Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


Will it be coming to the Q store so we can get it name embedded? Or is it a special case and shouldn’t have things added to it lol?


Tempted to run this now. But it’s supposed to be my off day and I fear not being able to sleep if I try running it too close to bed time :joy:


Jk I’m obviously gonna give 'er all she’s got. Thanks again SubClub team <3


Good luck to all. BLU/Executive were ironically my least preferred Ultimas so I’ll have to pass on this one :joy:


Speaking of experimental and development, I know it’s a lot of question right now and there is a lot of speculation but is there any news regarding the development of libertine V3 :slight_smile: I was really curious about this one!


Ok are there any other combo ultimas in the works?


You know we probably ain’t going to get any direct hints if that’s the case haha.

The magic is in the last second dropping and surprising us all like Beyonce and Adele did with their new albums.


A must purchase for me. I am using both BLU and Executive standalone… And this is a masterpiece. (Hmm I can’t help but ponder about manifestations leading to this release. moments, eh?)

By the way, was this somehow inspired by that custom ultima that you’ve been using that included something like BLU+Exec+ xyz+xyz+xyz ? I can’t seem to recall on which thread your reply was.

Two thumbs up!


It’s coming. There’s something in the Renaissance Man prototype that’s triggering non-stop reconciliation. Makes it hard to focus and work, and building / upgrading titles requires an incredible amount of focus.

Might be O.G. Blue Skies causing it. I thought if I tempered it a bit, it’d be a bit more manageable, but looks like it’s still incredibly hard to run.


No. These two just happened to work exceptionally well together, so we decided to create a blended title. Keep in mind, this isn’t just the two scripts in one Ultima. We rewrote large amounts of both scripts to get them to synergize better.


hahaha. :rofl:

This was my exact reaction. haha. Minus one f-bomb


You know that song in Jurassic Park, the one they play when they see a brontosaurus or something?

Yeah that played in my head while I was reading the description. Looks like I have the exclusive Ultima to use with my stack.

Adding to my wishlist


definitely on my list of things to purchase


Does the social effects (I believe there was something akin to Stark in there) of BLU carry over in this one?

I found BLU incredible for conversations, parties, dating.
Everything would just click.


I yad a combo of executive + commander which made very productive, so i was just wondering but this combo is nice


The only thing I’m concerned about with running this is that I get bored very easily as it is. Especially lately.




The Limitless Executive is smaller in size then the other ultima correct?


… naw. Lol. It’s got both scripts, rewritten.


I think he’s referring to the actual file size. Every other Ultima is roughly 84 mb, Limitless Executive is 56 mb


That is exactly to what i was referring lol. I was just wondering if that actually makes a difference in the script size.


Bro, try one of those earphones that has ambient features so you could hear or be in conversations very easily. It comes very handy specially when playing something on the ps4 or watching netflix.

@Brandon also uses the same. I’d go crazy without this feature, specially with my ADHD, I need to keep doing something.