Main Disc. Thread - Limit Destroyer Ultima


Limit Destroyer will definitely help with this.


I must admit LD looks very appealing to me. I was wondering if doing it first before switching to Rebirth would be a better course of action than moving from Rebirth to it. I mean stacking it with major titles like Emperor. My line of reasoning is; destroy the limits while introducing Emperor’s programming and then use Rebirth for reframing and amplifying the results. It’s like, first destroy then reframe what has left and amplify the positive results.


I’m gonna start a journal and highlight everything once I decide the last module for second custom. Should be in a few days. Don’t wanna derail the thread so I’ll PM you the T custom for now


It’s already hitting things I didn’t know it would. I felt a bit more brave and fearless than usual.


Did you happen to test it more thoroughly, maybe? I’m podering on fiving it a shot but I’m more interested in tis maing prurpose which is destroying limits of course.