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I have no idea what you’re talking about


Hi James from America in order for one to live life to the full they must step outside their comfort zone rather then living the fish bowl lifestyle. When one takes that step they evolve and shape themselves in a positive way perhaps evolve a new identity.

I remember before you set foot on the DR journey you were quiet, shy very reserved. You asked permission to do things now you are evolving into a new man…a hero !!.


Ironically enough I am far more reserved than I was before Dragon Reborn. My wording is different. I also pause before I post anything to reflect on what and if I want to post which is why you see me deleting far less posts. Unless I get really bored like I was last night which triggered the fun between @Voytek and myself or I feel I have something valuable to add I don’t randomly post near as much. With the exception at the present time being my Dragon Reborn journal



I tried commando on my last interview-but they said they weren’t sure I would get along with people :slight_smile:


Most people need to be told specifically to get to the choppa.


Despite multiple instances of the environment becoming imminently hostile with only one aerial escape route and still…it’s like they never learn :pleading_face:


Oldies: SC subs require you to take action. :innocent:

Newbies: I can’t take action. That is why I’m listening to subs! :scream:

Founders: Well then, get in and start Limitless Executive Ultima! :sunglasses:



ahahahha too funny matey :rofl:


Are you a pirate?


James ftom America hahaha that was funny.


Lol this was a nice dialogue, “just do it” is the only advice


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Will This be added to the Q store or was it too specialized to be tampered with by adding other modules to it?

I would love a name embedded version of this.


I feel like I have a subdued response to Ultima titles so far.

My wealth-oriented Custom Ultima kicked in pretty well after about a week. And I think it’s continuing to help me with a flow of ideas, insights, and motivation. I play one loop of that 5-6 days a week.

I have also been playing Limitless Executive since (I think) last Tuesday. One loop at the beginning of my day. So far it feels pretty subtle.


Similarly to Ascended Mogul, Limitless Executive combines the best of the Executive and Beyond Limitless, creating a potent, focused Ultima subliminal that will push your ambition into overdrive, while supporting it with incredibly rapid learning and cognitive benefits

Saw this on the sales copy. So Limitless Executive would complement Ascended Mogul?

How is AM similar to Limitless Executive?


It’s not. Limitless Executive is Beyond Limitless (which helps you learn) and Executive (which gives you a productive push) blended together. Ascended Mogul is a major program that – well, read the copy. The two complement each other, but they have differing target goals.


the similarity is

AM = A + M

LE = BL + E


Another test drive of Limitless Executive Ultima today, and oh my, this is the golden ticket to achieve peak performance and abandon procrastination from your reality. I always make sure to have some low-end tasks ahead of me when I listen to it, during the listen I’ll be conquering them, and momentum builds slowly but steadily.

I notice an instant surge of energy and a change of thoughts to ones of action and concentration, the real magic seems to happen around one hour after the loop, at least for me.

Procrastination issues? Limitless Executive gotcha!

Edit – to be honest; I really had to pull myself together and visit the forum to write this because my thoughts kept demanding me to finish my tasks.


Are you noticing change in your learning? Such as speed, comprehension, desire to learn more, easy to move along with your learning…

Thank you!


Will Limitless Executive help with processing of subliminals?


Your like the Bodhisattva of productivity :slight_smile: only returning for the benefit of those afflicted with procrastination.