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What’s DTI?

I am going to start using it with Mind’s Eye. Are you, now that you see this possibility?


Sounds lika an awsome program, im not sure if its a subliminal or a conscious guide like saint said earlier in the thread.

im not sure if it will help me, as i can visualize physical objects and mechanism well. but when it comes to first person scenes with me accomplishing some desire is when it gets all jumbled and difficult.


Deep Trance Identification, the more scientific term for it.

I should really get some materials on it and give it a try…


How do you use it exactly?


PM me if you need some materials and I’ll see what I got.


PM them to me also.


Just did…


Well, it is the Raikov Method, just another term for it.
I’d also be interested in the materials @Sirchiropractixalot
Well, as soons as I get Mind’s Eye I will use it for a lot of things. Actually, anything that comes to mind that I think will be fun I will do.

You relax and imagine stepping and melting with and becoming a person you want to mimick (certain traits or abilities)


My material is the raikov method.


I would be interested in any visualization tools or info.
Thank you


A fellow DTIer!!
Honestly this technique is so powerful I do not know why there aren’t more resources on it.
I’m aware of two resources currently: the DTI book and Raikov Effect by a company (google it lolol)
Do you have any other resources on DTI? I love this stuff


You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations,

Very interesting. Mind’s Eye allows one to develop both strategic and detailed forms of thinking. Very useful if one combines this with learning across a broad set of disciplines.


Could you share some of your experiences with using DTI? I had initially looked up DTI after someone mentioned it here I believe a couple months back. But there were so few resources and the ones I found were asking for money or to give an email and all that


Have you started using it? Whats it like?


Read this book first

You can probably find a pdf floating around the Internet
Good luck!



David Snyder is amazing!
Have you read the DTI book?


no just did a search on youtube i am a member of scribd its on there for download will read it


Not yet. Will start this weekend. Hopefully Mind’s Eye Terminus is ready by then.


I first didn’t realize the importance of mind’s eye, now I do. It can be used to get guiding from the unconscious mind, as we tend to understand symbols intuitively. I’d recommend the excellent quantum frequency super switch for in depth training. Also, beyond self hypnosis from Igor Ledochowski would benefit from better visualizations.