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Are you able to do 3D animations? I can create let’s say 100 tennis balls in my mind and let all 100 spin at different speeds.


Yes, but still very weak images that don’t last for more than a second or two. My main problem here is that I find myself hard to get rid of the awareness of my physical body. So it’s hard for me to visualize a space in which I am walking or running. For me, I can visualize myself floating around at best.

I can imagine myself throwing a banana at a wall and seeing the splash though as I type this, though the visual output is quite faint. I can see yellow patches on the dark gray wall due to the bananas.Haven’t been able to stop time yet.

My auditory imagination is much stronger and while tinnitus is can be quite a bother, I can easily imagine the sound of the banana splashing onto the wall.

My name-embedded customized subliminal with Mind’s Eye as a core will come soon. Hopefully I can get better results.


Wow I guess you can be an air traffic controller.


I can create 20 monitors and replay 20 different movie scenes. I can go further and project myself in all 20 scenes simultaneously.


Are you running Mind’s Eye or is this ability just natural for you?


I am able to do this before but not with the same ease I can do it now. Doing it now is easier.


That’s interesting, everyone got his talents. For me, auditory imagination comes third. First visual, then tactile and then maybe auditory. But a few days ago I listened to Mind’s Eye and I got drowsy and almost fell asleep when I was in a scene where someone yelled something in my ear. I heard it so vividly I woke up from it. So it really seems like Mind’s Eye works on all internal senses simulteanously.

Btw. your “power” is pretty handy. You can easily use this for manifestations in case you didn’t know yet


You mean you can’t imagine the splashing sound of the banana hitting the wall?

I still have lots of work to do regarding my auditory imagination. I think there are people who can imagine sounds such that they cannot differentiate the sounds from those produced in the actual environment. Such people will be probably hated by lots of musical producers since they only have to listen to a song once.


I can but I have to put a bit more effort into it. My mind doesn’t automatically generate the sound. With a banana I think in reality there wouldn’t be much to hear other than a short “bump”-sound indicating the impact


I have to most “annoying” way of all. I “know” things are there, but it takes a lot of effort to bring the other senses in. Vision comes first, I think, auditory is last.

My effects of ME are that I started visualizing every thought I have. I think something and whether my eyes are open or closed, the “picture” pops into my head somewhere above the eyebrows and I can describe it to somebody. Sometimes I have an idea but not quite clear, then the picture shows up and I get this “ah-ha” moment and notice the parts that weren’t clear.

I’m looking forward to sharpening the other senses as well.

Of course, Astronaut is at a whole new level when it comes to manifestation and visualization.


Yes, it feels more like something is doing the work for you, doesn’t it? I noticed this very clearly when I read novels and the scenes just played in my mind in great detail as if I was watching a movie. It even went so far that I paid more attention to what was happening “in my head” then to the words on the page. Have you tried that before? I think reading stories is a very good way to get better at visualising.


Definitely. I’ve been trying that for ages, since it is essentially what happens when you learn speed-reading. You stop speaking the words and instead absorb the words at very high speeds. You mind then plays them out (translates them if you will) into a movie. It’s why it’s not easy to break a speed reader’s concentration once they’re “in” the zone. The whole world drops away and the movie starts playing.

Can also work well when you play an audio book at higher speeds. With eyes closed, I can reach up to 3x speed I think. Depending on how distracting the environment is, it is possible to reach very high speeds even with listening alone.

I love it when the movie plays out. Makes we wish I was a 3D animator so I could put some of them out there.


I haven’t tried that yet, thanks for the tip.
I also asked Saint if Submodel Alpha and Mind’s Eye could clash, because Submodel Alpha’s whole job is to simulate worst cases and come up with solutions.
I haven’t come to a conclusion yet. What do you think?


He tells me right after I recommended Submodel to somebody in a sub… :slight_smile:

Submodel does something that happens naturally anyway. And it has to. The mind always iterates through all available options. Submodel makes that process better. The odds of that process suddenly becoming a foreground thing even with Mind’s Eye are slim. It tends to happen outside of your conscious awareness, the end result being you being confronted with whichever options are feasible to you. Could be several options with identical rewards, could be a positive and negative option (or a positive outcome that’s outside of your comfort zone and thus triggers your fear-response).

But it always happens. I don’t even know if the subconscious itself visualizes or simulates the “situation” on another more advanced level than visualization. Maybe it creates a self-contained mini-universe on some other plane or dimension, presses the play-button and checks what happens without its intervention. I have no clue.


It would enhance Submodel Alpha, if anything.


I’m wondering if there is anyone else who actually imagines a different voice for each forum user here. E.g the voice in my head that reads out Saint’s text is different from that reading Fire’s.

In addition, I subconsciously try to form an impression of the person behind his or her username based on the username and style of writing.


Interesting concept. Now that you’ve brought it to my attention to it I do believe I hear a different “voice” for every user. Essentially what I believe they’d sound like based on their posts. Kinda funny how the brain does that on its own to fill in gaps for itself


Out of curiosity, what is your impression of me based on the username and style of writing


Fun-loving, happy-go-lucky chap with sense of humour. Maybe you are,maybe you are not that but that’s what my subconscious imagines you to be.


Some users have a “heavier” voice. Yours sounds quite light.