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A scientific approach. It is appreciated. Thanks!

You posted that about 12 hours after Saint had made Mind’s Eye Terminator² available, and since most people would have jumped on it, I was curious.


Wow, I think I felt that one! I had my eyes closed in meditation when Terminator came on (yup, I have now finalized my terminology: Terminus, Terminator, Terminal) and I didn’t just get pressure around the third eye area, I felt actual headache there as well.

It went away not long after I opened my eyes. Still feel… something though.

These are the moments where I really wish I had an EEG machine at hand.

EDIT: It sort of happened again. I was on a Discord server and I made a suggestion. I then immediately got inspired to write in great detail exactly how that would look and feel. As if I was describing it from memory. That was fun.

Still have a bit of a headache though. Barely noticeable, but it’s there. Will probably go away after a few days of listening.


@DarkPhilosopher Terminally Terminal


I’m not getting minds eye atm (really want to try it, but am happy with my stack right now), but If anyone is looking for some experiments to try, one thing I found fun to do while lying down on a windy day is to imagine being the wind.

The sound and sensation of the wind hitting you makes the visualizations much easier, I was even getting butterflies. It may also help later in meditations where you need to expand yourself or move energy around.


So if terminus 1 took over 2 hours how long did terminus square take to build?


The principle of the photophone is this: A ray of light is reflected by a mirror and projected to a receiver at a distant point. Back of the mirror is a mouthpiece. By speaking into the mouthpiece you cause the mirror to vibrate. A vibrating mirror modifies the light reflected on it. The modified light has your speech to carry, not as speech, but as represented in its mechanical correlate. It reaches the distant station and impinges on a disc within the receiver; it causes the disc to vibrate according to the modification it undergoes — and it reproduces your voice.

I can totally visualize this effortlessly.


can i get a copy of these materials too


I’ll PM you


@SaintSovereign Have you determined the quality and effectiveness (and also possible stacking with Mind’s Eye Q) of the Raikov Effect program?


I second that lol can i get a copy lol


Minds Eye should definitely work with Raikov Effect bc all you’re doing in Raikov Effect is imagining a “model” that you want to become


I’ve tried a search online for any famous person who has used the Raikov effect to succeed in his goals.

Surely there must be a successful - successful as in having won accolades, awards or prizes in his domain of expertise and having a fair amount of fame - scientist, tennis player, investor, musician, painter, chess player, golfer or businessman who is no afraid of crediting his success to using the Raikov effect?


Why would they give their secret away though?


There’s been counts of celebrities and successful people using certain tools to modify and control their subconscious. Subliminals definitely included.
They wouldn’t reveal it because it is deemed “woo woo” by the common sheep and would tarnish the celebs’ reputation


Around the same time. I built it on a much more powerful machine — my personal laptop, which has a 9th gen 4.5ghz i7 in it. Q-Prime was running an older AMD processor. This is not something I’d like to do often, however. That laptop cost around $2,400. Still on the fence about how our Q-Squared machine, now that @DarkPhilosopher has provided us with new information on possibly making things faster. Just waiting for our IT team to get back to us with answers.


The Raikov Effect has been in the standard script for quite some time, though it was a very basic implementation of it. We are currently revisiting it now – I believe it has great value and will be effective.


@SaintSovereign In all audios or just Mind’s Eye Q ?


A supercharger that incorporates the Raikov Effect would be useful I believe
I envision it as a guided visualization of us stepping into a model of our choice.


I had a lucid dream yesterday after 1 loop of terminus. It was quite a quite from the last time I had such experience :slight_smile: cool!


Will there be anything in place to prevent visualizing negative things?

I have a slight OCD condition and struggle a little with intrusive thoughts and images, so whenever I attempt to visualize there are times when unwanted images pop up in my head and I end up unintentionally imagining all sorts of negative scenarios.

Seeing as how this sub makes visualizations much more powerful/vivid, would it inadvertently cause the effects of any unintentional visualization to be worse?