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Are you listening to Limit Destroyer or Beyond Limitless


Beyond Limitless


Ultima is the real deal!
I used the LD Ultima early morning and went to work.
I didn’t feel anything while listening…after about 2hours I felt that heavy burden gone from my mind.
My mind was clear and free…
Normally when ever I think of doing anything the negative voices start in the head…after ultima those voices are dead!seriously
This is really amazing!


Thanks for the tip on this. I just tried that this morning while also trying Beast Unleashed during my workout for the first time and my workout was amazing. It’s hard to say what one influenced the most, but the combo is great. Could push harder and needed less rest, I also finished faster and had extra time to do other supportive exercises.


Guys I can still feel the effects today…which is one day after one loop!
Just before bed I could feel the mind busy…taughts jumping around.Didn’t have trouble sleeping but slept really deep. Woke up feeling well rested and very energetic…


Passed 24hours and I can still feel the effects of one loop…
Confidence and determination seen to be high…
i can do what I please
That’s the feeling I get at the moment…

Long story short…
I want a transfer from my current job to another venue…
Boss refused it… I became furious!
I told him to his face that I want to apply for a transfer and he can’t refuse it!(I never did this in my life before…I was very intimidated by him…I always agreed even if he was abusing his power…but this time I stood up all alone and felt no fear!)
The matter is not resolved and I’m still standing my ground!


@pacman, so I am not the only one here still having results a day after listening to Ultima, even more so the day after listening results get even more pronounced.

Honestly Q itself is already so powerful that most here on the forum are having constant reconciliation.


I can still feel ultima until now and today is my break day …


Ultima is awesome, I would be carious about the loops though, try not to overdo or you’ll fall in the trap of reconciliation.

Today is my break day, I ran two loops a day for a week then went for one loop a day the next week adding in two major programs and eventually I was having some mild reconciliation where I couldn’t sleep or anything.

A loop every other day seems to the sweet point, at least in the beginning until you get more accustomed to the script.


Am I the only one that didn’t have results with Ultima?!

I am curious if the problem is my devices. Tried on 3 different so far and I will try on another 2.


Which programs are you running, which devices are you using and how many loops are you doing? Furthermore how are you feeling?

Those answers will give me an idea on what causes the problem, most likely it’ll just be your reflection.


One loop every other day.

OK I am a bit troubled with the Sanguine Ultima. I listened on:
First time: Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Second time: Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 - PC Speakers
Third time: Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset

I know. Not the best quality headsets and speakers but all three times I had no results and had this side effect of weird pressure in the middle of my head. This happened on both the headsets and the speakers. I am going to borrow the Bose QuietComfort 35 II from a friend. Still, they are old but they are $300 headphones.

I am not feeling anything. And I am usually very sensitive to changes and I am easily aware of them. I am going to use the Bose headset and the Creative MUVO 2 speakers next.


Because you’re consciously not feeling anything doesn’t mean you are aware of it in the first place.

All of these headsets should work, you’re probably having limit beliefs about the effects even though they’re affecting you.


Try doing something like take little action…or just think of taking action…
I did that also
I tested it with talking to ladies…then I tackled the boss…


Thanks buddy. I will do something that indeed requires confidence and see how it goes


You will definitely see it…
In fact until now so many hours have past I’m still fearless of my boss…


I am really happy and grateful that works for you and you have this amazing experience! :sunglasses:


Limit destroyed seems pretty strong! Do you think it ould help lift heavier at the gym :open_mouth:


For me it gave me this
You can do it all mindset…
It may help you mentally charge yourself to pick those weights up but then again remember your muscle can only lift what it can carry…:slight_smile:


Hahahaha, there is too much choices, for now it seems that the effects are compounded. For me I feel a little bit of effect the first day and strong effect the second day. So I really need to play ultima for a few days for it to hit me!