Main Disc. Thread - Mind's Eye Q


What’s “^2”?


Oh that? That’s nothing. I just maybe kinda turned the power up a tiny bit. :o


I cannot wait to see the color of people’s aura after 10 loops!!!

… Or maybe 5?


It’s available, ya’ll. PLEASE. START. WITH. A. SINGLE. LOOP.


What it will be the side effect? Hallucinations? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG! After 5 minutes of Mind Eye Terminus ^ 2. I have to tell you something:
– I see dead people!


Mind’s Eye Q Terminus Squared? @SaintSovereign Very Nice


I’ve listened to Mind’s Eye for about 10 loops, and it’s correlated with with me being able to visualize things in greater detail.

I was already a decent visualizer even before Mind’s Eye, but now I am able to see, hear and feel things in my imagination with much greater detail. And the strange thing is, I dont even have to close my eyes to imagine what I like to imagine.

As a student of Neville who is also using the DTI, this is priceless. I will give an update when my manifestations appear in the 3D world.


DarkPhilosopher is extremely intelligent its like he has opened his third eye and can see the unseeable, know the unknowable. I really want to see him give a webinar one of these days so we hear this intelligent man in all his heavenly glory.


Keep the praise coming, it helps me train my modesty. :wink:

Maybe I am merely a channel, letting the insights flow through me.

…mysterious music…

Who’s to say that in the channeling state I’m not accidentally quoting the subliminals as well, having forgotten to turn them off?

…more mysterious music…


Did you do 10 loops in a day?


Are you Daryl Ankar’s successor?


He has no successor. If his time’s up, ET goes home and the sky above Sedona clears up.

Lot’s of other ET’s to choose from though. They are, apparently, very very chatty. :slight_smile:

There goes your first guess. :wink:


…and lose all touch with reality. :slight_smile:

Good to hear it’s working so well for you, I’m looking forward to hearing what ME^2 does for other people.


Note: You can write ² by pressing the AltGr-key together with the 2-key.



I have been crawling the InterWebz trying to find superscript in Discourse.

While that doesn’t work for me, the ALT codes do. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

ALT+0178 = ²
ALT+253 = ²

Okay, 'nuff off-topic from me.


Now I want the title of the Forum Ambassador’s Ambassador


Must… resist… off-topic…reply…


No. 10 loops since I started with it.


I’m not on Terminus^2. And I did start with 1 or maybe 2 loops initially, then 2 loops everyday subsequently.

Fyi, I’m not messing with Terminus^2 atm. Just to keep variables constant.