Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


Thanks for the recommendation. I listen to a lot of extreme metal which weirdly enough helps me be calm and focused. Dragon Reborn is just adding to that by being subliminal therapy and helping me heal




Music is indeed a form of healing. I’m an introvert, and nothing beats kicking back at home playing music after a day of draining forced extrovertedness.

Huh. I should shift from my undercover angel playlist to some of that, maybe it would quiet my noisy mind… :grin:


Yes, it’s smaller and it’s fine.


You and me both. A big reason why I want to learn to code and program after the new year when I plan to get a laptop. I avoid people as much as possible. Specifically people that have any sort of issue with silence .


Just purchased Limitless Executive Ultima. I’m going to run it first thing tomorrow morning


Ahaha I was preparing a custom Ultima with Limitless, Executive and Commander as core sub. Maybe @SaintSovereign can you add Commander to Limitless Executive Ultima ? Commander is the great sub for productivity so far (in my opinion )


Yes it is i decided that if limitless executive come to q store ill just add the comader to the ultima custom build let see how this might work out


At this time of year, teachers, TAs, and professors usually have mountains of grading to get through. I wonder if Limitless Executive would help them to power through all of it. And how that would compare to Beyond Limitless or Executive.

They don’t need to innovate new ideas necessarily, but they do need to apply their knowledge and standards and then just wade through all of the thoughts of other people.


I feel strong effects one hour after listening to 1 loop of Limitless Executive Ultima. Much more powerful than the 2 separated. I would say at least as strong as Commander (strong in terms of focus/concentration)


@Avengers68 How much prior exposure (rough estimate) had you had to Executive and Beyond Limitless, before this run of Limitless Executive Ultima?


one hour everyday July August for Limitless and October-November for executive and Limitless together after that I preferred to play only Commander. I play Commander and DR stage 1.


Now I feel really like in the zone !


It would help, A LOT.


@SaintSovereign it is a fantastic sub ! Thanks so much !


Both Executive and Beyond Limitless are outstanding Ultima’s, perhaps one of the most interesting ones in regards to productivity, drive, and motivation. I love the concept of synergizing both, each one has its values and the combined effort of them could bind into some extremely beautiful and effective. I’m going to keep my eyes open for this one – please share your experiences with Limitless Executive in comparison to Beyond Limitless and The Executive separately, I’d appreciate it tremendously.

@SaintSovereign, does Limitless Executive also cultivate the same pronounced memory effect that was initially created in Beyond Limitless Ultima?



Hey @SaintSovereign , this one also shows up as 2:00:00 in the music player. In case this might help address the issue. No big deal, runs properly otherwise.


iTunes for PC?

That’s the only place I’ve had that happen.


Yes. Might even work better than the original.


Is there any reason why that may be, is this one scripted more properly, or did anything change?