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Are you supposed to listen to Ultimas with or without headphones?


Ultima A is Sanguine, although it had differentiating effects for me. Saint mentioned that Ultima A will become the new free-by, so if Ultima A and Sanguine would really be the same script and I’d become a free-by then I see no point why they released it for 50 dollars in the store.


I don’t think it is Sanguine, at least I never seen it mentioned by Saint.


Saint Sovereign mentioned that Ultima A and Sanguine are not the same Script.


So many Ultimas in such a short time. Ultima Stage 1 A & B, Ultima Stage 2, Ultima Stage 2 Special, Ultima Stark, Ultima Surround…

I think I’m allowed to share that Ultima St1 A is not Sanguine, but some of Sanguine is in it. If not, oops!

Like friday said. And don’t ask me which part!

I don’t think you have to if your speakers are decent quality. Just no builtin monitor, phone or laptop speakers please. At least external speakers.

I think headphones help though. May be more effective.


I remember that I when I was a kid, I waited in excitement for the official release of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and just couldn’t sleep. There was so much hype created around the game in that pc game magazine - the advertiser was really a master at his craft. I only knew that the upcoming sequel to Ultima VI would be The Black Gate and nothing else but the dark, minimalistic theme of the advertising copy mesmerized me.

Funnily, I now get the same level of excitement waiting for my new custom sub.


Ah now that you say it I remember that Saint said you have to have a decent setup to run Ultima, which I don’t currently have (apart from the headphones).
Thanks for clarifying this. I assume the level of the ultrasonics is the same as in the superchargers?


Softer than normal ultrasonics, yes. You still don’t want to play the masked sound at the volume of a Dance festival though. Listen at a comfortable volume and the ultras should be fine.


Thank you.
Do you happen to know which subliminals exactly are going to get updated? There have been alot of threads about this and I lost track


So you figured you’d post it in the Limit Destroyer thread? :wink:

Last I know, the possibilities are being explored for the Superchargers and Stacking Modules. I don’t know if they will all get an update, but they will no longer be developed.


Answered in original Ultima post. Headphones or nice speakers. Not phone speakers or laptop speakers.


Ultima A is NOT Sanguine. It’s an unannounced, unreleased free subliminal.


Mis-interpretation from my end, let’s keep it at Ultima A contains Sanguine. I couldn’t belief Ultima A to be Sanguine anyway, it had way more to it – honestly it felt like the Drugged out Zen Monk kind of Title.

This confused me:

So guys and girls, I’m sorry for the mis-interpretation, my mistake ment to say Ultima A ‘has’ Sanguine.


I am close to finishing one loop of LDU.

All I can say is that at some point, I started breaking into tears. I am not sure whether it is because I have a runny nose and a cold.

The tears have not subsided but I will go and work on my projects now.


I wonder if running this right before your main subliminal would bring your mind in a state that will accept the main subliminal more? I’m sticking with BL for now, but definitely want to try this one out later.


Weird thing i ran 2 loops of LDU earlier and at one point today i feel as if i had a mental break through. I realized that i haven’t changed much since i turned 18 which was almost 13 years ago,i am also where i am in life right now because i don’t give things much time to work i jump around too much and plenty more lol.

It is like a switch just turned on it was pretty interesting, and i hate admitting all that stuff too. I also switch subs too much sometimes so never get the actual results i crave because i jump around like a rabit with shiny object syndrome. I also don’t write journals because i don’t want it to show that i am all over the place with my subs that i run.

Wow a bunch of breakthroughs today that i have never wanted to realize or own up to. Ultima is def in a class all on its own.


What cool stuff did you add to this script? Or is it just that with different formats some modules might be more effective?


You know i think you may be on to something there with running this before whatever your main sub(s) is(are), it could prove to be very helpful with breaking down any walls that could be denying you the results that you so crave and desire.


There’s so much potential with these, figuring out combos to use with ultima is going to be very fun! I’m also thinking if beast within gets the ultima treatment, it would be great to play right before a physical based sub.


I am planning to run this tonight.

I am trying to devise a strategy, possibly going back and forth between Sanguine Ultima and Limit Destroyer Ultima on an alternating day basis.


I listen to Beyond Limitless Ultima before jogging and I see a huge difference. I can run longer and be in the complete zone. BLU is not only for the intellect. It could be called “boost your performances”