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I’ve been running Mind’s Eye Q with StarkQ and it’s been cool but weird in ways because I am starting to see where I may have missed details in certain situations and things such as in the background of movies that I didn’t notice before. I have begun to be more observant and rapidly growing in confidence. I don’t really doubt myself as much but I do ask myself more important questions such as how I can achieve or accomplish something


I may or may not be running QLQ with those two.I have to pull back a bit on running too many loops of StarkQ . It’s making me a bit irritable. On the plus side I am getting whatever I need to do done right away even though I often don’t feel like doing anything .


How many loops of each did you run?


Will be released tonight!



I’ve been ignoring Mind’s Eye cause I know I won’t be doing imagination sessions with any discipline. :blush:

But then RDJ also played Sherlock Holmes.

Hmm! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@King between three and five loops. Probably closer to four but no less than three.


Just found one, thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile:


I figured I would play one loop of Mind’s Eye per day, just to feel it out, see what happens. Today is day three I think and it’s running right now.

I got an exercise where I have to write down what my perfect life would look like and even with my eyes open I got all kinds of images flashing by the moment I considered the exercise. Running on the beach with two Huskies, snuggling with a beautiful woman while on the porch with rain coming down in the nearby forest, and the amazing smells of wet forest. Working in a small community farm growing vegetables and fruits. And it’s not done yet.

It’s making me kind of sad, since it’s a bit sadistic knowing where you want to be but not how to get there. But it is beautiful still.


@DarkPhilosopher I’m still curious as to how you either know or figured out the scripting for the subliminals


He’s an evil genius. I said that the first month I knew him.


Wait what? What did I miss?


Is Mind’s Eye Terminus released yet?



Don’t worry Master, I’d buy/use it only after I have completed certain tasks :upside_down_face:
How have you been doing btw?


Will it be free for those who purchase upgrades?


@Sef Nope you have to pay double to get it


Really? Thanks for the answer.


@Sef no not really. It’s a free upgrade


:slight_smile: hahahaha Thanks for the answer again.


Mind’s Eye Q: Terminus ^ 2 is now being processed by Q. :wink: