you her number and saying yes to a date weren’t necessarily IOI’s.


Yeah well if you put it that way there wasn’t much. I could totally just be deluding myself. just need to listen to some major titles (mainly PS and PSIT) I guess


I can definitely recommend combining the two (PS or PSITU). More so I would suggest PSITU seems to produce (for me at least) strong reconciliation which is a good sign that it is at least reaching the subconscious to allow it to be perturbed by what its hearing. My realization is also the major title support makes a big difference.

(Deleted personal revelations since they’re not really relevant to Libertine and reworded what I was getting at) I think during this COVID period at least because of the whole change in dynamic in our local area its more difficult to find natural situations in which interacting with strangers at a bar is possible. So still looking at going down other paths to get the opportunities to take action. Personal revelation is that I’m not really a cold approach type of guy there needs to be a natural flow in conversation or some sort of relevant observation to share first.


Just ask her out bro. If she said yes thats it. You dont necessarily need to interpret every body language she gives. Just ask her out lol.


It could’ve been that she was attracted, or on the fence at some point but changed her mind down the line. Don’t beat yourself up over it. At least you were man enough to not let her friend zone you, since a friendship isn’t all you wanted.


Did you mean to respond to @Grasping_infinity?


Hahaha yes. Sorry


With my masculine forever growing, reaching the heavens above… the more feminine women around me become and with Libertine in works, women now reaching out to me. After I saw Saints posts, it all made sense, with v1 women come to me but it isn’t like v2 where they state clearly what their intentions are.

I’m forever someone they want an eternal with, never a once off even with the once off women. With so many options, I only have an eye for one(virgin one), she’s the one that I spend most my time with.

I never meet her without playing LU and what I’ve noticed, she’s getting more and more feminine and in touch with her feelings, doing what women do best…

Women of high caliber ofcourse.

With each day, my bond with her deepens, it has me wondering if our story will hold… If so, it’ll be a magnificent one.


Lol sounds like a libertine epilogue story


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I want to share an interesting story btw

for a month or so I used Libertine and Khan, I recall girls were so attracted to me, and after I repeatedly shut them down in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways, they became really upset with me.

This may be something to watch out for also

so A) libertine works great
B) watch out and dont use it if you are in a situation like mine (gf long distance, girls who were around me were extremely into me but I drew clear boundaries and this actually made them very pissed off and turned them against me to the extent that they tried to cause me problems by ‘politicking’ against me)

Oh and C) I think it works in long distance very well also