Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


I plan to make friends across Tiktok, but also build the relationships I have with people I like. I’m really pin pointing the people I like and making an effort to talk to them more.

I used to have this but they moved away. I used to be in a gymnastics community but I got kicked out for false allegations which is why I moved to dance instead. However most of the people at dance are fake as hell too. Not all but some.

Can we be friends and can I be friends with your friends? Pretty please?


Thank you dude, appreciate it. Inner circle is gonna come to the rescue in my new sub. Hopefully anyway.


You’re still using AM, is that right? I gather they work well together? That sounds exactly what someone that has ADHD or nonstop intrusive thoughts, lack of focus, needs. What do you think? @Hermit


You just think you do. You have us


Yes. This. I want to be more social but I noticed I’m getting palpable reconciliation with Stark. My mind is not happy with what I want to be doing which is to be more open and extroverted.


This is true @Brandon we’re all in this journey together. We’re all here to be the epitome of what we are capable of, and we’ll get there for sure.


Yes, Ascended Mogul and Limitless Executive together are God-Given, they absolutely enhance each other.

My next Custom will be Ascended Mogul, Inner Circle and Power Can Corrupt – I deliberately left Productivity Unleashed out because Limitless Executive is really that good! Ascended Mogul is most definitely my favorite subliminal to reach success on both personal as business fronts. I’ll be running it (custom) whole 2021 to build all-encompassing foundation for myself.


That’s excellent. To me it sounds like EQ distilled and augmented.

I’m playing DR, EQ and PCC today in the hopes that I’d make EQ a little bit more Stark with being more social and all.


I’ve never felt more accepted, being for real.
Thank you man :sparkling_heart:

I appreciate you guys having back during this journey. I appreciate you looking out for me and making me feel accepted and worth it. Thank you brothers :pray:t4:


You’re very welcome and here for you


Just out of curiosity - how much have Ascended Mogul helped your dating/sex life?


Emperor’s drive is not just task oriented it’s a push to grow in all areas that matter to you, even the one’s you didn’t realize matter. In terms of raw focus and execution, executive or limitless executive could replace THAT EFFECT of EQ or match it surely. In terms of drive towards holistic growth. I don’t think they could replace it.


That’s the difference I was looking for, I just didn’t know how to explain it. That’s fine for now, I just need a task push right now as I’m procrasinating on far too much that I want to complete for several reasons.

This is something I hope for. I’m sure it won’t be the same as Emperor but I’m sure it’s something similar that I could use where I’m not adding another major or changing my stack again.

I agree. I hope to use Emperor in the future for when I really want to grind and work super hard on my business and push.

I’m sure I can make it more social and the way I want it to be based off my goals.


I am drawn to this ultima but I’m concerned that this would make EQ even more serious and intense… :thinking:


Will Limitless Executive Ultima be good for providing one with confidence during a job interview?


I’d recommend either True Social or Commander for that


I guess it depends on the type of job you are interviewing for. I’m in IT and my job interviews where I used LEU were mainly technical interviews (2 so far). So far, I think it helped me remain calmer and provide clearer answers as compared to before where my mind would be scattered because I was tense.


We’ve rewritten and combined two of our most popular learning and productivity titles — Beyond Limitless and The Executive — into one powerhouse of a subliminal. The synergy between these two titles is incredible, allowing you to tackle any task with ease or learn anything with less effort.

Beyond Limitless is designed to unlock your full cognitive potential and push your productivity to the limits. It’s designed to help you study for longer periods, recall information instantly, develop a photographic / eidetic memory, solve complex problems quicker and more.

The Executive will rapidly induce, cultivate and sustain a natural mindset of ambition and action. With just a single loop (or more, if necessary) you will quickly feel the inner power, confidence and desire to conquer your goals, as well as a relentless urge to complete all that needs completion.

Taken from the Marketing email for those who’re interested.


One must face reality in order to evolve and shape themselves in a more positive way.


Agree Commando is better to use at interview however i used Stark and it did wonders.