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I will take that any day!


Now I’m deciding if I should add Emperor’s Voice to my custom :rofl::joy:


What startles me the most about Mind’s Eye is that this happens although I play only a few loops and take a rest day every other day. So it is about 2 hours of exposure I get and then the next day I don’t listen and yet I feel a lot is happening in my system. This isn’t even a Terminus version and I have no idea how you guys can play Terminus, yet alone Terminus² lol

Just imagine what would happen to me if I played Mind’s Eye for 5-8h straight and then took 2 rest days


Sure, your deep sexy Emperor voice will make women feel weak in their knees.


Has anyone here been able to manifest something using the visualization powers of Mind’s Eye?



I quit porn but might as well not have since running mind’s eye…anybody else having this issue :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this counts but if if I have a work call scheduled and have the thought and conscious desire of not wanting to take it, the person will email or text to reschedule. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not but is not normal for me and new since running mind’s eye.


Sounds like your manifestation ability is getting boosted in addition to visualization. That is great! What power level are you using?


Q Approximately 1-2 loops a day/ 2 days on 1 days off


Have you tried running it the whole night? I might do this today, just to see what happens


No, I’m taking it easy with Mind’s Eye for two reasons.

  1. I’m running 2-3 other Q subs alongside it
  2. I already have quit profound imagination/ mind’s eye
    with every sense, and I’ve had experiences on this that feel a little too real, (this may be healing/reconciliation though) I want to be careful with blurring my reality and imagination. What happens with this sub is either the quality of my thinking improves greatly and everything is crystal, or my imagination starts running wild and I have to keep consciously but automatically negating certain imagery. I will say, I did purchase Libertine to try after Mind’s Eye and holy scxxxt ! That was powerful.

I will try it in T2 next week though


I hear you. Yes, it may be a bit overwhelming… Although, I prefer calling it magical.
Now it is at a point where I have to be very cautious about what I contemplate because almost everything manifests. However, it was very wise of Saint and Fire to include scripting that would help stopping negative visualisations. Now that I am proving myself over and over again that my imagination creates my world, I simply watch and wait whenever something negative manifests. It is like becoming the scientist of your life, you just start to connect the dots and be like “Ah, yes. That’s the result of me contemplating X. I see…”
And I believe every time you watch it with no emotional response it gets weaker and weaker, until it completely dies in your mind and therefore in your world.

So it is best to start other practices like certain meditations etc. when using Mind’s Eye, I believe.


You gave me an idea tho.
I will try The Elixir and BL again and see what is different after ME


yes! The combo of Elixer, Emperor, and Mind’s Eye seems to rapidly manifest challenging, often old trauma or insecurity triggering situations, and moving through them powerfully to heal and develop myself as a man.


So you have negative manifestations huh? This is what I am worried about. Using Mind Eye’s and accidentally visualizing a death or some tragedy and it happening. I have the currently issue of negative visualizations at times. I was hoping Mind’s Eye would completely wipe that out because I feel like manifesting with it would become effortless, for better or worse.


It does deter it a lot, but during periods of reconciliation they can come up and then be consciously stopped. Also it’s not an accidental thought-wish granting machine (I think) there still has to be some conscious intent and desire to manifest something from my understanding. If anything it has me clearer on when I’ve been imagining negative scenarios on default and shifting those.


This is the right time to be able to take precautions. Include some optimistic subs in a custom.


Will look forward to witnessing the experience of an accomplished Imaginaut with Mind’s Eye Terminus2.

This is a program that I’m using, but it has a lot more work to do with me because visualizing is not a highly-developed capacity/skill for me.


It is a bit more complicated than that
You see, you manifest all the time. All that Mind’s eye does is to strengthen the potential of manifesting that is inherited in each thought and image.
Therefore everything you see is a manifestation of yours. The topics people speak about. Certain words you encounter again and again etc. I don’t know how advanced you are but you will prove yourself that this is true. So when I talk about a negative manifestation i don’t necessarily talk about an ultimate incident or catastrophe that unfolded, it can also mean, and in this case it does, certain content showing up that you don’t want to experience, see or hear about.
Besides, I came to believe that the Internet is a very fast delivery machine when it comes to manifesting. What i mean is you will find the stuff you are contemplating about very fast on the internet, in the most unlikely places. I believe that is because there are numerous potentials there.

But anyway, when you encounter your manifestation, I found that ME (And my custom Armstrong sub) give you a certain calmness and maturity to analyze it like a scientist. Since this negative manifestation is my own creation, I am greater than it and only prove that I am the manifesting power in my life so why should I fear my creation?