Main Disc. Thread - Limitless Executive Ultima


@Fire and @SaintSovereign this seems like an important question.


So, the initial plan was to do a loop each day, in the morning, throughout the week. Let’s just say that I’m going to reduce my loops to one loop every other day or three loops a week, lmfao! My head is filled like never before, I’m processing a whole entire library of subliminal instructions right now.

Ultima’s are packed with information, especially Executive Limitless. Perhaps these are just the effects of using it for a few days, at least, consistently. We’ll see, I’ll give everyone updated… it’s been 3 hours or so and just finished a loop of another Title so I’m sure it’ll fade eventually. That being said, I started using Executive Limitless on the 6th, did a loop a day, took weekends off, and now I’m on the second day – and let me tell you the effects were astoundingly pronounced, even during the weekend.

Well, it is what it is. Going for some MCT Oil and a walk-in nature to get some fresh air. The point is that whenever something as such happens, my emotions are flatlined, which is the best way I can describe it, and therefore my imagination is reduced tremendously. Most probably going to do Executive Limitless 3 times a week from now on.



I’m noticing this too. Considering every other day for Q too.


Naw, Q is just fine for me, I’m already feeling uplifted again. I was doing 5 loops a day, including one loop of Executive Limitless.

The amount of change (loops) you want must be in alignment with the amount of action you take. I’m taking action 16 hours a day, non-stop, hence I’m fine doing so many loops. 2 hours after my previous message, I’ve already processed Executive Limitless and my Custom has started to kick-in.

Subliminal Rotation instructions are highly subjective to each individual and I consider everyone to obtain detailed self-perceptions through introspection.


Awesome combo


what are you/were you stacking it with?


You’ll find out soon enough :wink:


Possibly, probably. I’ve noticed enhanced results since running BLU. I think Ultima is fueling the influx of results around here. There’s been a shift in the energy here.


what are you noticing?


Hard to say. Positive energy and motivation.


hell yeah!
Dragon Reborn might be cleansing the whole forum as well :sunglasses:


I’ve wondered that as well.


That is an interesting question! @SaintSovereign can we have some statistics in the forum about how many members are using/owning which subs?
May be you can do some sentiments analysis and relate them to subs. Just an idea.


We’ll look into it. We do have some data, but I haven’t looked at it in awhile.


I posted about an interesting observation in my Dragon Reborn journal