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You can easily check this yourself and you will see it is true.
Choose a word and repeat it over and over again in your mind, until it becomes a habit.
You will see this word, or a related word pop up in your world again and again.
And then you can even change the word when it pops up and you will see this variation in the same way as the word before.
For example if you did what I explained with the word “study english” you will see this term in your life. And if you change the word when it comes up to “Stanley English” for example, you will, to your bewilderment, see the name Stanley over and over again in your world.

Don’t take my word for it, try it.


Mind’s Eye is amazing. I’m not listening to it now but I am able to visualize some trippy stuff during meditation.

Check out my Ultima Experimental journal.


I’ve been thinking of focusing on Minds Eye and right as that thought was going through my head I came here and saw this post, #222


This quote has lingered and stayed with me.

If I narrowly fixate on just visual imagery, I’m putting a specific condition on how Mind’s Eye should work for me.

It is likely that I will experience some growth and improvement in visual imagination, but there are likely other powerful effects that are happening way before that improvement takes place. This is what I’m reflecting on now.

I’ve experienced manifestation effects sporadically throughout my life. I experience them subjectively as related to ‘knowing’or ‘imagining knowing’. Cognizance.

Which begs the question, how might Mind’s Eye be affecting that aspect of imagination? The one that came to me naturally in the first place?

Another form of magick that I’ve practiced is Servitor creation. I’m wondering how Mind’s Eye would impact my ability to create a servitor.

One very easy way to find out.


I remembered a way to stop these kinds of thoughts, it takes a bit of practice but it is highly effective. Basically what you do is whenever you notice you think something you don’t want to think, you snap your fingers, clap in your hands, say something out loud, or do anything that interrupts that chain of thought.
What I did before (changing thoughts after they popped up and make fun of them) was nice and I noticed I don’t take them as seriously anymore, but they only got more and more and it got tiring.


This would work great outside of a meditation. But when doing a meditation where we are not supposed to focus on our body, an action involving the body is naturally counter productive :unamused:


I meant it for moments in everyday life where the corresponding thoughts occur. Dr. Dispenza wrote a whole book about it plus meditation, it is called Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself


Got it. That book is on my list of books to read :blush:


Anyone have suggestions for both building the skill of visualization as well as routines around visualization? I am looking forward to improving it right now.


Practice daily with a product from the supercharger line. The instructions are highly visual, the more you do it the stronger your visuals will get. You can also do what I’m going to call “imaginary training” because I can’t remember what the actual term is and I’m too lazy to look it up. Basically the idea is you take a skill that you have and/or want to get better at, then visualize yourself performing it over and over - you can start off with a small amount of time 10-15 minutes but eventually you should be working you way up to practising your imaginary training skills for 30 minutes twice a day for maximum effect


I find it helpful to think about the best moments of my life. Because these end to be super charged with emotions, and hence easy to see in my Mind’s Eye.

From there, you can change it to make it even better.


Thoughts on this guide?


Tony Robbins once suggested a “flash card” type exercise.

  1. Take an object you’re fairly familiar with.
  2. Place it physically in front of you.
  3. Look at it and home in on one or two of it’s most visual characteristics (like color and shape).
  4. Close your eyes and try to picture the object – or at least those key characteristics (like color or shape).
  5. Open your eyes and repeat until you can quickly and reliably picture the object with your eyes closed.
  6. Then maybe add lesser characteristics (if any) and try to picture those along with the rest.
  7. Once you’ve got that down, imagine changing one aspect of the object. Maybe visualize it changing color or elongating or getting bigger or smaller.
  8. Repeat until you’re good at it.
  9. Then do it all again with a different object.

hope that helps.


@SaintSovereign Is it possible to get a Terminus version of ME?


I’m second to this. T2 version is a way too powerful and normal version needs more power. Terminus version will be optimal.

Mind’s Eye is one of the most Important subs you ever created. Its a game changer in obvious and subtle ways. Not just visualization, not just manifesting (which is STRONG) but overall brain optimisation it makes.

Using Mind’s Eye since the start with other subliminals and can say that ME is magnifying and improving effects of other subs considerably.

ME is a must have sub, even if sometimes I cannot explain what it does. Its effect is appearing after usage in a few days.

Ordinary Terminus will be VERY good to have. As I said, normal version is good but lucks power for me, T2 is way tooo strong. Terminus will be optimal.


For me the most important take-away from ME is that it confirms you as the creator of your reality and thus you know you don’t have to fear and worry. And then it proves it to you by pointing out that your thoughts and mental images are directly linked to what is happening in your external world.
This is really profound and important.


Yea…most of the community is really overlooking this one. Honestly, I can’t say that I grasp the importance of this sub yet since I haven’t gotten it yet—I can’t wait to change that.

Not sure what gives you these impressions about T2 being too strong.


For me, I notice that Q-titles which are a bit denser are already too strong. For example with ME I notice the improvements of today’s loops not before tomorrow and for the rest of the day my skills would be worse than they will be tomorrow, when I take a rest day (every other day). And this happens with the regular Q-version already!


Same here…my Q loops processes like 12 hours after the loop…yoh that’s strong…I only run one loop…


Yeah to me it’s absolutely mindblowing that there are some of us here who play t² titles for hours a day…
Thank you, I will see what happens if I only run 1 loop of ME today. Didnt consider that before