Main Disc. Thread - Mind's Eye Q


@Yondaime No this


awww! i’ll check it out :slight_smile:


This will be so much fun to run with either StarkQ of StarkQ Terminus.


Had a strange dream last night after listening to mind’s eye.

I was inside my old high school.

Suddenly a random student approaches me and asks “What are you doing here? You’re 25.”

I didn’t have an answer but I immediately became lucid. This is the first time I became lucid because another entity told me something.

Usually I become lucid on my own when I realize something is up and that it must be a dream.

I then see a friend I hadn’t spoken to since high school. I tell him “This is all a dream. We can do whatever we want here”

He then laughs and then disappears.

I wake up after this.

We’ll see how this subliminal treats me. I think I’ll listen to a supercharger alongside this. Maybe the commander.


Will be very much interested to read about your experience


I have run Mind’s Eye Q three times masked and once Ultrasonic so far. I will report later


I have decided that I will give Mind’s Eye Terminus a shot at the expense of all other subliminals. So will wait a few more days.

In the meantime, I have been reading a sub-reddit titled r/Hyperphantasia.

It’s very interesting to see how extreme visualization abilities can enrich the lives of so many people.

I’ve always had problems with visualizing, imagining or shifting my awareness out of my physical body - not sure whether it’s due to my dyspraxic background but this will change.

I’m going to make achieving Hyperphantasia a key goal of mine from now on.

Thank you Subclub for this.


There’s a Terminus version?


Yes, mentioned at the beginning of this thread.


Not yet, at the end of this week.


I forgot to ask this general question, so I use this opportunity. Before, we were supposed to listen to the subliminals for 6-8h. In your mail it says 1 loop per day is sufficient for profound results. Now, how many times should we listen to Q-titles? (Sorry if this has been asked before)


It has indeed been asked before and last I hear Saint is busy formulating the “official” answer. However, the way I see it:

Everybody is different. Start with one loop/track. Run it for a day, maybe two. If that feels fine, add another. Feel it out. If it feels fine, add another.

Like weightlifting, the more you add, the longer you should feel it out. As a general recommendation, maybe one day of testing per loop (or track, if you are stacking multiple subs).

Probably stay under 6-8 hours of total listening time per day. Saint believes a lot is happening in the time between listening sessions, so you’ll want enough of that time. A bit like intermittent fasting. 6-8 hours of subs, 16-18 hours of letting the subs digest.

Another thing I would recommend is to listen to a track completely. Don’t walk away halfway through and come back later. Less loops means you can have dedicated times when you are in the same room anyway, might as well make sure you get the entire thing. Doesn’t mean you can’t pause (or do a loop in the morning and one in the evening), and of course this is only my opinion, but it seems right.

This post now nominated for the new Q Manual. :wink:


Hm that’s interesting. I thought I was getting to little exposure now.
I am at about 4-5 hours/loops a day.


And Terminus is heavier. And some people will get enough with 1 or 2 loops. I need a bit more than average to get through. Like I said, everybody is different.

Remember that it will work nonetheless. At 4-5 loops of non-Terminus, I was already quoting lines from the script to Saint. So it definitely works. Don’t feel a need to build up to 6-8 hours just because I have a feeling that’s the ceiling (rhyme unintentional).



What is in your playlist again?


Right now only EoG ST3. Maybe I’ll add something, but I am not sure about that.


that’s good. i like the intensity of a specific focus. though I’m not there myself at the moment.

When the Q titles were introduced, remember that @SaintSovereign said that he estimated the relative strength for the multi-stagers as 1 Q loop = 3 loops of the previous version.

So, if that’s accurate then your current listening is equivalent to 12 to 15 loops per day of the previous build of Ecstasy of Gold.


Minds eyes sounds good! I wonder how much it can enhance practicing the Bengston Method.
I will use this one soon


Anyone using this with the Raikov method?


I use the Raikov Method (I prefer calling it DTI though) and I haven’t even thought of this combination lol