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According to Evola, the only people other than Evola himself, he considers almost correct, when we consider the critique of the modern world and cultural nihilism, is Sartre and Nietzsche. And by my own addition, Kafka.

He claims Nietzsche is almost 100% correct, with one shortcoming, his idea around will to power, and the need to amplify certain aspects of the human condition such as, struggle, adversity, etc… Is only needed because of the continuing degeneration and zombification of reality that previous organizations are forcing onto our society.

The solution Evola presents is to not create the Ubermesnch, which represent the perfect individual, but to destroy decaying institutions and organizations and in the ashes you create the environment for strong individuals to create a truly modern and monument to the ancient needs that are basic to every individual.

Nihilism is caused not by the reality that god was killed/dead/imaginary, but the structures of society are still propped against an eroding hill and encroaching desert. But this approaching disaster only represents the internal philosophy of those living within the house, and they welcome it with happiness, drunken with power in a rigged game.


I am currently running StarkQ and testing out various ultimas as they come out. Beyond Limitless was yesterday when I saw this and tried Limit Destroyer the day before. Your first paragraph here has lots of characteristics to StarkQ so that is interesting too!


Stark Q, its great companion (charger) Beyond Limitless Ultima with Mind’s Eye… oh, I would try this combination when I was 18…


I can totally understand this because I was a skeptic too at first. The idea of angel numbers was first introduced to me when I read youtube comments on subliminal videos. I always laughed to myself, thinking “Well where are your real results? It’s easy to find a bunch of numbers in youtube.”

But then they started happening to me, first when listening to a dense booster sub on youtube and then even more so once I came to subclub. The key for the number manifestations for me is they happen when I’m not looking for them and always catch me by surprise. It is similar to Neville Goddard style manifestations where they happen when you let them go and aren’t actively trying to make them come true.

I like to be a bit skeptic but I also try not to close off all possibilities because I’ve learned that I could always be wrong about things and I don’t want to miss out on them if they’re there.


I personally think what Jcast is saying is great, and believe his opinions and contributions are valued and to be respected.

it’s great to question things and think critically

and I would hate for mysticism/spirituality, synchonicty perspectives to be turned into dogmatism
and it’s ‘truth’ imposed like an ideology

At one point I dropped everything to become more grounded, as I was bypassing my life with spiritual and abstract concepts

I also believe there is a difference between skeptical, thinking and using it, and it using one.

I believe, Skepticism, like cynicism, is a pervasive part of being human that we are born into and must be responsible for.

Strong skepticism tends to develop in powerful minds, which use it as a way to navigate life and protect the ‘younger self’.

It needs to understand and for others to understand to feel safe, and cannot continue without that. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS WHAT ANYONE WHO QUESTIONS THINGS IS DOING. But if you ever meet someone who is obnoxiously skeptical, they probably are lol


Question everything, even your own words, my words and this sentence.


@khan Why should I do that? :rofl::rofl:


Thank you for questioning. The choice is yours.


@khan your post remembered me of this picture 526528903043364fc21f7ad5745fa3a6


That is great. Who ever did that graffiti more likely wanted everyone to know?


Damn -took the joke out my mouth :rofl:


I think @khan takes wisdom to lowest word count ratio award.


On behalf of the I AM, I AM THAT I AM.


I would say, never believe anything blindly, always research it yourself. And then do not belief what you research, experience it yourself – the experience is yours.

If you’re a skeptic, which everyone should be, then you won’t ever belief anything until you’ve experienced it and that’s a good thing, unless you never experience because you don’t are not looking for an experience. It’s the willingness to look further and grasp beyond what is normal that is the catalyst for the experience, your reality is being woven by your beliefs.




Going forward I am not commenting on anything unless I feel it has applicable value for those involved. I would rather remain silent and occasionally strike up a debate like we just did than have my words taken as any form of harsh criticism.


Fair enough. Nothing wrong with silence sometimes.

But I didn’t find your words harshly critical at all. Persistently questioning, yes. Harshly critical? Not really.

or maybe I’m misinterpreting, and you’re saying that this exchange was good; but you’ll avoid doing some other kinds of exchanges that are less helpful.


@Malkuth That last part is exactly what I was referring to.


Decided to revisit this thread and it’s been a month already. I really do think Mind’s Eye is under-discussed. I will be adding a lot more details about it in my new journal about my custom which utilizes Mind’s Eye at Terminus level. On another note, anyone know a good, definitive site for angel numbers? There seems to be a lot of interpretations.


Can confirm that I am experiencing the profoundness of visualization-manifestation after running my custom and digging into the subject.