Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


Why would anyone want to see let alone face reality?


For Transurfing, of course. :wink:


I was being sarcastic. It’s not fun if I have to explain it all the time


Hello @friday @Simon
From your experience, what is the difference between quantum limitless and limitless? Is limitless a quantum limitless light? I am not clear what is included in the quantum that is not in limitless.


The Executive is all drive, motivation, action – do not get me wrong, Limitless Executive certainly has that as well, however it also has productivity, focus, and concentration while enhancing your cognition and memory to incredible heights.

As I said, the synergy of these two is godly.

If Executive is the Father, and Beyond Limitless is the mother – Limitless Executive is that child thereof, taking all the treats and skills from his parents and outperforming them massively. I’m digging this Ultima already, nothing will stand in your way to get your tasks done with the utmost creativity, and at the highest efficiency.


Not sure if you’ve ever used Emperor - would you say that it’s similar in comparison? Only in the drive/motivation/action etc. Not everything else.

I like the fact you’ve summed it up like this. Thank you, it’s very helpful.

This is what I need, okay I’ll be getting this in my arsenal asap.
Time to ask the boyfriend if he’s getting me anything for Christmas haha.


I’ve used different versions of Emperor in the past, including the latest one and I would say Limitless Executive outperforms Emperor in that department. Howbeit, Emperor does contain a lot of other things that make you a lone-wolf and focus only on growing your Business, plus many other additional modules to make success inevitable.


I only need the action and drive part, I believe. It’s the one thing I want to stop procrasinating and putting the work in.

I want to be more social, using Stark and other stuff for that. I do need to focus on my business but feel Limitless Executive will help with that. As long as I have the drive and push and/or nagging I’ll be happy.

I’m sure I’m missing out on a bunch without Emperor but that’s no way I can add it into my stack/custom or with Stark I don’t believe :sob:


If you have Stark there is probably no need for the Limitless part of this Ultima, you are better off running Executive standalone.


Beyond Limitless and Stark will work synergistically even better! It really depends on your goals…


Sure, but that also makes the Limitless part somewhat redundant if he wants to focus on solely upon drive, motivation, and action. I must admit, I’ve used both programs and Limitless Executive really stands out. It also enhances your focus, concentration, and productivity @Brandon, if that’s something you are interested in.


Why would you want that?


Some people are just crazy… I just don’t get them :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, I tried Stark but Emperor just fits me a lot better.

And I think it’s that social side that makes Stark noncompatible with me.


I thought Beyond Limitless Ultima itself is about productivity and getting stuff done. At least it helps me tremendously with that.

How does the Executive make it even better?


I always used BLU whilst running Stark to help with productivity and creavity. I just thought it would enhance it?

This is what I thought, and Saint suggested a while ago before I started Khan.

I do need both of what BLU and Executive bring as it’ll enhance my stack with productivity and execution which is amazing.


Haha I actually really want friends, I’m lonely af.


New city? Or just introverted?


I don’t trust the people I talk to/follow now. I have friends but I don’t talk to them much. I want people I can talk to often. I can’t say I have best friends or anything like that.

People have WhatsApp groups/iMessage groups etc and I have 0.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m social and I’m semi-liked but I want friendship groups.


Any plan on how to fix this?

I’m in a lucky situation that I have 5 great childhood friends. We are all from the same working class neighbourhood. The area was considered one of the worst in my city when I was growing up. Lots of drug problems and petty criminality.

Yet out of our group 2 are entrepreneurs, one is an ex-entrepreneur who now works for me and one is a doctor (not MD). The last one has a good stable job.


Ugh, a world I understand all too well. Good luck on your circle building :slight_smile: