Main Disc. Thread - Limit Destroyer Ultima


Reconciliation hit you hard for a few days bro


Anyone who is running/ran LDU want to share their progress? :slight_smile:


Yes please! Would love to hear some results


Personally LDU game me hardcore reconciliation! So I had to stop it after two loops, I was dying inside.


Could you elaborate a bit on this?


When I mean dying inside it’s a way of speaking I felt so much reconciliation, it triggered huge anxiety. Like almost panicked while listening to it.

At the start I decided to push and add a second loop and it didn’t go away. So, I just decided limit destroyer wasn’t for me. Maybe it hitted something a little bit too sensitive in me. I musy say at the time I was studying like crazy and had a lot of external stress also.

This is partly why I decided I needed a healing cycle! If I have these barrier I am not aware about maybe I need to clean inside stuff!


Do you run it before running your main stack ? or after running your main stack.


I used to use it before my stack


This is from the Elixir thread. Will LDU also focus on limits not related to your stack? You state that it will obviously dissolve limits related to what subs you’re running, but can I also consciously direct it to help with other things that may not be in the script of my core subs?


I suggest everyone to give this one a shot for at least a week :wink:


What are your results?


Two words: supreme confidence. Wouldn’t surprise me if that phrase was in the scripting.


Seriously? I have been considering giving myself a break from running Executive with Elixir and running Limit Destroyer Ultima for a while. More than a little over always feeling like I’m hitting some imaginary glass ceiling


Definitely give LDU a go! If I had to make a custom sub, I would definitely include LDU. Probably my favorite Ultima although to be honest I haven’t extensively tested most of them.


You could just get “I AM” in your Ultima :wink:


True, true. I’m putting that in my Q custom though :smirk:


Any plan of journaling maybe?


I plan on it yes. T sub came yesterday. Q sub mapped out. Still have like need to make a decision on 1 or 2 modules though.


Did somebody try The Commander or Godlike Masculinity and Limit Destroyer? I would love to here a comparison of these two by experience


What T sub you doing?