Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


Nope, on Mac.


But iTunes?


Yes on iTunes on Mac. But maybe it doesn’t matter to our friends here though. I thought it’d help address the issue for the future if it can be resolved. But it’s not a big deal.

You dont have the same issue ?


The file is actually fine. It just has something to do with how iTunes encodes the information.

Even when the time is listed as 2:00:00 it still only plays for 1 hour; even in iTunes. I just used a different application though. For example, I download the file to Dropbox and then import to AudioShare. If you open the file in another music application, you’ll see a different time length.


I know, it runs totally fine as I said. But if you want to pay attention to detail I just thought it might be helpful to know so they can address it should they want to. I dont mind this small detail. It runs fine indeed.


Ah, okay. I didn’t read closely. Never mind.


We’re aware of this and we’re looking into it. Unfortunately, we’re at a standstill right now. The problem is on Apple’s end – they’ve confirmed it for us. We’re going to keep researching, though.


Thank you for the BL + Excutive sub! :grin:


@SaintSovereign, does Limitless Executive contain the entire scripts of both Limitless and Executive and if so, would that not make the script increasingly dense? Beyond Limitless was already the most taxing Ultima I have ever used.

Has this been added to Limitless Executive – ‘Beyond Limitless Ultima also contains significant alpha individual and confidence boosting scripting, which will eradicate any internal fears or issues preventing you from performing when under pressure. We’ve also added scripting to improve your verbal fluency, allowing you to convey complex ideas and issues with ease’?


Yes, the entire scripts are there, but they’ve been rewritten and combined in a way that lowers the density. It’s still going to be a bit more taxing than BLU.

Yes. The entire script is there.


Just a bit? Seriously?


@JCast, I’d probably ease into it – I’m going to do two loops a week; on Monday and on Wednesday (weekends off).


Please report how you find Limitless Executive.
Tag me if you remember, which you likely will with BLU scripting :slight_smile:


I will certainly do so, I’ve loads of work to do and with the structural organization and planning capabilities of Mastermind, I’ll be unstoppable!

The Executive is a very profound Ultima, it really makes you work like a dog and I did love Beyond Limitless as well but you really have to build up exposure with that one, otherwise, you’ll be paralyzed all the while having headaches and tiredness.

@Azriel, I’ll certainly share my experience of this Ultima very shortly.


Is there even a point for Quantum Limitless after this beast? :sweat_smile: What has QL that Limitless Executive doesn’t have?


Seeing the underlying mechanisms of reality. :nerd_face:


Come on man. QL is massive in its scope and depth. An Ultima cannot get close. But I like this Ultima very much still.


Limitless Executive, to me, seems less taxing compared to Beyond Limitless Ultima. I’m loving the synergy of both Programs, and the effect is astounding!

This Ultima has it all; productivity, drive, motivation, enhanced cognition, focus, and concentration. For some reason, it is way more powerful compared to running both Titles separately, and that’s after only one loop. I’ll be doing two loops a week moving forward and report back on my findings.

Undoubtedly recommend this Ultima to whoever is interested in the aforementioned traits, definitely worth it.

(Hopefully, I can still fall asleep on this one), I’d be doing work while sleep walking.


This is interesting. I was literally just looking for a sub that I could use to get Emperor’s drive to get work done - I already have The Executive but I want something similar to EQ in motivation, will this work?

I don’t want to say that it’ll replace what Emperor does, because it won’t. I know the differences for sure but I want that push. Would this work?

I used to use BLU all the time too so this could be a perfect fit for me.


I just wanted to get SaintSovereign to share more secrets about QL :wink: